An Inspiring Swedish Hall


Today I am going to show some pictures from our “trashed and find” hall.
An Inspiring Swedish Hall via Simphome 1The hook board I’ve made myself by a painted board and hooks from House Doctor.
An Inspiring Swedish Hall via Simphome 2This pillow from Decor Maison I had looked into for a while and hit on the rean :))

An Inspiring Swedish Hall via Simphome 3
Mirror Spell from IKEA
An Inspiring Swedish Hall via Simphome 4We had 6 trones in our apartment and they are hard to live without, so it had to be 6 new in the house as well.
An Inspiring Swedish Hall via Simphome 5Clock from Village, wooden box from Lagerhaus … little family on picture.
An Inspiring Swedish Hall via Simphome 6One of the walls in the hall became less successful when I and my mother putted and painted, so we solved it with a Wallpaper on that wall – Woods and Pears from Cole and Son. Other walls are painted light gray, which turns into white at the other end of the hall where the kitchen takes over.
An Inspiring Swedish Hall via Simphome 7Such … now the family can come and dump all their jackets and shoes. For such a freshly made meal, it rarely looks like, we all know that 😉

Have a nice evening and enjoy our trashed and find post next time!

This inspiring post will give you an idea how to add new storage in a narrow space like a hallway using IKEA product “Trones”

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