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10 DIY Small Bedroom Closet ideas and Clothing Racks

Generally, Bedroom closets and clothing racks are often filled with lots of things as they are meant to be storage solutions. And sadly, sometime, it could ruin many people moods on a daily basis. Day or night. A well-organized bedroom closet is doable, achievable target, and I am here to help you finished the job easier. More on that later. Here I am giving you 10 DIY small bedroom closet ideas and clothing racks that will help you tidy up your room by maximizing your space and at the same time.

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10. Ladder Clothing Racks project idea | Homelysmart Ladder Clothing RacksAn open closet system allows you to find things more easily. You can soon know what to wear without spending some time looking for one. And this ladder rack is such a nice open closet system you can apply.
This rack consists of two slim ladders joined together. Just add some boards to store shoes and accessories, and dowels to hang your dress and shirts, and you’re good to go. Reinforcing the boards and dowels with screws or nails is a terrific idea.

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9. Use the Door of your Closet | Tenerife-Top Use the Door of the ClosetWhen your closet can’t hold any new stuff anymore, you can make good use of its door. First categorize items you want to save in your closet, check your measurement and use it to get suitable racks for your door.
Install them. Next, make sure you firmly stick the racks on your door and don’t overload them with heavy stuff that can damage the hinges. Keep them tidy so that things don’t fall all over the place once you open the door and continue with next idea.

8. Cork Board Jewellery Holder project idea | Playpartyplan Cork Board Jewelry HolderWomen love to wear jewelry or accessories. The problem with having so many accessories is storage unit where to keep them.
This can be a problem that you should deal with every day as putting them in a drawer will get mixed with other things as well. But this idea will sort it out. Here’s how to make it.
Use a corkboard and then tape off the edges before painting. Paint the surface with a lighter color. Cut the stencil to fit the board and spray the back of it with adhesive spray and stick it on the board.
Again, tape the edges of the board. Then paint the stencil once again with a darker stencil crème. Remove the stencil and let the paint dry. You can install it on a closet door or walls as it can be used to adorn your room.

7. A Poplar Dowel Clothing Rack Project idea | Abeautifulmess Poplar Dowel Clothing RackThis clothing rack is simple yet very useful. It’s a unique way of creating an open rack. The good thing about this idea is that it can be dismantled when you feel like moving it somewhere.
You’ll need four long poplar dowels and a short one. Create holes on top of the dowel with proper height, and put the short dowel through it. Then wrap them with leather cording.
To avoid the rack falls apart, you can also tie the lower parts of the dowels with leather cording too.

6. Rustic Hanging Rack Project idea | Craftyclub | Apartmenttherapy Rustic Hanging Rack

If you need a simple and quick hanging rack, this one is for you. This one is perfect for a cramped room as it doesn’t consume some significant space. And to adopt this idea, you’ll only need a branch or a pipe, and a little confident in case your close friend or family interview you because of this idea.
Next, Wrap the branch with ropes and secure it with glue using a glue gun.
You can use a pair of anchored hooks and some ropes to hang it. Choose a spot to hang it on the ceiling and done.
Now you have a handy and stunning hanging rack idea that embellishes your room with its charm.

5. Fabric Hanging Shelves project idea | Freshome | Blog Spoonflower Fabric Hanging ShelvesAnother brilliant way to tidy up your clothes would with this closet idea. This fabric rack has something to offer with its transparent look.
To make this shelves, you need to make the hanging strap by stitching around the ride sites. Then, turn right side out and press it down. Slip stitch opening closed. Next, sew one side of Velcro at the end, flip over and sew the other side.
Find the center of the top outer fabric piece. Then, measure 1 cm from the center for each direction and mark. Do the same with the hanging strap. Pin down and sew two straight lines to join hanging strap to top piece of shelves.
Next, make the top of the shelf by pressing the back edge of top and inner shelf piece. Sew a straight stitch across the opposite side of the right sides together. Flip top shelf right side out and press. Then create more shelves using the same steps as creating the top shelves.

Finally, make the outer sides by pressing and flattening out your shelves. Face and pin the right side to the top & edges of the right side of one inner part. The rest will be in the middle.
Stitch around the edge, sides, and top, leaving the bottom open. Turn right side out and repeat with the second outer piece. Turn right side out again. And finally, Slip stitch the bottom of each outer piece to the bottom of the shelf piece.

4. Turn your Wall into Closet project idea | Freshome Wall Turns into ClosetThis notion gives you a fresh way to turn a wall into a unique closet. All you need to collect is brushed chrome hooks and your favorite wall paint. Make sure it contrasts with your hooks. Paint your wall with your paint and let it dry before you screw your hooks.
You can arrange them just like in this picture. And last, adding a mirror would make your bedroom closet even better.

3. Add Another Clothes Rod | Familyhandyman Add Another Clothes RodRight now, there might be some room left in your closet but you just have no idea how to maximize it.
Well, what about adding a new rod in it? This will come in handy if you want to add some more items to the closet. Install an S-hooker or a carabiner then hook it to the chain. Screw it under your shelf and add another rod by attaching it under the first rod using a carabiner + chains just like in the picture.

2. Complete your closet with Tiered Hangers | Familyhandyman Tiered HangersYou would have never guessed how useful a lightweight of chain is until you see this. This trick would allow you to add some more clothes in your bedroom closet. Just hang the chain on a first hanger and you can add others by using the rest of the links.

Lastly number 1. Do Something with your Upper closet Shelf | Realsimple Do Something with the Upper ShelfThe upper shelf is a common space that will give you some additional rooms. If your space allows it, you can put bags or baskets on it. To prevent the bags from getting toppled, you can use some shelf dividers.
Not only the bags look well arranged, but it will also allow you to pick them easily without making a mess.

So, with these 10 DIY small bedroom closet ideas and clothing racks, you can maximize your space. You can choose and improvise any of these ideas yourself to match with your needs.

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