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40 Smart IKEA Organization Ideas To Ease Your Life

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If you want to reorganize your cluttered home,
it’s going to take some creative ideas to remake your current storage solutions.
Here are 40 ideas to use Ikea to reorganize your life!

FYI, I split this list into 4 sections and it comes with a relevant video you can find soon . I hope you enjoy this little presentation and this long list too!
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Part 1: 40-31

Page 1 (40-31)
Page 1 (40-31)

40. IKEA EKBY LERBERG Closet solutions.
40 IKEA EKBY LERBERG Closet solutions via simphomeWith commercial intent, IKEA give you this space saving closet. They named it EKBY LERBERG and if you purchased it from them they’ll give you a brand new item that you can flip and function immediately after installation. Easy to use and cheap. Visit link to learn more.

39. IKEA indoor Plant Drawer idea.
39 IKEA indoor Plant Drawer idea via simphomeAfter organizing your favorite books and stationary, pay attention to your new indoor plant. Guarantee their water supply and in exchange, (if their DNA is unchanged) they will submit theor fresh greens every single day along with oxygen output they don’t need that will make your lungs happy (via DIY in PDX)

38 CRAFT ROOM ORGANIZATION MAKEOVER with IKEA SKADIS PEGBOARD via simphomeA solution for your crafting that will optimize space you have on your bare wall.
If crafting is your thing, this idea should be your go to link after you complete this lit.

37. Toe Kick Drawer.
37 Hack your Ikea kitchen cabinets to include a toe kick drawer via simphomeDon’t be afraid to get your hands dirty by making these convenient toe-kick drawers for the bottoms of your Ikea kitchen cabinets.

By the way, we do recommend using steel-toe for kicking.

36. Another ingenious way to store shoes.
36 Another ingenious way to store shoes via simphome

Here’s yet another crafty way to store your shoes away with ease.
Use the Spontan magazine rack to hang your shoes on.

35. Arrange Lack shelves in a V shape.
35 Arrange Lack shelves in a V shape for an interesting way to display shoes via simphomeIf you’re like us, you have more shoes than you have outfits to wear them with.
Store them away easily on the shelf by mounting your Lack shelves in a fancy V shape pattern that looks crafty and unique.

34. Skurar planters as brush holders.
34 Skurar planters are an exceedingly adorable way to hold your makeup brushes via simphomeBet you’d never think to use a planter as a brush holder. But these perfectly cute Skurar planters made the most adorable makeup brush holders.

Or use them tos tore your paint brushes.

33. The Knuff perfectly fits rolls of aluminum foil and Saran wrap.
33 The Knuff perfectly fits rolls of aluminum foil and Saran wrap via simphomeHere you have it…one of the greatest Ikea hacks of all time.
Now you can store away your magazines for the bathroom under the cabinet or use this Knuff storage unit to put the foil and kitchen wrap in.

32. The Kvissle magazine rack.
32 The Kvissle magazine rack will reign in your clutter as a mail center via simphomeA magazine rack never has to be JUST a magazine rack. Use it to file all of your important things. You can also use it as a crafty mail organizer. Paint the Kvissle rack and put your personal stamp on it.

Follow full story of this idea below:

DIY Projects: How to make a mail center from Kvissle magazine rack

31. Expedit shelving in a walk-in closet.
31 Expedit shelving in a walk in closet is a cheap alternative to custom closets via simphomeHave you always wanted a custom closet but didn’t want to fork over thousands of dollars in remodeling fees? You don’t have to. Use Ikea’s famous Expedit shelving units to organize your own personal customized closet.

Part 2: 30-21

Page 2: 30-21
Page 2:(30-21)

30. A Komplement’s multi-use hanger. (archived)

30 Corral those stuffed animals with Komplements multi use hanger via simphomeThis is another one of those creative Ikea hacks that you can use for almost anything: the Komplement multi-use hanger.
Hang your child’s stuffed animals on it or use it as a crafty jewelry organizer for the closet.

29. A spice canister you can hang.

29 Those magnetic spice canister thingies can be used in the bathroom to hold tiny things like bobby pins and hair ties via simphomeNow instead of using them as a spice canister (which is certainly a great idea), you can also use these canisters for anything you want.
The design allows you to see what’s inside without opening the canister. Mount them on a bathroom mirror or hang them in the closet for added small-space storage options.

