How An Italian Architect Turns A 49sqm into A Terrific Small Seaside Apartment

Project Name: Seaside Attic | Architect: Pier Luigi Colombo | Video by Never Too Small

Whoa! You’re ready to embark on a fascinating journey, aren’t you? Get ready because you’re about to explore the wonders of Varazze, a charming old town nestled on the Mediterranean coast in Liguria. Picture this: a summer house, but not just any summer house. This is a realm that can comfortably cradle two to four people within its warm, welcoming walls.

Imagine stepping off the sun-drenched Ligurian streets and into the cool haven of this Italian masterpiece. You don’t simply enter; oh no, you’re welcomed by a multifunctional table in the center. You might think it’s just an ordinary table, right? Well, you’re mistaken, my friend. It’s a table that transforms! Yep, you heard it right. It’s a modest little space saver when closed, but pop it open, and voila, a dining room emerges, ready to serve up your favorite Italian feast.

The living area? It’s a sunbeam’s delight, thanks to the ever-joyful skylight. It comes with two partners in crime: a white lacquered furniture piece that generously offers a TV rack, storage, and a bar. And across from it is a dynamic wall where walnut bookshelves, storage, and a hidden bed unite. By day, a spacious lounge for guests. By night? A comfy double bed that flips out at a moment’s notice. You can almost hear it whisper, “Sweet dreams!”

Now, brace yourself for the kitchen. It’s a full-height block following the roof lines, painted in dreamy white lacquer. A fridge, hot plate, oven, and dishwasher are all tucked neatly inside. And the icing on the cake? The floor-to-ceiling mirror at the end of the corridor. Step in front of it, and suddenly, the apartment expands in an optical illusion you won’t believe.

The bedroom is the Crème de la crème, the part of the apartment where architectural creativity flourishes. It’s where two pitched roofs meet, presenting a unique challenge. What lies beneath them? A king bed with a secret – storage underneath. A TV rack and a storage block reside at the end of the pitched roof. The room is connected to the rest of the apartment through a wardrobe, a clever solution to maximize space.

Your tour continues with the bathroom, fitted with light finishes, a skylight, and another room-enhancing mirror. There’s even a washing machine hidden underneath the built-in basin. A secret agent among us? Perhaps.

Every inch of the flat is kissed by bleached oak flooring, creating a sense of continuity and warmth. Indirect lighting caresses the architectural structure, punctuated by twinkling spotlights scattered throughout. 

In this little Italian marvel, your living experience isn’t compromised by its compact size. On the contrary, it’s enhanced, becoming a lifestyle choice. The aesthetic and functional potential of your home isn’t limited by square footage; it’s amplified by it. This humble abode teaches us that good design is all about integrating multifunctional and flexible solutions.

Welcome to life in the beautiful Varazze apartment, where every square meter has a tale to tell, a function to offer, and a surprise to reveal. Now, go ahead, subscribe, click that notification bell, and stay tuned for more stories of architectural ingenuity.