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12 Bedroom Space-Saving and Closet Organization Ideas

Most homeowners who live without interaction with internet think that there is no such a thing as bedroom space-saving tricks or small closet optimization. However, if you want to make use of your browsing time and you are willing to spend some time looking around, you will find tons of handy, simple, and efficient tips that can help you with your clutter or mess.

In most cases, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get the arrangement done. As long as you know what to do, you should be fine. This is 12-bedroom space-saving tricks and Closet organization ideas by your list maker

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12 Bedroom Space-Saving and Closet Organization


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12. Hanging rod to Handle Shoes.

12 Handle shoes via simphome
The shoes can be quite difficult to manage because of their size and dimension. But you can always install a tension rod inside the closet so you can manage the shoes. What’s better, you can even stack those rods, from the floor up so your shoes can be stacked up efficiently.
Another way is to use the file organizers to manage your different foot apparel. There will be organizers for the sandals, for shoes, or organizers for the sneakers. It is pretty effective and it surely removes all of the mess. Source

11. Baskets for Linen Closets.

Beautiful Linen Closet

One of the cleverest bedroom space-saving tricks in managing the linen is to make sure that they have their own space. A closet that is especially dedicated for the linen will keep everything organized and clutter-free. It would be even better if you can use baskets to organize all of those linens within the closets.

You can use bigger baskets for bigger linens and smaller baskets for smaller items. It would be handy if you choose wire or plastic baskets – anything will do as long as you can see through the baskets. Source

10. Hot and Cold Storage Zone by primermagazine.

10 organize closet hot cold zone via simphome
Hot storage zone refers to the area where you should keep your most used clothes. Any clothes, jeans, or even accessories that you like to wear quite often should be kept within easy reach. On the contrary, the cold zone is dedicated for clothes or accessories that aren’t used quite that much or seasonal items. Let’s say that you have a hinged closet that opens in the middle.

Your hot storage zone should be in the middle, right in the center when you open the door while your cold storage zone should be located on the sides, far from your reach.
This is one of the handiest bedroom space-saving tricks that everyone can implements for their closet. Source

9. Sliding DIY Wood Crate Design.

9 Sliding DIY Wood Crate Design via simphome
Wooden crate can be super handy, especially if you can turn them into useful containers to accommodate your items inside the cabinet. It takes some extra efforts in the making, but if you are able to pull it off, you will have your own special cabinet that isn’t only appealing in design but also handy and useful in function. It shouldn’t take you days to make the slide out storage – just follow the directions to the letter and you should be fine. More detail

8. Special Folded Socks by C Channel/Nifty.

8 Special Folded Socks via simphome

Socks may be small but they can take a lot of storage space. However, if you follow this special way to fold the socks, not only you can minimize storage needs, you can also collect them within one small container and you will have a better arrangement with your socks. No complication or whatsoever. Source

7. Creative closet organization Ideas by Nifty video.

7 Creative closet organization via simphome
When you manage clothes inside your closet, things can be complicated. But there are clever ways to manage your clothes. For instance, if you use different colored hangers, you can define which clothes are for work or which ones are for casual use. You can also hang shoes containers and use the slots to store smaller items, like underwear, ties or accessories, socks, and such things alike.

Moreover, if you want to get more organized, you can hang clothes dividers for each category. For instance, clothes for meeting, clothes for special event, clothes for work, etc can be written on the dividers. This is definitely one of the bedroom space-saving tricks that work like a charm for your inside closets. It is up to you to implement these tricks one by one – or you can combine them all to create a more efficient space and arrangement for the closet. Video Presentation

6.Command Hooks and Hanging Curtains for Shoes.

6 Command Hooks and Hanging Curtains for Shoes simphome com
Command Hooks and Hanging Curtains

Do you know that you can actually hang your shoes instead of stacking them? Simply use these command hooks and also hanging curtains and you have an efficient wall mounted storage for the shoes.

You can show it off and you don’t have to break a sweat to do so. Installation is super easy and you don’t need any technical skills or whatsoever. This is definitely one of the handiest bedroom space-saving hack that everyone can do at home, especially if you have tons of shoes collections. By hanging these shoes, you don’t have to prepare a special spot to manage your shoes. Source

5.Clever way to Hang Your Sweater.

5 A Sweet Way to Hang Your Sweater simphome com
Sweater hack

Hanging your sweater is probably one of the best ways to preserve its form and look without compromising too much space. But then again, if you hang your sweater just like that, it may ruin the original form – don’t you hate it when your sweater gets loose with ugly crease? Well, you can still use the clothes hanger, but instead of hanging it just like that, you need to wrap your sweater in a certain way so it will remain neat and crease-less without affecting storage space or whatsoever. Now, you can hang as many sweaters as you want without having to worry about ruining it. Source

4. Drawer Organizers for Underwear and Socks.

4 Drawer Organizers for Underwear and Socks via simphome
Making your own drawer organizer is pretty easy as you only need a glue gun and some flannels. By following a certain glue pattern, you can make your own drawer organizer which can be used to store all of your socks and underwear. The same organizer can also be used to store small items, like accessories. The organizer may seem simple but it as a greater function to keep your undies and socks organized and managed – and your drawer will be neater than ever! Credit

3. Use this Nifty Shirts Folding Technique.

3 Use this Shirts Folding Technique via simphome
One of the key to bedroom space-saving tricks is to do effective time management too. When you are able to fold all of your clothes fast, tidying up will run faster too. This trick isn’t difficult at all. It only takes several try and you can do it like a pro! When you are able to follow this technique and fold all of your clothes efficiently, you can cut down folding time and have a more effective management and arrangement. Credit!

2. Simple Nifty Closet Hacks.

2 Simple Nifty Closet Hacks via simphome
When you want to hang your clothes, some of the problems may arise. There are ways, though, to deal with them. For instance, adding a rubber band to the end of the hanger will prevent the clothes from dropping. Moreover, adding an extension rod or hook on each hanger, you can stack hangers down, adding space arrangement. Chain links can also be used to expand the storage vertically.

In this way, hangers can be added into the storage. Adding curtain hooks or hooks to one hanger alone can expand the storage capacity, especially when you want to keep accessories. Imagine the efficiency when one hanger can be used for four to five items altogether! Link video or Youtube

1.Rotating DIY Peg Boards.

1 Rotating DIY Peg Boards via simphome
Peg boards aren’t only handy for storing the tools or other handy items. They can also be used to store the accessories or any fashion items. Following the DIY methods to create the boards is pretty easy as long as you follow every direction to the letter. The coolest thing about the peg board is that everything can be hung there.

And with the rotating mechanism, you just easily flip through the boards (as if flipping the book) to find the sections that you want to access. This is definitely one handy and also stylish bedroom space-saving tricks to try at home.  Explore video detail for more information

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