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10 Closet Organization Ideas that Will Maximize Your Available Space

Fashion items play a crucial role in creating a cool OOTD. No wonder they keep increasing and, as a result, cramming into your closet. If you open your closet and find a haphazard look, it could be time for you to reorganize your closet once more, make it tidier and optimize your available space.
Next, I am going to share you a list that will give you view alternative answers how to maximize limited closet.

This is 10 closet organization ideas that will maximize your available space by Start from number 10 and I hope you’ll enjoy the list.

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10. Organize Your Footwear with Wicker Baskets
10 Organize Your Footwear with Wicker Baskets via Simphome 2Footwear is one fashion item that tends to gobble up space easily in any closet because many people wear different footwear for different occasions. Many are too lazy to store and organize their heels after attending party and more than one case people only have 1 storage for their flip flips, sandals, and flat shoes. This is nightmare.
However, solutions for this situation is simply a new storage cabinet or simple wicker baskets. They are cheap, easy to clean, lightweight, upgradable (with spray paint), and can be install on a wall.
10 Organize Your Footwear with Wicker Baskets via Simphome 1With simple discipline strategies such as cleaning before organizing and categorizing, it is hard to imagine this idea fails making your shoe storage area neater too.

9. A Sliding Scarf Organizer idea
9 Sliding Scarf Organizer via SimphomeScarves used to be functioned as a part of winter outfit that can keep your body warm. However, today’s scarves tend to be a part of accessories that can enhance your look dramatically.
Ironically, you don’t have any special space to store your scarves in the closet, so you share the hangers that are supposed to hang your clothes with lots of scarves. Let me tell you something, it’s not the best solution as hangers are made for clothes. Instead, Try this scarf organizer idea.
To make this scarf organizer, you will need 11”x26” MDF or plywood, one 26-inch-long piece of 1×2 poplar board, two 10” drawer slides, and towel bars. This scarf organizer uses slides, so you can pull it out to find the scarf that you are going to wear easily. More importantly, you won’t find your clothes get mixed up with your scarves anymore.

8. Pull-Out Belt Organizer idea
8 Pull Out Belt Organizer via SimphomeWhere do you usually store your belts? In a container? Or in a drawer where you have to roll them up, so they can sit nicely? Well, that may be a good solution, but another problem occurs when you are going to wear the belt. It will curl and curve, which affects its fit.
Instead of roll them up in the drawer, why don’t you try to hang them? By hanging the belts, you will not have to roll them up, which takes more time, and your belts will stay in its top-notch condition.
This belt organizer will help you store your belts better. It can be pulled out, so you will not have to struggle to find them among your clothes. If you want to make this belt organizer, you will need a board, 3.5-inch-long piece of 1×2 poplar, drawer slide, and hooks.

7. Try Hanging your closet Rod Higher
7 Try Hanging the Rod Higher via Simphome

This may be the easiest way to maximize the space in your closet. You do not need to be a DIY expert or use your carpentry skills to follow this idea. All you need to do is just hanging your closet rod higher.
By hanging the rod higher, you will have the opportunity to trick your eyes and it allows you to advantage clutter friendly space for footwears. With this simple trick too, you can squeeze your dresser in your closet, which will allow you to organize more clothes and fashionware.

6. Shoe Organizer for Sweaters and Jeans idea
6 Shoe Organizer for Your Sweaters and Jeans via SimphomeThe best way to make your closet look more spacious as well as optimizing its space is by keeping your floorspace clean. You can achieve this goal by hanging all your stuff. It doesn’t mean you have to cram bulky stuff like jeans and sweaters among hung-up garments though.
To keep your floorspace clean and to organize your closet better, you can harness the versatility of a shoe organizer. The truth is, a shoe organizer is not only good to keep your shoes organized. It can also be used to organize your sweaters and jeans. You only need to roll them before stowing them away in the shoe organizer.
Easy peasy isn’t it?

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5. Display Your Accessories
5 Display Your Accessories via SimphomeAccessories like necklaces, earrings, and bracelets will jazz your outfit up immensely. However, they usually come in tiny pieces, making it’s hard for you to organize them tidily and find them easily among other knick-knacks you have in your drawers.
If you think stashing your accessories in your drawers doesn’t help your organizing challenge, try hanging them on the wall and displaying them, instead. By hanging your accessories, you will be able to find them quickly. Besides, they can also be a new accent wall for your bedroom. You only need poplar boards, screws, and hooks to hang them nicely.

4. Expose your Sunglasses
4 Let your Sunglasses Exposed via SimphomeSunglasses are other accessories that can perfect your look. However, just like many other accessories, they are pretty small. Therefore, you tend to stow them in the drawer.
Anyway, in term of organization, have you ever tried to display them rather than hide them away?
You only need to provide a picture frame, brand new or used, and spray paint if you want to upgrade it.

Next make some holes on the frame for screw eyes, install a steel wire from one side to the other side and make sure it is taut.
Finally, secure it to the screw eyes.

3. Advantage More Rods
3 Use More Rods via SimphomeHanging closet rods higher in a closet has been proven to be an effective way to maximize the space. And when you add a few other rods, you are using up the space in your closet at its best, just like this closet. The rods accommodate more clothes, they free your clothes from folds, they also give you eyes more views. One thing you need to supply after you install your rod is hangers.

2. Try Shelf Divider ideas
2 Try Shelf Dividers via SimphomeInstalling a shelf in your closet can make a big impact. You can store some bulky items like sweaters or blankets easily. However, they can look messy somehow due to the trespassing. You can solve this problem by investing in some shelf dividers.
Shelf dividers allow you to create some compartments for different fashion items.
They will stay in where they belong without trespassing into your blanket area.
As a result, they look more pleasing now.

Lastly number 1. Invest in Drawer Dividers
1 Invest in Drawer Dividers via Simphome 2Drawers are the most potential storage space that are prone to mess because you might think that you only need to stash away your bras and socks in them, and you’re good to go.
Unfortunately, the fact is it’s not that simple. When you squeezing your bras in a cramped dresser, you will not only make a mess, but also damage them.
1 Invest in Drawer Dividers via Simphome 1Therefore, you’d better invest in drawer dividers or organizers to keep them comfort and tidy inside your drawer.
So, having a small closet doesn’t mean you can’t do anything with it.
Just take a closer look at your closet, find space that lies dormant in it, and match it with one of the ideas I already shared.

In the end, I hope you will be able to use most of your closet space and this list will give you a new reason return to my BLOG next time.
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