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Turn Heads with This Bed-Head: Your Ultimate DIY Bedroom Makeover!

Credit: Rlowell | Reynard Lowell | IG

Hey, DIY enthusiast! 

Ever stared at your drab bedroom, thinking the dullness would lull you into sleep, only to have insomnia hit you like a truck? Perhaps it’s time you add some flair without emptying your wallet or drilling holes all over the place!

Let’s roll up those sleeves and embark on a quirky DIY journey. Beds? They’re like the stage divas of the bedroom. A lousy performance (or headboard, in this case) might just kill the whole vibe. Now, imagine a headboard so fancy it might as well have its own Instagram following! What? You can’t weld or cut timber? No worries, my friend. Today’s project doesn’t require you to be Bob the Builder.

The IKEA Linman tabletops are today’s main attraction. We’re basically giving IKEA a whole new meaning – Innovatively Krafted Epic Adornment. You could use other materials, but IKEA’s the unsung hero for broke DIYers.

Those IKEA’ box holes’ and ‘grand holds’? 

You’d think they were designed for storing lingonberry jam, but nope! They’re our makeshift bedside tables and their trusty brackets. Now, I know I lost some of you at ‘pine wood’ and ‘two-by-fours,’ but stay with me. It’s like putting together LEGO – but less painful when you step on it.

Now, tools. 

You only need a standard cordless drill and a screwdriver. That’s it! Well, also an assembled bed frame, but I hope you’ve got that part down already.

So, you’ve assembled the wood planks like a conga line behind your bed? Excellent! Now, those IKEA table tops – remember, they’re hollow in the center. Don’t be that guy who screws into the hollow part. 

Instead, use the 4th piece of wood and stick it to the back of the tabletop with some glue. You need that foundation like how you need a good base for that makeup contour (or so I’ve heard). Don’t skip the weights or clamps to make that bond tighter than your aunt’s cheek pinches at family reunions.

That optional IKEA ‘Muslanda’ picture ledge? 

Flip it! 

No, not angrily; just flip it upside down and attach it. 

It’s like your secret hideaway for … whatever you want to showcase.

After assembling the headboard, adding the nightstands, and ensuring they’re as straight as your commitment to this project, it’s light-up time! Opt for ambient lighting. Philips Hue or any other brand that makes your wallet less weepy. Let the glow behind the headboard make you feel like you’re in a soft, warm embrace.

Hide those cables. 

A tangled mess is what my life is, not what I want under my bed. Command clips are here to rescue you from the chaotic wire jungle. As for the space underneath the nightstand, you can store those ‘just in case’ pillows or blankets. But remember, no monsters are allowed under there!

Now, the piezoelectric de résistance, a wireless remote for those lights. Because if you’re like me, getting out of bed once you’re in? It’s not going to happen!

So there you go! 

A custom floating headboard that looks straight out of a magazine! It’s genius, cost-effective, and without the fuss of becoming a woodworking expert. Just remember, if anyone asks, it’s a bespoke European design.

Got respects? 

Drop them below! 

Just refrain from any existential questions, okay? 

Save those for the next DIY. Wink! Thanks for reading, and happy crafting! Catch you on the flip side, room revamp!

Written by Simpson

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