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10 Makeover Modern Bedroom Closet Ideas

Are you obsessed with new bedroom closet improvement project ideas? If you are, this is your playground.
Next, you are going to find view alternative choices comes from those who found the best ways to up-cycle their closet and spark up their monotonous interior.

In the meantime, I perceive you have inadequate creativity to follow it or to upgrade it. This is 10 makeover modern bedroom closet ideas. Whether you possess an old walk-in closet or mundane closet doors, I have prepared a little bit of something for everyone. Let’s start the count down.
Oh, and by the way, this list is presented for you by writer. 10 makeover modern bedroom closet ideas Featured Pinterest
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List Entries:

Number 10. Star Trim Closet Door | Abeautifulmess Star Trim Closet DoorThey were just standard doors, but with some moves, you can get brand new lovely doors. Get two sets of wooden flat-panel accordion doors and paint them. Before painting the doors, remove the side hinges. Next, detach the white doors, reattached the panel hinges and install the new ones.
Take 6 of 10-point wooden stars and paint them. Cut them in half, place them using tape. Glue each star and secure them using a nail gun. Last, adding brass handles wrap your final job!
When you need a Boho touch, I believe it will fit you well and applicable in any room. The sunburst mirrors and hardware plates will roll back time into mid-century interior house style choice.

9. Add Built-In Bench | Sassytownhouseliving Add Built In BenchNext, I present a lofty solution for diminutive but long space ─ mirrors. By installing a mirror, you can make your closet so much more efficient to be used. It matches you well if you like to try one of many different outfits before finally considering yourself ready. You know, it is such a delightful experience to look at yourself in the mirror when trying on an outfit.
On the other side, LED gives you another option to light up the space rather than relying on light bulbs. It provides a futuristic yet affordable style offer. Then, it reflects the light to the nearby space. Closed by a built-in bench, it gives you a good place to stay away from the crowd.
Tip: You may alter it as a sliding door.

8. Be Bold with Black and White color combination | Nunohomez | Cowhideoutlet Be Bold with Black and WhiteI am sure you know that modern designs usually apply a monochrome colour palette. The leading tints are typically black and white, probably, with the primary to complement the palette. It doesn’t matter if you love brightness. The key is balance. The blacks, browns and whites can keep vivid lines from appearing too garish.
Other than the palette, you have natural light and unadorned windows, clean lines, uncluttered spaces, simple and functional furniture to spot modern styles. The bedroom closet you see has those elements. A neat blend between black and white impresses your eyes. Added with appropriate accessories and colours, it delivers class and luxury.

7. Open Closet System | Homemydesign Open Closet System
In all honesty, I think we all do love open space; hence, I stick with some open bedroom closet ideas on the list. This time, forget conventional closet, install a rod stick to put your suits. For things that you rarely wear, install a plank of wood above. Secure it with some L-shaped brackets to make sturdy and reliable.

Split it into two will kick tedious impression away. Then, use the space between them to put pictures, accessories or whatever you like.

6. Add Trims to your Mirror Doors | Thehoneycombhome Add Trims to Mirror Doors

A simple touch transforms and lift the bedroom interior. The owner put trims to mirror doors to embellish their closet and it is technically complete the project.
To follow the idea, all you need is O’verlays. They are lightweight and it comes with decorative fretwork panels which have numerous patterns and sizes.
First, sand it lightly and add the adhesive. I suggest you to use liquid nails or Goop glue for the mirror. It is clear and it gives you 2 minutes set time before it dried.
Overall, you need less than 30 minutes from start to finish.
One of the main advantages is, the product will not disturb doors opening and closing mechanism whatsoever.

5. Separate His and Hers | Sassytownhouseliving Separate His and Hers
One of the easiest ways to organize bedroom closet is cracking based on male or female concept. Trust us, the result is amazing.
Not only the idea is decorative, but it also works effectively for you and your partner. It adds an undeniable bit of charm. Next, it would help you cut off the time when you need to get to your stuff. Then, it could refresh your mind with its wonderful aesthetic view after hectic office hours.
Furthermore, with this simple hack you can categorize your clothes based on their type and colours, from dark to light or vice versa. To complete this idea, consider taking next idea.

Number 4. Use Natural Materials | Lushome Use Natural Materials
Natural materials are always alluring. It reminds us where we come from and it beautifies almost any bedroom interior.
To adopt this idea, instead of complicated plan, focus more on the function.
Have a peek to this image, the open bedroom closets are combined with open drawers. Another motif of wood lies on the floor to create a bold line.

3. Light up your Closet | Donpedrobrooklyn Light up the Closet
More often than not, people have minute bedroom closet space. Don’t worry; there are two options you can go for. One, apply lively colours to widen your room or add mirrors. And Second, add extra lights.
This time, Let’s talk about the latter. Here some little information for you

First, LED lighting fixtures, halogen, and fluorescent lighting make walk-in closets bright and pleasant.
However, Halogen lamps are very bright, but they cannot be placed close to your clothes as they can get too hot.
More question, one big lamp or several small ones?
Which one should you choose?

Your choices:

Number 1: Choose a big lamp and install them on the centre of your room and ask an electrician to build dedicated electrical control system where you can split the switches, for your small lamps and big lamp, become two or three schemes. With this idea, you don’t need to getting all the lamps on during the night.
Number 2: Build window or glass windows or glass roofs where you can access sunlight outside during the day.

2. Walk-in Closet and Bedroom Combo Idea | Homemydesign Walk in Closet and Bedroom Combo
Creating an open closet requires a little space. And once the project done, you can store all your clothes in one room, find them quickly, and you don’t need doors to cover it.
It does save your time and bucks.
How about the dust?
Well, a full-covering curtain will solve your problem.
From this image you can get all my point.
And I don’t have to teach you how to use empty space available above the closet.

Lastly number 1. Dress up your closet with the Pendant Light | Decoist Dress up the Pendant Light
To make your structure more interesting and satisfying you need a focal point.
And instead choosing from countless option you can find in Pinterest, YouTube or Website, you can choose this idea and stick to it.
All in all,
it is an undemanding pendant light project to follow. You only need an old lantern and dozens flower shapes that go on top of the lantern. Follow link on how to get the flowers. After you finished the preparation, glue the flower on till you are satisfied with the result. If you want an exact pendant light like in the picture, it takes at least 200 flower cut outs. An exquisite stuff indeed!

So, I am aware that most of us are not blessed with luxurious walk-in closets. Nonetheless, with ideas I already presented, I hope you can get a much better bedroom closet outlook.
Next, what do you think about them? Do you have any words to share?

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