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As we stray further into cyberspace, we tend to ignore to build fun backyard ideas for kids. Nowadays, our lives are bound into technology. It makes our life easier and more efficient. The phone has been essential device in human life. As parents, many see phone as a solution for fussy kids. So, parents tend to give their child to play a phone rather than to play in the backyard. Kids will be instantly quiet and submersed into the virtual world on the phone. But is it really good for them?

Giving a phone to the kids indeed is a quick and easy solution for cranky children. It’s really a relief that the children could stop crying, messing things up, or running tirelessly. It’s also simpler and easier than taking care of the children in the backyard. But giving smartphone to the kids also has negative effects. The kids could be clingy to the phone, which could even alter parent-child relationship. Furthermore, it might inflict behavioral problems. Playing phone too much will also make the kids lacking physical activity. Whereas, in their growth period they need exercise for the muscles and bones.

Playing on Backyard is better than playing on an addicting phone.
So, instead of giving a phone to kids, a fun backyard could turn the kids up into children’s activities that have a positive effect on their development. Instead of being stuck into a gadget that might cause premature myopia they could have fun in the backyard. Physical activity makes them fit and healthy. Laugh and emotional bonding with parents. Interact with friends. Playing in the fun back yard is really what they should have.

An interesting and fun backyard could divert child attention from phone addiction. Giving elements like their favorite cartoon, colorful painting, and details will also add up their enjoyment. Not to forget, safety must be taken into account. Kids love dangerous things. So, making soft turf and sandbox could acts as a cushion when kids are falling. More on that later, here are 10 tricks how to build fun backyard ideas for your kids and children.
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10. Make them Swing Swing IdeaKids love swing, even adults too. The sensation of flying high into the air is delightful. How the air stroke the hair creates a calming sensation. A pause in the air makes children forget about a bad day. Falling with high speed also makes the heart rustles. Even more the kids have to conquer fear to really enjoy swinging. It also utilizes full-body coordination to swing well. The swinging rhythm also brings tranquility.

A swing set is available on the market. Iron craft and woodcraft studios are also happy to get an order of a swing. They could make tandem sing and canopy swing that great for a family. DIY swing is also popular as backyard furniture. Swing consist of the leg, seat, and rope or chain. Instead of buying expensive swing, the strong stem or trunk of the tree could be functioned as the swing’s leg. Used tires are also providing a good seat for a swing. Plank is also okay, but plank swing seat doesn’t have a handle grip.

9. Slide Them too Slide for KidsBeside swing, kids also like to slide. It also gives children the thrill and rush of adrenaline. Generally, swing that available on the market are made of plastic. But there are also swing that made of wood, concrete, air-inflated rubber, and metal. The plastic is more preferable because it’s quite durable and not as hard as wood or metal. The slide is also accompanied by a ladder. A slide kit set might also include a mini house.

8. Treehouse Project idea for Kids treehouse for kidsAs kids imagine to wander in a forest, they would like to build a treehouse. Besides accommodating their imagination, treehouse could provide space and privacy for the children. Children like to hide their little secret on a treehouse. The children could also learn more about nature as the tree is a living ecosystem for various creatures. Living in a height also gives special sensation as it provides great scenery from above. Pillow and blanket will help a treehouse to be a comfortable place for kids.

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7. Build them a Sandbox SandboxSandbox or sandpit is a place where kids could pour their imagination. They could actualize their dream of building a castle, managing a city, and many more. It provides a medium of endless imagination for the kids. Sandbox consists of the sand and a box. The sand used is generally the soft beach sand, as it would not injure children’s skin. While the box is usually using planks, logs, or wooden frames. So that the sand would not spill out.

6. Or Splash pad Splash padSplash pad could cool down the hot day. Unlike a pool, there’s no risk of drowning on playing with a splash pad. Children could also play water safely. Besides that, the water splashes could create a beautiful rainbow.
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5. For the younger ones, build them a Mini baby pool Mini Baby poolAs kids like to play with water, children usually love a mini pool. It’s usually made of air-inflated rubber. There are various models in the market. The most common models are the two rings and three rings pool. It’s really easy to set up. It could also be stored by deflating and folding it so it could fit into small storage. Before setting it up, make sure there’s no sharp object below that could tear it up.

4. After they grow bigger build them water table water table for kidsThe water table is an elevated tray that contains water and toys. It’s a fun way to introduce water to children. Toys like plastic fish and duck could make the kids enjoy playing with their imagination while learning about water properties.

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3. Or Monkey Bar Monkey Bar for kidsA Climbing station could train kid motoric ability. It also helps their hand to get stronger. Monkey bar usually takes shape of a cylinder or a sphere. To make things safe, monkey bars should provide net to catch children if they ever fall. Besides monkey bar there are various climbing station models. It could be made from rope that stretched and woven into each other over two logs. Another common climbing station is made of used tires.

2. or Hammock Hammock Idea for kidsA hammock is not only furniture to relax on a vacation. It’s simple to set up as it just needs to attach the hammock on two trees. For children, it’s better to choose the hammock that doesn’t have a cord, netting, holes, and loops as it could injure fingers, arms, toes, and leg as it stuck on it. Don’t put the hammock too high as that will increase the risk of fatal injuries. Soft grass or bedding could provide proper safety if the kids ever fall.

Lastly Number 1. Complete their Learning Experience with A fish pond Waterfall pondFish swimming in a pond is an interesting thing for kids and it could enrich their learning experience. They could also interact with the fish when feeding them food. It’s a good way to teach responsibility to the kids and if you have skill to add waterfall, use it to finish your new kid’s pond.

So, these backyard ideas are good to make your backyard as a comfortable, fun, and safe place for kids. Use these ideas also to build harmony of the family and to complete your learning experience, follow following links. The blog owner have provided tons of ideas related to this short list.
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