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10 Ideas On How to Style your Bedroom Mattress

The bedroom is a place to relax and call it a night. Therefore, it is supposed to be a place that can make you feel comfortable. You can do many things to earn the ultimate comfort, one of which is by styling your bed.

Giving the bed a new style is common to make a comfortable bed and appealing bedroom interior. No wonder the rooms in hotels seem inviting, making you want to linger in it. It is time to bring these vibes to your home with these 10 ideas to style your bedroom mattress. For more learning material related to this list, follow the detailed links pasted inside the reference.

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10. Try Hospital Corners

10. Try Hospital Corners by simphome.comHave you ever tried hospital corners? This technique allows you to have a super neat mattress.
To get this super neat and clean look, you need to lay a bed sheet flat over the mattress. Make sure that it overhangs equally on each side.
First, Get the overhanging sheet at the foot of the bed and tuck it under the mattress. Grab the bottom of the sheet, create a 45-degree angle with it, and place it on top of the bed.
You will find an overhanging part. Tuck it into the mattress. After that, pull the sheet that you place on top of the bed and it into the mattress. Repeat the steps to the opposite corner.
Fold the sheet at the head of the bed back and tuck it tightly on both sides.
Tip: you can try putting the finished side down. This way, you can feel the softness of it when you get into bed. Furthermore, it will look great when you fold it back.

9. Layer It like a Designer

9. Layer It like a Designer by simphome.comA cozy layered bed is exhilarating. It looks full and fluffy and makes you feel comfortable. The key to getting this luxurious bed is by arranging the pieces in good order. Here is how you do it.
Begin with covering your mattress with a clean fitted sheet. After that, lay a top sheet upside down. This way, you can see the pretty edge when you fold it over the duvet.
Next, add a duvet or a thin quilt over the top sheet. Fold the duvet and quilt back and create hospital corners. Add a patterned duvet on top of them. Make sure it overhangs equally on the three sides of the bed. Next, fold it in half.

8. Style it with More Pillows

8. More Pillows by simphome.comBesides laying some sheets over your mattress, displaying more pillows can help you carve out a luxurious hotel feeling. It does not mean you can toss all the pillows you have, though.
First, begin with euro shams added to the back of the headboard. You had better match them with the duvet. After that, layer in sleeping pillows that comes in standard sham size. Finally, toss the decorative pillows.

7. Toss a Throw Blanket

7. Toss a Throw Blanket by simphome.comThe throw blanket is not a compulsory element when it comes to making a bed. However, it does have a significant impact if you add it over your duvet.
Have you ever wondered why you call it “throw”? As the name suggests, you do not need to labor over it for hours. Toss it away at the end of the bed. This way, you can grab it fast when you need to curl up in your reading chair.
Even if you do not use it, the throw blanket will still make your bed look cozier and more elegant.

6. Dress it with New Style

6. Create a Theme by

Your bed is the focal point and most important thing in your bedroom. Therefore, if you want to set a theme, you can begin with it.
For example, if you want to carve out a coastal themed bedroom, you can try layering your bed with a crisp white sheet and a blue duvet. If you use bedding with a botanical pattern, you can round out the look by adding some greenery.

5. Playing on Contrasts

5. Playing on Contrasts by simphome.comYou might be a person who loves accents and colors. Therefore, you may want to add as many tones and patterns as possible to your mattress. Well, it may not be a good idea as you will end up creating a haphazard look. One of the best ways to carve an impressive visual appeal is by experimenting with contrast.
You can begin with layering your mattress with a white fitted sheet. This way, you can get the best base. Finally, add pops of colors in your pillows or throws. But remember! Do not go overboard.

4. Try DIY Platform Bed

4. Try DIY Platform Bed by simphome.comAnother way to style your mattress is by resting it in a fabulous bed frame, like this DIY platform bed.
The platform bed has always been a top-notch choice when you want to carve out a modern look. This stylish bed frame does not have to be pricey. Even better, you can make it yourself to cut down on the budget.
To make this platform bed, you need to construct the middle layer of the frame first. After that, lay the side, head, and foot rails. Next, you can lay the support pieces along the insides of each side. Finally, Install the legs and add the support for your mattress.

3. Carve out a Romantic Ambiance with Canopy

3. Carve out a Romantic Ambiance with Canopy SimphomeIncorporate a little bit of romantic ambiance into your bedroom by installing a canopy over your bed if you think your current bedroom set feels dull. To accentuate the nuance, style your mattress with a thick comforter or duvet, a ruffled bed skirt, soft sheets, and a lot of pillows. (Image

2. Boho Chic Bed Idea

2. Boho Chic Bed by simphome.comIf Bohemian style is your thing, you can bring it to your bed. First, consider making a wooden bed frame. A rough pallet bed will do the trick.
Next, combine various colors and textures in the bedding. You may want to layer your mattress with a patterned duvet and a knitted throw. This combination will work like a charm.

Lastly, number 1. Experiment with the Scandinavian Style

1.Experiment with the Scandinavian Style via Simphome.comIf you are not into a colorful bedroom, maybe you need to try the Scandinavian style on your bed.
One thing that you have to keep in your mind, this style entails minimalism. Therefore, you have to stick to neutral and cool colors, like off-white, gray, or any other subdued hues.
So, The bed is not just something that you can use to lie your back on. With these 10 ideas on how to style your bedroom mattress, you just received a new chance to rebrand your bedroom interior. Eventually, you will wish you could stay or even admire it a little longer than usual.


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