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A garden isn’t just about compilation of beautiful plants and flowers. The landscape design will obviously be a component that can’t be separated as it can help portray the whole idea.
Having an uneven ground is one of the reasons many homeowners end up creating a garden block wall. Garden block walls or retaining walls complete your garden layout with special areas and needs.
They are not only preventing soil erosion but also literally adorn the garden.
Next, these are 10 garden block wall ideas that could be one of your favourite wall garden ideas and your guests or family members favourite.

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10. Irregular Flagstone Retaining Wall Idea | Greenandvibrant Irregular Flagstone Retaining Wall Idea
Installing a retaining wall can be a good idea to shape your garden. The shape of a retaining wall would be following the counter of the soil. There are many options for you to choose from, including the ideas and materials that would suit your garden landscape.
This wall, for example, is made from irregular flagstone. They are huge, heavy, and it requires patience to construct a flagstone retaining. .
These stones create an earthy appearance for your garden and it is a great idea to steal from. The giant size of flagstones create a pretty impressive look while keeping the natural flair.

9. A Timber Retaining Wall Project idea | Thisoldhouse | Oneflare Timber Retaining Wall
Building your own retaining walls with timber sounds like a fun outdoor activity to do. Timber is quite an affordable material compared to concrete retaining walls. It’s also quite easy to install, which makes it become one of the go-to materials when it comes to creating DIY retaining walls. Besides, you can modify it with any shapes or designs that are difficult to do with concrete walls.
One thing you should pay attention to is that timber will get rotten by extreme weather or moisture presented in the soil. However, they’re actually pretty durable and strong if you know how to maintain them well.

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8. Concrete Planter Garden Block Wall Idea | Deavita Concrete Planter Garden Block Wall
As I mentioned already, you can build a retaining wall with many options depending on your taste and preference. And thus, you can make a retaining wall out of stacked concrete planters.
These concrete planters offer you a wall that also functions as planters too. It is such a space-saving idea that allows you to kill two birds with one stone. First, you get plenty of space to grow more plants. Second, the planters which are arranged meticulously create retaining wall that improves the curb appeal.

7. Gabion Retaining Wall project idea | DIYmorning | Heritageblock Gabion Retaining Wall
Gabion walls have many different types and uses. They can be constructed into benches, fence foundations, and even planters. When you want to build a retaining wall on a budget, gabion can be a solution.
It’s estimated to cost around $35 cubic per yard, according to Gabion Basket. You can fill the cages with rocks, rubbles or recycled materials. For a retaining wall or fencing, the installation should also be very affordable.
There are benefits you can get from having gabion walls such as preventing soil erosion and improving the garden décor. It is easy to install and they are long-lasting.
There are some drawbacks to having gabion walls though.
Some Wild plants can use them as hiding places to grow. And the wires will eventually get rusted and worn as time passes by.

6. A Patchwork Retaining Wall Project Idea | Greenandvibrant Patchwork Retaining Wall
This wall looks strangely satisfying with its earthy tone. It’s a nice way of giving your retaining wall colors without painting. These blocks can be selected and arranged to form a wall with a colorful look that decorates your garden.
The coarseness and shapes of these blocks leave a natural appearance that blends well with the plants. It can increase the aesthetic look of your exterior landscape and beauty if you can integrate them well.

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5. Natural Stone Retaining Wall Project idea | Kglandscape Natural Stone Retaining Wall
Using natural stones for creating a retaining wall needs extra energy as stones are heavy, but the result is worth the effort. This idea really fits for a spacious place as the stones used here are enormous.
There are some challenges you’ll face when deciding to use natural stones. It’s fairly hard to find the right base as they have irregular shapes. It means you need some time to form a good base while looking for the correct stone shapes.
But there are some advantages you can acquire from this idea -including but not limited to- such as a natural look, unique shape, and design for your yard.

4. Old Tire Block Wall Project Idea | Gardeningsoul Old Tire Block Wall
Recycling old tires seems to be a good solution for tackling climate issues. You can make good use of old tires and give them a second life by repurposing and turning them into furniture, planters, or even a retaining wall.
Rubber is known for its longevity and durability too. With some creativity, you can create such a wonderful retaining wall. Old tires can also work as planters. This move can at least reduce trash problems that the world has been now seriously have to dealing with.

3. Incorporate Staircase into your Retaining Wall | Greenandvibrant Incorporate Staircase into your Retaining Wall
Creating a visual interest on a retaining wall can be added simply by creating small steps. By doing so, the garden will have something more to offer, not just a square wall with a concrete base surrounding your garden.
The staircase would also be an object that people would love to stare at besides those plants and flowers. It will also aid you to reach the garden without bothering to climb the wall.

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2. Boulders and Pebbles Project idea | Gardeningsoul Boulders and Pebbles
Boulder walls are an alternative choice other than stone when it comes to creating a retaining wall. They show a haphazard shape of a line with the same construction as natural stone walls, no mortar needed here.
As boulders hard and heavy materials, it could be a problem when trying to cut a boulder to fit the line. You’ll also need heavy equipment as well as stamina to lift a boulder.
Boulder walls are quite an affordable way of creating a retaining wall compared to wood timber and cinder blocks. They bring an old-fashioned look and last longer.


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Lastly number 1. Tiered Terrace Project idea | Greenandvibrant Tiered Terrace
A tiered terrace shows a unique design of a retaining wall idea. It has a stunning design, which elaborates on the yard and you’ll be pampered by the view if you have one that looks like a rice terrace in some part of Asian countries.
The problem is that it can cost you a fortune as it requires more materials to make. Not to mention, it’s also time-consuming work. You may need to hire a pro in this case to get the best result. To get more detail, follow link inside hyperlink inside subtitle area.

So, Block wall ideas can improve your garden look and prevent soil erosion.
Hopefully, one of my recommended 10 garden block wall ideas would encourage you to decorate your garden to the next level and lift your status one level higher.

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