10 Ideas How to Get the Best out of IKEA BESTÅ Unit

Who doesn’t love IKEA’s chic and timeless design? One of its signature series is the IKEA Besta unit, a wall-secured storage collection in various configurations.
It has an integrated soft-closing function which makes the drawers and doors close silently and softly. Also, simplicity and modularity give you unlimited ideas to create your own constructions.
Not only in the living room, but you can also easily create a storage solution for a TV unit, all-purpose storage, book displays, etc. More on that later, next, check out these 10 ideas on how to get the best out of the IKEA Besta unit and the best out of your space! For more detail, check the reference space above the video and find the source links.

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10. Modern Entertainment Centre

10. Modern Entertainment Centre by simphome.comThe tidy and sleek look with modern TV stands in the living room has been popular lately. IKEA Besta, actually, is a TV unit that works for either wall-mounted TVs or ones with bases. Change the simple look and stand out a bit to fit your interior.
Whether you choose one with doors or drawers, you can do a lot with IKEA Besta. Painting, adding wooden top, stenciling, and changing pulls are examples of personalizing your Besta unit.
One of the ideas is to paint the doors turquoise and arrange the storage up and down, flanking the TV. Turquoise doors make a great duo with the white surrounding. The match-colored sofa pillows, moreover, make the room look much more interesting.

9. Floating Credenza

9. Floating Credenza by simphome.comFor many years, the IKEA Besta series has been one of the best-selling units for a good reason. The basic style offers the minimalistic look that many people desire without the designer price. This time, turn the Besta into a modern floating credenza in your living room.
The floating unit is more interesting than those you put directly on the floor because it looks clean and airy. All you have to do is mount the cabinet directly to the wall at a height of around 30-32 inches. You can create more drama by adding a black top and install lighting above the credenza.

8. Use it as a new Bedroom Storage

8. Bedroom Storage by simphome.comNot only in the living room, the IKEA Besta series literally suits every room in your house, thanks to its basic style. With Besta, you have accessibility even in a narrow awkward place like the spot above your bed.
Install three cabinets to the wall for about a half meter above your bed. Then put some reading lamp under the cabinets. By doing this, you will get additional storage in your bedroom for many things.

7. Have a new Windowsill Bench Out of it

7. Windowsill Bench by simphome.comWith IKEA Besta, you can both store things and sit on them. Yes, it is great for making a bench with storage. This multifunctional unit is an ideal piece for every modern home. The perfect place to make one is at the windowsill nook.
All you have to do is making comfortable sitting with a wooden top or upholstered seat or cushion. Then cover the whole unit leaving only the top raised access. If you want, you can add pillows and bedspreads, too, to make it as an enjoyable daybed or reading nook.

6. Build a new concept of Storage unit out of it

6. Unique Storage by

Bored with asymmetrically neat storage? IKEA Besta is the solution. Its versatility gives you unlimited creativity to create a truly unique storage solution adjusted for your needs.
First, choose a model like open and closed storage compartments. Then vary the arrangements and attach the piece to the wall to make a floating look. The open compartments are for display ornaments, and the closed ones are for storage.

5. Or simply a new Toy Storage

5. Toy Storage by simphome.comHaving kids and a tidy house at the same time is almost impossible, but you can minimize the clutter. Try this IKEA Besta toy storage solution. It will help you pick up and organize toys easily when the playtime is over.
The inexpensive Besta system is great for modern kids’ room style. First, start by lining up two Besta chests and spruced them up with colorful triangles. The countertop can also be a functional desk to put on a barbie house or a new Lego building.

4. Or as a Home Office cabinet

4. Affordable Home Office by simphome.comEverybody knows that office furniture is pricey. This will create a high expenditure when you are deciding to build a home office. Therefore, the budget-friendly IKEA Besta is your savior if you need to work from home or still forced to Work From Home.
Besta range and flexibility of combinations will make it easier for you to get your space’s max. Create a long desk with the drawer units. It gives you multiple workstations to put computer set and printer without getting mixed up with working files.

3. Also as a new Room Divider

3. Room Divider by simphome.comDividing up a room is the best way to make good use of space and to have double-duty storage for your limited area at the same time. To have this feature, you can also use IKEA Besta. Not only for office space or daycare but also for limited space in a studio apartment too. For example, you can use the Besta as a new divider, a bed headboard, and a semi-walk-in closet at the same time.
If you have a large room instead, a non-partitioned room in the living room and kitchen, you can use it as a divider to divide the sofa set and dining table and store things.

2. Or traditionally as Book Shelves

2. Book Shelves by simphome.comCan’t afford a separate room for books littering the floor? With the IKEA Besta system, you can give your books the home they deserve. You can build bookshelves on one side of an empty wall in your living room.
Simply stack up Besta storage shelves. If necessary, you can utilize the entire wall up to the ceiling. Don’t worry. A ladder will help you reach the top parts. After the job is done, your new bookshelves will look great standing upright, filled with inspiring wisdom.

Lastly Number 1. To Display and Expose your Favourite Collections

1. Display your Favourite Things by simphome.comThis IKEA Besta action figures display is magnificent. The whole display set is crafted from IKEA products. The frames are the older version of the Besta series, and the glass doors are also from IKEA called TOMBO. Next, the light system is, once more, from IKEA INREDA.
You can either have your frames directly on the floor, or you can buy legs separately, but with legs, cables can run easily underneath. Cleaning is, of course, will be easier.

IKEA Besta unit is a great modular system that suits almost all storage needs and displays. Seeing real-life examples will give you a visualization of your future space. These 10 ideas on how to get the best out of the IKEA Besta unit will potentially help you save extra time, space, and room improvement budget. Good luck with your first choice and stays safe!



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