28. Hang Magasin cutlery caddies on a kids’ table.

28 Hang Magasin cutlery caddies on a kids table to hold crayons markers and any other art supplies via simphomeThese caddies can also be used for storing pretty much anything.
You can even hang them on the side of the kids table for extra crayon and marker storage.

27. Rope and Fintorp cutler caddies.

27 Rope and Fintorp cutler caddies are a creative way to add some wall storage to a bathroomUse them for your soap in the shower, for your hair products in the bathroom, for kitchen utensils, or for miscellaneous things at your craft desk.
Whatever your storage need, the Rope and Fintrop cutler caddy is an excellent and inexpensive option.

26. Avskild cork placemats.

26 Avskild cork placemats are an inexpensive way to create a large bulletin board via simphomeArrange these quality cork placemats on the wall for added bulletin board space.
When you leave gaps between the cork mats, it creates a beautiful and sleek look that will impress your guests.

25. A double bike rack made from a Stolmen post.

25 Heres a double bike rack made from a Stolmen post 30 two brackets and four hooks all from IkeaNo garage? These Stolmen posts come in really handy when you need to store something of uncommon shape or size, like a bicycle.
With slight modifications, you’ll be able to store away your bicycle out of harm’s way.

24. Fake a built-in window seat with Stolmen.

24 A WINDOW SEAT MADE FROM IKEA STOLMEN via Simphome 1 via simphomeThis example uses the Stolmen drawer set to fake a beautiful and expensive looking window seat.
Make it into something you love by using pillows of your choice. This give it a lazy, comfortable look.

How to Build A Window Seat Made FROM IKEA STOLMEN

23. The Ribba picture ledge.

23 The Ribba picture ledge attached to a headboard provides another place for your reading material via simphomeWant some extra space to put your favorite photos on? With the Ribba picture ledge you can both add some space for photos and also add some discreet and specialized storage. Put books, magazines, newspapers, or anything small enough to fit into this handy ledge.

22. Use Grundtal rails in a creative way. These rails can be used for pretty much anything.

22 Use Grundtal rails in a creative way These rails can be used for pretty much anything simphomeOk, maybe not for doing acrobatics, but you get the point.
Use them to hold items on a shelf like in this example or use them to hang your shoes on (or both).

21. Ikea’s kitchen wall storage systems are useful in a nursery.

21 Ikeas kitchen wall storage systems are also useful in a nursery via simphomeMake a diaper organizer wall using these handy wall organizers from Ikea.
You can arrange them in whatever pattern you have a need for. It will keep your child’s diapers close at hand for when things get messy!

Part 3: 20-11

Page 3(20-11)
Page 3: (20-11)

20. Put jewelry storage behind a Stave mirror.
20 Put jewelry storage behind a Stave mirror via simphomeNothing looks more messy than a drawer full of tangled necklaces. Hide away your jewelry while keeping it organized and untangled using the Stave mirror as a storage unit. The mirror is on hinges, so it will swing out from the wall to create a save and invisible unit for your jewelry.

19. Use Trofast containers on H rails.
19 Create slide out under sofa toy storage using Trofast containers on H rails via simphomeNow you can turn your couch into its own self-storage unit using these containers on H rails beneath the couch.
They fit perfectly beneath an EKTORP sofa.

18. Use Komplement box set as storage.
18 Compartmentalize your underwear and socks drawer with Komplement via simphomeThis inexpensive Komplement organizing box set will help you stay organized with the craziest messes in your home.
Put them in a drawer or tuck them under the bed for hidden storage.

17. Make a cute organizer with chalkboard labels.
17 Turn Flyt magazine holders into cute organizers with chalkboard labels via simphomeAlthough these were made to be magazine holders, you can use them as organizers decorated how you like with fancy chalkboard labels to make it your own.

16. Turn an Ikea table into a Lego Duplo table.
16 Use Bygel rails to turn a table into a Lego Duplo table via simphomeThis tutorial shows you how to turn your standard Ikea table into something greater—a fun Lego Duplo table.
But kids aren’t the only ones who love this table; adults love it too!

25 Decor Ideas from Kids’ unused toys

15. The Ribba ledge under a chalkboard. (archive)
15 The Ribba ledge works well under a chalkboard via simphomeThis versatile shelf works well as a tray underneath a kids’ chalkboard.
Forget buying expensive storage solutions—this shelf is quick and easy to mount, and its affordable price is the best part!

