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20 Garden Block Wall Ideas

The following garden improvement ideas produced not only a means of protection but also new curb appeal to the carer. Check it out for the video version too.

A garden isn’t just about the compilation of beautiful plants and flowers. The landscape design will be a component you can’t separate as it can help portray the whole idea.

Uneven ground is one of the reasons many homeowners end up creating a garden block wall. Garden blocks or retaining walls complete your garden layout with special areas and needs.
They are not only preventing soil erosion but also literally adorn the garden.
Next are ten garden block wall ideas and videos (include tons of additional ideas) that could be one of your favorite wall garden ideas and your guest’s or family member’s favorite.

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Six Fantastic and Inspiring Alternative To Upgrade your Garden Retaining Wall :

Building a garden block for your area will be something you would most likely want to get into if you’re into gardening. This garden block is essential to retain the dirt that holds up your garden. It isn’t just cosmetic. Instead, it has a vital job.

When gardening, you’re moving soil from one spot to another, and as you layer on the soil, you create a concentration of weight. If not appropriately managed, this accumulation of dirt will erode and fall apart, and you won’t have much of a garden left. Your garden won’t look as fabulous as when you originally planted it. Your garden retaining wall is crucial to prevent natural erosion and ensure your garden’s continued life.

What if I told you that you could turn your garden retaining wall into a decorative element? It doesn’t have to be just a flat, vertical space taking up precious real estate. You can achieve a fantastic design for your garden and project a neat look while at the same time protecting your plot from natural processes like erosion. Here are some ideas for sprucing up your garden retaining wall.

Idea No.1 Use Timber

If you’re looking for a modern look for your garden, use timber. Everything about wood is that, depending on your state, it’s very easy to find because when you go to a lumber mill or lumber yard, many scrap pieces of timber are lying around. These are by-products of the timber-cutting process. Some are irregular, and others are just regular by-products, so you can save quite a bit of money buying these cast-off pieces of wood. You can build them into horizontal planks furniture-style and house your planting beds inside.

The only downside to this idea is that you must reseal repeatedly over an extended period. Otherwise, termites will make quick work of your wood-based garden retaining wall.
How often should you restain and reseal? It would be best if you did it at least twice a year. Depending on your area, if you know that there are termites around, you probably will need to do it more frequently.

Idea No.2 Use Timber-Looking Concrete

Timber is one of the best choices for garden retaining walls because they look natural. They also can be set up, so they deteriorate through rotting, but you’ll have to rebuild your garden several times over the years. Try timber-looking concrete to get away from the labor-intensive nature of using wooden garden retaining walls.

Unlike the real thing, you don’t have to restain and reseal timber-looking concrete every six months. You or your builder can use the rough timber planks and put light concrete on top of it. This way, you can coat the timber with concrete to prevent termite infestations. As the concrete dries, the impressions of the timber manifest right through the concrete and give it a different look.

Please remember that this alternative is better than naked timber, but it’s not fool-proof. Why? If there are cracks in your concrete, the timber inside will start to rot. We’re talking about mildew, fungus, and microbes. Also, if there are openings on the concrete surface, termites can make their way through and make quick work of your timber again.

Idea No.3 Use Stacked Stone

When you use stone, automatically, people would think you have money to spend. Stone, as a building material, is not cheap. The good news is when you stack stone as your garden retaining wall, you project wealth while at the same time saving money. Why?

This approach will only be an outer covering. The inside of the garden block could still be made out of plywood, re-purposed wood, lumberyard refuse, or poured concrete. This way, you don’t spend too much money on the stones, but your raised garden walls look fantastic. So, you get to have your cake and eat it too.

Idea No.4 Gabion Walls

Gabion walls are quite popular today because people want to see natural stones to build both their fencing and retaining walls for their garden. They just need to develop the wire basket to hold the stones in place. Make sure that the wire basket is rust-resistant.

This requirement is crucial because you don’t want something that will hold stones and then rust out and, before you know it, start to break apart. Putting up gabion walls doesn’t have to burn a hole through your pocket. You could fill the centers with inexpensive and heavy materials, so you don’t have to spend too much on the exterior stones.

Idea No.5 Put up a Concrete Planter Garden Block

A pure concrete planter garden block’s a beautiful idea and will provide more space for your plants and flowers to grow. At the same time, it gives decoration for your retaining wall. This design is done by stacking concrete planters on each other and side by side to build a block. The idea is to turn a wall of planters into a retaining wall. In other words, you get to kill two birds with one stone.

Idea No.6 Craft a Dual-Purpose Garden Block

One way to maximize the use of your garden block, regardless of what kind of material it’s made from, is to incorporate a staircase. You can simply create small steps on one part of your retaining wall to build an accessible entrance to your garden.

The Final Word

When it comes to your garden retaining wall, don’t let that vertical space go to waste. Turn it into a blank canvas on which you can express your personality, style, and aesthetic. There are many different materials you can use. You can also play around with the overall design to turn your garden retaining wall into a decorative element.

