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40 Smart IKEA Organization Ideas To Ease Your Life

If you want to reorganize your cluttered home,
it’s going to take some creative ideas to remake your current storage solutions.
Here are 40 ideas to use Ikea to reorganize your life!

40. IKEA EKBY LERBERG Closet solutions.
40 IKEA EKBY LERBERG Closet solutions via simphomeWith commercial intent, IKEA give you this space saving closet. They named it EKBY LERBERG and if you purchased it from them they’ll give you a brand new item that you can flip and function immediately after installation. Easy to use and cheap. Visit link to learn more.

39. IKEA indoor Plant Drawer idea.
39 IKEA indoor Plant Drawer idea via simphomeAfter organizing your favorite books and stationary, pay attention to your new indoor plant. Guarantee their water supply and in exchange, (if their DNA is unchanged) they will submit theor fresh greens every single day along with oxygen output they don’t need that will make your lungs happy (via DIY in PDX)

38 CRAFT ROOM ORGANIZATION MAKEOVER with IKEA SKADIS PEGBOARD via simphomeA solution for your crafting that will optimize space you have on your bare wall.
If crafting is your thing, this idea should be your go to link after you complete this lit.

37. Toe Kick Drawer.
37 Hack your Ikea kitchen cabinets to include a toe kick drawer via simphomeDon’t be afraid to get your hands dirty by making these convenient toe-kick drawers for the bottoms of your Ikea kitchen cabinets.

By the way, we do recommend using steel-toe for kicking.

36. Another ingenious way to store shoes.
36 Another ingenious way to store shoes via simphomeHere’s yet another crafty way to store your shoes away with ease.
Use the Spontan magazine rack to hang your shoes on.

35. Arrange Lack shelves in a V shape.
35 Arrange Lack shelves in a V shape for an interesting way to display shoes via simphomeIf you’re like us, you have more shoes than you have outfits to wear them with.
Store them away easily on the shelf by mounting your Lack shelves in a fancy V shape pattern that looks crafty and unique.

34. Skurar planters as brush holders.
34 Skurar planters are an exceedingly adorable way to hold your makeup brushes via simphomeBet you’d never think to use a planter as a brush holder. But these perfectly cute Skurar planters made the most adorable makeup brush holders.

Or use them tos tore your paint brushes.

33. The Knuff perfectly fits rolls of aluminum foil and Saran wrap.
33 The Knuff perfectly fits rolls of aluminum foil and Saran wrap via simphomeHere you have it…one of the greatest Ikea hacks of all time.
Now you can store away your magazines for the bathroom under the cabinet or use this Knuff storage unit to put the foil and kitchen wrap in.

32. The Kvissle magazine rack.
32 The Kvissle magazine rack will reign in your clutter as a mail center via simphomeA magazine rack never has to be JUST a magazine rack. Use it to file all of your important things. You can also use it as a crafty mail organizer. Paint the Kvissle rack and put your personal stamp on it.

Follow full story of this idea below:

DIY Projects: How to make a mail center from Kvissle magazine rack

31. Expedit shelving in a walk-in closet.
31 Expedit shelving in a walk in closet is a cheap alternative to custom closets via simphomeHave you always wanted a custom closet but didn’t want to fork over thousands of dollars in remodeling fees? You don’t have to. Use Ikea’s famous Expedit shelving units to organize your own personal customized closet.

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