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10 Bedroom Colors and Makeover Ideas Under $10k

Bedroom is everyone’s favorite place to do various kinds of things like chatting, studying, practicing the guitar, and – of course – sleeping. The best thing of a bedroom is you can personalize it to your style freely without worrying about what people may think or feel about it.

The one that needs to be concerned is you. Therefore, color up, decorate, and do whatever you want to your bedroom as long as you can get your ultimate comfort. Talking about coloring up your bedroom, check out these 10-bedroom colors and makeover ideas that I’ve listed for you. As usual, This list is brought to you by

10. Luxurious in Simplicity
10 Luxurious in Simplicity Simphome comJust like what I said earlier, your bedroom is supposed to be comfy and reflect who you are and what you like. If you want to indulge yourself in the luxury, just do it. You deserve lying in a luxurious bedroom after going through the hurly-burly happening at work. Gray is one of the most versatile and neutral colors.

Even gray hues – from the lighter to the darker – provide different nuances. But, one thing for sure, it is so simple that it can be paired with any color of your choice. And they’ll just look great together.

If you want to make your bedroom look lavish, you can paint your bedroom light gray and invest in a king size bed with satin headboard. Spread out a gray fluffy rug on your wooden floor would be nicer. To accentuate the luxurious look as well as adding pops of colors, consider a few tints of purple since purple is the color of luxury.

9. Calm and Romantic Bedroom
9 Calm and Romantic Bedroom Simphome comThis bedroom is kind of a dream comes true for newly married couple who have been longing for the romantic ambiance.

Pink has never failed to add a romantic ambience. But, make sure you don’t go overboard with it. Try some lighter pink hues like salmon, peach, and coral to create a soothing and romantic mood.

To kick it up a notch, you can tack down a fluffy white carpet to your floor so your bed will look as if it were floating over the clouds.

Tip: Since carpet is tacked down to the floor and cover it wall to wall which makes hard to be removed, you can just lay a rug with similar color and texture over the area of the bed.

8. Go Eclectic
8 Go Eclectic Simphome comIf you are not sure about what colors and furniture that you are going to use to furnish your bedroom, just go eclectic! Just like this bedroom, it combines the tranquil turquoise and distinctive patterns found in the rug, curtain, and bench.

Theoretically, turquoise is the color of tranquility and the patterns are quite bold. But they look great together, don’t they? So, just ditch the theory and go with what you like. But, you still need to consider the composition unless you want your bedroom will end up being haphazard though.

Some other unique things that you can find in this bedroom is the white durian-like light hanging over the bed and the round mirror hanging over the headboard as the centerpiece. They jazz this room up for sure.

7. The Nature of Purple and Green
7 The Nature of Purple and Green Simphome comAdding the touch of nature to your bedroom is such a good idea as you will feel more relaxed. It does not mean that you have to grow some plants in your bedroom. You can just hang one or two pictures that look like the branches of a wood or corals in your favorite colors just like this purple and green bedroom. To better the look, you can decorate it with any accessory that features purple and green hues.

6. The Power of Love
6 The Power of Love Simphome comThis bedroom provides the romantic ambiance without being exaggerating. Although this bedroom features coral and rosewood color that embody affection, you can still find the touch of masculinity here, thanks to the black and gray hues that balance the romantic look with boldness.

5. The Joy of Summer
5 The Joy of Summer Simphome comThe combination of green and yellow conjures up the joy of summer where you can find beautiful sunflowers blooming. Be careful in picking the yellow hues that you are going to apply to your bedroom and get second opinion.

Try using light yellow for a calmer look. To bring in summer to your bedroom, you can add a vase with some types of sunflowers in it. those flowers will perk your bedroom up.

4. Bold and Masculine
4 Bold and Masculine Simphome comMany people think that black is the color of darkness. Well, the truth is it is the color of boldness, elegance, and masculinity. Paint your bedroom black can accentuate your masculine look. To lessen the boldness, you can add some white such as a white painting on the wall. Adding a gold accent is not a bad idea since it can highlight the elegance of your bedroom. But, again, don’t go overboard or the boldness and masculinity of your bedroom would be vague.

3. Chalkboard Accent Wall
3 Chalkboard Accent Wall Simphome comThe area behind the headboard is usually a focal point of your bedroom, and thus you need to make it epic. Hanging pictures, a mirror, or a monogram above the headboard is the most common thing. Let’s do an uncommon yet attractive thing like hanging a chalkboard over the headboard as the accent wall. The chalkboard will enable you to explore your creativity and do many things. You can write anything you want and clean it up if you get bored.

2. Gray Wainscoting Paneling
2 Gray Wainscoting Paneling Simphome comIf you are a huge fan of classic look, try installing wainscoting paneling. The trim will make your bedroom look like Victorian style. To add more elegance, paint the paneling the same gray scheme as the headboard.

Placing a table next to the bed enables you to put your book and glasses easily when you feel like to hit the sack after reading. Just make sure the wooden table is just slightly stained to make it look more natural.

1. Black and White Eclectic Style
1 Black and White Eclectic Style Simphome comThe last but not least, we meet another eclectic style. Although eclectic style allows you to express your imagination by concocting wide array of colors, it doesn’t mean you can do it carelessly. It would be better if you just stick to one- or two-color hues and go with various shapes and patterns.

This modern farmhouse features white-washed exposed brick wall that gives a classic look. A low-level white bed lies on the sisal sea-grass rug. The wall behind the headboard is painted black matte because it is the focal point. it is supposed to be conspicuous, right? And as the centerpiece, a huge geometrical painting hangs over the headboard.

Those are 10 ideas for your bedroom color and makeover. They are fabulous, right? By applying one of these ideas and adjust it to your personal taste, you’ll get a top-notch bedroom that you’ve been longing for.

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