Return to our list; soon, you’ll meet the first entry of our 10 Garden Block Wall list, same as previous garden improvement ideas; this list is compiled for you by 10 Garden Block Wall Ideas Featured Pinterest Image
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10 Garden Block Wall Video :

List Entries:

10. Irregular Flagstone Retaining Wall Idea Irregular Flagstone Retaining Wall IdeaInstalling a retaining wall can be a good idea to shape your garden. The shape of a retaining wall would follow the counter of the soil. You can choose from many options, including the ideas and materials that suit your garden landscape. This wall, for example, is made from irregular flagstone.

They are huge and heavy, requiring patience to construct a flagstone retaining.
These stones create an earthy appearance for your garden, which is a great idea to steal from. The giant flagstones produce a pretty impressive look while keeping the natural flair. Greenandvibrant

9. A Timber Retaining Wall Project idea Timber Retaining WallBuilding your own retaining walls with timber sounds like a fun outdoor activity. Timber is quite an affordable material compared to concrete retaining walls. It’s also quite easy to install, making it one of the go-to materials when creating DIY retaining walls. Besides, you can modify it with any shapes or designs that are difficult to do with concrete walls.

One thing you should pay attention to is that timber will get rotten by extreme weather or moisture present in the soil. However, they’re durable and strong if you know how to maintain them well. | Thisoldhouse | Oneflare

8. Concrete Planter Garden Block Wall Idea Concrete Planter Garden Block WallAs I mentioned, you can build a retaining wall with many options depending on your taste and preference. And thus, you can make a retaining wall out of stacked concrete planters.
These concrete planters offer you a wall that also functions as planters too.

It is a space-saving idea that allows you to kill two birds with one stone. First, you get plenty of space to grow more plants. Second, the arranged planters meticulously create a retaining wall that improves the curb appeal. | Deavita

7. Gabion Retaining Wall project idea Gabion Retaining WallGabion walls have many different types and use. They can be constructed into benches, fence foundations, and even planters. Gabion can be a solution when you want to build a retaining wall on a budget.

It’s estimated to cost around $35 cubic per yard, according to Gabion Basket. You can fill the cages with rocks, rubbles, or recycled materials. The installation should also be very affordable for a retaining wall or fencing. You can benefit from gabion walls by preventing soil erosion and improving the garden décor. It is easy to install, and they are long-lasting.

There are some drawbacks to having gabion walls, though. Some Wild plants can use them as hiding places to grow. And the wires will eventually get rusted and worn as time passes by. | DIYmorning | Heritageblock

6. A Patchwork Retaining Wall Project Idea Patchwork Retaining Wall

This wall looks strangely satisfying with its earthy tone. It’s a nice way of giving your retaining wall colors without painting. These blocks can be selected and arranged to form a wall with a colorful look that decorates your garden. The coarseness and shapes of these blocks leave a natural appearance that blends well with the plants. It can increase the aesthetic look of your exterior landscape and beauty if you integrate them well. | Greenandvibrant

5. Natural Stone Retaining Wall Project idea Natural Stone Retaining WallUsing natural stones for creating a retaining wall needs extra energy as stones are heavy, but the result is worth the effort. This idea fits a spacious place as the stones used here are enormous.

There are some challenges you’ll face when deciding to use natural stones. It’s fairly hard to find the right base as they have irregular shapes. It means you need time to form a good base while looking for the correct stone shapes. But there are some advantages you can acquire from this idea -including but not limited to such as a natural look, unique shape, and design for your yard. | Kglandscape

4. Old Tire Block Wall Project Idea Old Tire Block WallRecycling old tires seems to be a good solution for tackling climate issues. You can use old tires well and give them a second life by re-purposing and turning them into furniture, planters, or even a retaining wall.

Rubber is known for its longevity and durability too. With some creativity, you can create such a wonderful retaining wall. Old tires can also work as planters. This move can at least reduce trash problems that the world has been seriously dealing with. | Gardeningsoul

3. Incorporate a Staircase into your Retaining Wall Incorporate Staircase into your Retaining WallProducing a visual interest in a retaining wall can be added simply by creating small steps. The garden will have something more to offer, not just a square wall with a concrete base surrounding your garden.

The staircase would also be an object that people would love to stare at besides those plants and flowers. It will also aid you in reaching the garden without bothering to climb the wall. | Greenandvibrant

2. Boulders and Pebbles Project idea Boulders and PebblesBoulder walls are a choice other than stone when creating a retaining wall. They show a haphazard shape of a line with the same construction as natural stone walls, no mortar is needed here.

Boulders are hard and have heavy materials, so it could be a problem when cutting a boulder to fit the line. You’ll also need heavy equipment and stamina to lift a boulder.
Boulder walls are quite an affordable way of creating a retaining wall compared to wood timber and cinder blocks. They bring an old-fashioned look and last longer. | Gardeningsoul

Lastly, number 1. Tiered Terrace Project idea Tiered TerraceA tiered terrace shows a unique design of a retaining wall idea. It has a stunning design, which elaborates on the yard, and the view’ll pamper you if you have one that looks like a rice terrace in some parts of Asian countries.
The problem is that it can cost you a fortune as it requires more materials to make. Not to mention, it’s also time-consuming work. You may need to hire a pro in this case to get the best result. To get more detail, follow the link inside the hyperlink inside the subtitle area.

So, Block wall ideas can improve your garden look and prevent soil erosion.
Hopefully, one of my recommended ten garden block wall ideas would encourage you to decorate your garden to the next level and lift your status one level higher. | Greenandvibrant

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