14. Use Ikea’s ex-wine holder to store shoes.
14 Ikeas wine holder becomes a receptacle for shoes via simphome 1Now you can store your shoes in a wine rack (yes, we mean that!) Hang your shoes in this wine rack after mounting it sideways.
The beauty of Ikea products is that they have multiple uses, like this smart organizational hack.

10 Creative DIY projects that will Revamp your Shoe Storage

13. Use the Flort remote holder in the car for all your kids’ stuff.

13 Use the Flort remote holder in the car for all your kids stuff via simphome 1Here’s a quick and easy organization hack that stores away all those small toys and crayons you keep in the car for the kids.
The Flort holder goes right alongside the car seat for handy storage. Plus, the kids can reach it without your help.

12. Stack Lack bookcases behind a couch.
12 Stack Lack bookcases behind a couch to visually divide your space while also providing tons of storage via simphome 1These adaptable Lack book cases are a great way to add organizational value to your living space.
You can stack them or line them up behind your couch for a modern book case.

11. Trones also work well in small spaces. (image: Ikea catalog)
11 Trones also work well in small spaces like bathrooms to hide toilet paper rolls and cleaning supplies via simphome 1No matter what your organizational need is, you can use these handy Ikea storage hacks to get your home in order.
Use this Trone to organize a smaller or more narrow space as well.

Part 4: 10-01

Page 4: 10-01
Page 4: 10-01

10. Get storage for a narrow space.

10 Need storage in a narrow space like a hallway 2 via simphomeWhether you want a place to store shoes or file away important papers, get this handy storage shelf which is great for narrow spaces.
They come in different colors and sizes so you can customize exactly what you need.

An Inspiring Swedish Hall

9. Add casters to the Ekby drawer shelf.

9 Just add casters to the Ekby drawer shelf for some slide out under bed storage via simphome 1Here’s a super easy DIY project that won’t break the bank.
All you need is a few tools and some casters to put on the bottom of your Ekby shelf and slide it under the bed.

8. Use Riktig curtain hooks.

8 Use Riktig curtain hooks to keep your jewelry neat via simphome 1Reorganize your jewelry using these convenient Riktig curtain hooks.
The beauty of it is that you don’t need to use them for hanging curtains—just clips them any way you want for a handy hook to store away your things.

7. The Bekväm spice rack can also hold two rows of nail polish.

7 They also hold two rows of nail polish perfectly if youve got an overflowing collection via simphomeIf you have endless shelves of nail polish, store them neatly while keeping all your colors in view.

6. The Bekväm spice rack.
6 The Bekväm spice rack via simphomeThis spice rack will knock your socks off! It’s so versatile, you can even flip it over and mount it as a shelf.
Use it to organize your spices, to store your salon products, or use it in another creative way.

5. Hang tank tops on a Lillholmen towel holder. (Ikea catalog)

5 Hang tank tops on a Lillholmen towel holder instead of taking up valuable dresser real estate via simphome 1This is a great way to store your tank top or scarves without adding a huge storage unit to your closet.
Or use Grundtal towel holder with 4 bars for extra storage.

4. The Sockerärt vase. (Ikea catalog)

4 The 19 99 Sockerärt vase is an elegant way to store your kitchen utensils via simphome 1Use this modern-meets-vintage vase as a storage unit for your kitchen cookware like spatulas and wooden spoons.
You can use different size vases to make a fancy addition to your kitchen counter.

3. Use the Råskog for cleaning supplies.

3 Use the Råskog for cleaning supplies that you can wheel from room to room via simphome 1If your cleaning supplies tend to multiply in your cabinets, or if you can never seem to find the supply you’re looking for, this Råskog is for you.
On wheels, you can cart this supply holder along with you as you clean.

2. Use a Ribba picture frame as a slide-out shoe tray.

2 use Ribba picture frame as a slide out shoe tray underneath a dresser via simphomeIkea is the land of multiple-use objects. This picture frame can be used as a convenient storage unit to slide under a shelf or couch for easy storage.

10 Shoe Storage Project Ideas for Limited Space

1. Use Skubb boxes to organize baby clothes.

1 Use Skubb boxes to organize baby clothes via simphomeBaby’s clothes get jumbled in the drawer. Keep your child’s clothes organized using these handy sets of Skubb boxes from Ikea.


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