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20+ Ways How to Makeover Modern Closet Door Bedrooms

Organizing your bedroom just like your satisfaction and you can choose the best ideas. These ideas below would be easy but they give incredible effects in your bedroom. You can see the modern structure of the bedroom that amaze people around you. these modern ideas will match perfectly with your home which also has a modern style or design. Sometimes, purchasing new doors for your project may not be a great option since you do not want to waste your budget.

So, you can go get these ideas below as you need. So, you can dress it up a bit and get a style of outside look. As usual, this list is compiled for you by and Tavernierspa (Our sister site).

20+ Ways How to Makeover Modern Closet Doors For Bedrooms Poster

List Entries:

1. You may add a Medallion

1. Add medallion via SIMPHOME.COMYou will find decorative ceiling medallions in the local home improvement shops. Although they usually use to surround the ceiling lights, there is no reason that you can use it to add a more lavish touch in your closet door. You can attach the medallion in your door, paint it and your door – then add interesting knob as well. If the formality is not your style at all, then considering to attach a small piece of ornate trim to get that effect, but it less symmetric.

2. Replace your Door with Interactive Fabrics

2.Replace your door with interactive accessories via SIMPHOME.COMWhether you use curtains or just the long pieces from the leftover fabric, then you can use them to redecorate which fully changed its look and the feeling of the closet in. You can replace your boring doors with the flowy fabric that it would be instantly added smoother look, of course, it would be so romantic as well. But, it’s all depending on the color and pattern of your curtain, you can underline the room theme that you like, change it or add more styles.
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3. Upholstered your Door with the Nailed Trim

3.Upholstered your door with the nailed trim via SIMPHOME.COMThere is a bit of a makeover which guaranteed that it will win compliments from people around you. the colorful upholstery decorated with geometric patterns. This is a fantastic way to add not only the colors but also an elegant touch in your room. This project only needs a bit of time than others, but it gives you the worth result. You can choose a cheerful color to light up your room or just being moody with the black or navy tone.

4. Give Wallpaper in your Door

4. Give your cabinet door wallpaper.via SIMPHOME.COMYou will have fun and make some wallpapers for you. instead of replacing your doors to make it less bored, then you can use the wallpapers or even different parts to cover up your closet door. You can make a pop outlook and blend it to cover your plain door as well. this is very easy for anyone who can do it. You can cover the part to give more spirit sensation.

5. Metal Look

5. Get Metal Look Cabinet Door via SIMPHOME.COM

Looking great ways to upgrade your boys’ room or just give the industrial look into your bedroom? Whether you just bored with your door anywhere inside your room? You can see the beauty metal in that image – gives you incredible change. To get this look, then you will need the aluminum flashing – you can choose a bit thick one so that it’s flexible so easy for cutting and hold its shape. You need to be careful with these edges that could be sharp, always wear your gloves. If you think that metal was too cold or striking with your style, then you can choose the wallpaper.

6. Paint your Door

6. Paint your Cabinet Door via SIMPHOME.COMGet your hands dirty and paint your doors. Even you can even use the stencils if you smart enough to use the paint to make some designs. If you are in the neutral space, then you can try the great colors on your doors. But if you are on the bold space, then you can be bolder with your closet doors. Keep in mind that you should not leave this part when you want to redecorate it. Even the chalkboard paint can be a great idea for your kid rooms as well.

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7. Decorate it with Washi Tape

7. Decorate it with Washi Tape via SIMPHOME.COMThis is the closet door makeover that can be handled by your kids. Even it is also perfect for renters as well. all you need is using rolls of Japanese paper washi – you will find so many patterns, colors, and widths in your local craft stores. Ensure that you use each washi tape, not the decorative ones – if you want to release your tapes without damaging your door. You can paint your door before adding the tapes or covers the door with the colorful tape in different designs.

8. Hang Mirrors

8.Hang mirrors via SIMPHOME.COMYou need to open your room by adding the extra mirrors in your closet door. It gives you an extra way to check your outfits today and ways to make your room looks a bit bigger. Your mirror can add light so that during the daytime will give you extra punch inside.

9. Get the Faux Trim

9. Get Faux trim via SIMPHOME.COMYou can make a formal or traditional decoration by creating the faux trim around your closet doors. If you looking for something crazier and wilder? Then you should not stock out with the simple rectangle – you can step forward and use the painter’s tape to block any design that you love before applying the paint.
Or you can go with the rectangle ones, but you should be wild with your paint colors such as hot pink, red, metallic silver and so on.

10. You can find out Extra Funky Handles

10. Extra Funky Handles via SIMPHOME.COMThis is a very easy and fast way to add the style into your closet doors by replacing your door handles. There are so many cute and playful handles that you can find to make more personality and fashion inside. Even, you should not need to match them, especially in your electric room. It may be a cheap way to redecorate it.

11. Try the Wooden Trim

11. Add Wooden Trim via SIMPHOME.COMYou can use this technique for your standard closet doors, but if you want to try this idea in sliding door, ensure that you choose the shallow trim and check that you get enough clearance before applying the trim permanently.
You can choose those ideas instead of buying new doors.

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