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5 Steps How to get Perfect Linen Closets

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Hi friends! Spring is in the air and it gives me the inspiration to get all things in my home in order. Today, I am sharing 5 Steps to the Perfect Linen Closet.
It’s springtime people! The perfect time to declutter and get your home in order, right? So, here’s a peek inside our linen closet and some insight into how I keep our home clean.

My closet pulls double duty as a linen and cleaning closet. (Small house problems, ha,ha!) I’m going to show you how I get the most out of this space and some tips on how to keep your home clean and tidy all week long. Yes, I said ALL WEEK LONG. That includes deep cleaning every room once a week, tidying up daily, and conquering your laundry pile. If I can do it–you can too!!

Ok, I feel like I am sharing the secret of life or something.
I seriously have been loving this new approach!!
Maybe you already figured this out and this is just going to be white noise.
Humor me then because I am going to share away because this has really helped me! I was a hot minute away from hiring a maid service to come once a week.

I just find I enjoy the mundane tasks of life much more when everything is pretty and organized, don’t you? Actually, truth be told, I really like cleaning our home. Dang, my secret’s out! No one goes around saying, “Oh, I can’t wait to scrub that toilet again!!” Ummmmmm…I sorta do…I realize that is strange, but I really do love homemaking and all that goes with it.

It makes me feel good to keep our home healthy and together.
I take pride in it. And, I love that I’ve found a system that totally works for our busy family and work lives.

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Like a lot of ranch style homes, our storage closets are in the hallway. Our largest closet at the end of the hall is what I use for our linen and cleaning storage. Let’s get to the tips, shall we?

1. Assess Your Assets

Before you begin to get your closet into shape, assess what you have and what you need to store. This is the perfect time to go through your medicines and toss out expired products and re-stock your cleaning supplies. If you accomplish this, you’re committed now. You’re in it. See it to the finish line, it will be worth it! Just dedicate a time to do this and it will keep you organized and on a schedule.

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From Distance, Neat and organized

2. Tossed Out Your Abandon Asset

Once you’ve tossed out the unused or over-used (like gross towels–ACK!) make a list of what you have that needs to be grouped together. Add to that list what needs to be replaced or updated. For example you may need to update: towels, mops, brooms, dusters, cleaning rags, refills, medications, first-aid, etc.

I also recommend measuring your shelves to make sure that any bins and baskets you buy fit your space perfectly. Then, get thee to the store and stock up on your needs and storage bins.

Storage bins and baskets in your closet are to the tray a top your table. Everything looks better on a tray and everything looks better in a basket or bin! Once you have all you need, start organizing it all by category.

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One step closer and it is still appealing

3. Organizing With Bins and Baskets

Sort your supplies into you bins and baskets. I also like using glass canisters for things like cottonballs, Q-tips, and bar soap. I wanted my layout to be as visually appealing as possible (occupational hazard), so I made sure my baskets, bins, towels and all had a cohesive look when it was purchase time.

It’s really important to think about how you will use this space. Ask yourself what can be placed high and what needs to be in an arm’s reach away at eye level. Keep your meds and cleaners on the upper shelves– out of the reach of little fingers.

Also, I like to keep a cleaning caddy handy that has everything I need in it to clean a room. Easy to just grab and get the job done!

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Zoom it and I still love it 🙂

4. Re-optimize Every Space You Have Left With

I also use this closet for our laundry, so a hamper with a hard top is perfect and creates another shelf. Don’t overlook the back of the door either. Every inch of real estate can be used for storage. Add hooks to the back of your door to hang your mop, broom, duster, etc.

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5. Label It and Safe Your Future

Keeping it all organized and easy to find is key. Make labels for your baskets so everyone in the family can find what they are looking for. I just made mine with leftover gift tags and ribbon from Christmas time. If you hate your lettering, just print out some tags in your favorite font.

Once you get that closet looking fab and in order you need a game plan that you can stick to. Be realistic. Make a cleaning and household schedule that works for you.

I am a creature of habit and I crave order in everything. I also want my house looking good and staying clean on the regular. In the past, it seemed like once I got a grasp on our schedules and my personal time management, it changed! You too??? Well, through trial and error I have come up with a cleaning schedule that is actually working despite the changes and curveballs of life.

I wish I could just spend a few hours a day and power clean away, but those days have passed. And, oh how I love our weekends too much to compromise that time with cleaning and laundry. I don’t have much time to do it during the week with life right now, so I have found tackling it a little bit each day is the best. It also keeps our home looking good EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I just take what needs to be done and divide it up Monday-Friday and because I am a writer-downer and my little heart is happy checking things off my list–yep…I made a list…and I check it off. It really helps keep me on task and I make sure it gets done. I printed my list from my iPad and hang it in my closet on a clipboard…a cute clipboard to boot!

At the beginning of every month, I check our stock of cleaners and order accordingly. I’ve gone on before about my love of Murchison-Hume natural cleaners and it is what I have been using in our home since last fall. My oldest has severe allergies and these cleaners and body care products have been amazing for him. It’s just a major bonus that the packaging and scent is AMAZING. I love the Original Fig Scent–it’s my favorite! But, if fragrance is a problem, they have some scent-free options too.

Keeping things stocked ahead of time is great and if you stick to a reordering schedule you will never be out of what you need. I go the refill route, you get more bang for your buck. Reusing the sprayer bottles is great too. You can order Murchison-Hume refills in bulk buys and they also make that lovely bamboo caddy set of Essential Cleaners that is perfect for toting around the house. I keep two more bamboo caddy sets under my sink in the kitchen and bathroom for daily wipe downs. Our home is full of marble surfaces and their counter top cleaner is safe on marble if you are looking for a good one!


• Keep guest towels separate from your daily towels. I use white towels for our personal use and black towels are for our guests. It’s always nice to have good towels for your house guests.
• I place lavender sachets in between our folded towels and hang them in the closet. It’s a nice extra touch.
• Your spare light bulbs and batteries can find refuge in your closet. I just keep ours in a basket.
This is totally working for me so I wanted to share it with you today. If you’re struggling with a schedule and storage problem give this a try. It’s really been game-changing for me. We have two young boys and a dog and this is keeping it all clean and tidy. I find if you vacuum twice a week, wipe down surfaces daily, and do one bigger cleaning task a day, you can have your home looking good every day.

On the laundry front, I designate one day for sheets, one day for towels, and 2-3 days for clothing and that is working.
Hope you find some inspiration to tackle your own linen closet and find a cleaning system that works for you!
A clean house is a healthy house.

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