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40 Smart IKEA Organization Ideas To Ease Your Life

10. Get storage for a narrow space.

10 Need storage in a narrow space like a hallway 2 via simphomeWhether you want a place to store shoes or file away important papers, get this handy storage shelf which is great for narrow spaces.
They come in different colors and sizes so you can customize exactly what you need.

An Inspiring Swedish Hall

9. Add casters to the Ekby drawer shelf.

9 Just add casters to the Ekby drawer shelf for some slide out under bed storage via simphome 1Here’s a super easy DIY project that won’t break the bank.
All you need is a few tools and some casters to put on the bottom of your Ekby shelf and slide it under the bed.

8. Use Riktig curtain hooks.

8 Use Riktig curtain hooks to keep your jewelry neat via simphome 1Reorganize your jewelry using these convenient Riktig curtain hooks.
The beauty of it is that you don’t need to use them for hanging curtains—just clips them any way you want for a handy hook to store away your things.

7. The Bekväm spice rack can also hold two rows of nail polish.

7 They also hold two rows of nail polish perfectly if youve got an overflowing collection via simphomeIf you have endless shelves of nail polish, store them neatly while keeping all your colors in view.

6. The Bekväm spice rack.
6 The Bekväm spice rack via simphomeThis spice rack will knock your socks off! It’s so versatile, you can even flip it over and mount it as a shelf.
Use it to organize your spices, to store your salon products, or use it in another creative way.

5. Hang tank tops on a Lillholmen towel holder. (Ikea catalog)

5 Hang tank tops on a Lillholmen towel holder instead of taking up valuable dresser real estate via simphome 1This is a great way to store your tank top or scarves without adding a huge storage unit to your closet.
Or use Grundtal towel holder with 4 bars for extra storage.

4. The Sockerärt vase. (Ikea catalog)

4 The 19 99 Sockerärt vase is an elegant way to store your kitchen utensils via simphome 1Use this modern-meets-vintage vase as a storage unit for your kitchen cookware like spatulas and wooden spoons.
You can use different size vases to make a fancy addition to your kitchen counter.

3. Use the Råskog for cleaning supplies.

3 Use the Råskog for cleaning supplies that you can wheel from room to room via simphome 1If your cleaning supplies tend to multiply in your cabinets, or if you can never seem to find the supply you’re looking for, this Råskog is for you.
On wheels, you can cart this supply holder along with you as you clean.

2. Use a Ribba picture frame as a slide-out shoe tray.

2 use Ribba picture frame as a slide out shoe tray underneath a dresser via simphomeIkea is the land of multiple-use objects. This picture frame can be used as a convenient storage unit to slide under a shelf or couch for easy storage.

10 Shoe Storage Project Ideas for Limited Space

1. Use Skubb boxes to organize baby clothes.

1 Use Skubb boxes to organize baby clothes via simphomeBaby’s clothes get jumbled in the drawer. Keep your child’s clothes organized using these handy sets of Skubb boxes from Ikea.


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