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Your house is supposed to be an embodiment of your personality and what you are into. Therefore, decorating your entire rooms to fit your style should be a norm, including your bathroom. Anyway, finding suitable small bathroom remodel ideas that satisfy everyone are not always entertaining, especially if your family members are from various different generations.

So, back to square one, is it possible to makeover your bathroom to suit the style of yours and your family’s? I’ll try to answer that question for you soon. All you need to do now, is just sit back and relax. This is 10 small bathroom remodel ideas that are surprisingly suitable for generation Z and 100-year-old folks, too. As always, this ideas is compiled for you by simphome.com

10. Toilet Paper Holder with Shelf
10 Toilet Paper Holder with Shelf Simphome com
With this idea, you can rest your liquid soap, a small cactus, or even your phone conveniently on your bathroom wall. This toilet paper holder is meticulously designed for all generations, especially generation Z who tend to be on social media all the time even when they are inside a toilet doing their private business.

To get this awesome toilet paper holder idea done, you need to cut, sand, and clean a piece of scrap wood. After that stain it and then apply two coats of polyurethane. Next, attach your toilet paper holder to an under side of the shelf. But, before that, make sure you already provided sufficient space for your toilet paper to roll. Finally, attach the shelf on the wall by screwing 2 corner brackets and done. Easy, right?

9. Jazz Your Wall Up with Stencil
9 Jazz Your Wall Up with Stencil Simphome com
One of the most convenient ways to makeover your small bathroom is by repainting your bathroom’s wall. And to upgrade it, adding stencils are your next way to go.

First, pick your favorite that fit your pocket. Find tons of options at Home Depot. After that, apply a base color. Once you’ve done with your base color, you can attach the stencils using painter tape beginning with the corner.

Next, use only small amount of paint on the roller. Apply your first coat, let it dry, then add another coat. This will help you minimize the mess trapped under your stencil. Repeat these steps to the other sections and continue with next idea.

8. Bold and Elegant Small Bathroom
8 Bold and Elegant Small Bathroom Simphome com
Who says that a small bathroom is weak? With few touch ups, it can look as elegant as those bigger and premium ones. This bathroom for example.

First, the owner painted its wall black, adding touch of boldness and depth to the bathroom. Next, he/she supplemented it with wall art galleries and contrast frames that steal anyone focus who need to stay in this bathroom for a while.

If you follow this idea, you can play with your own composition and arrangement to accentuate your artistic taste. To bring harmony, you can also choose frames that composed with same color hues as your vanity, handle bars, and wall. Lastly, to make tiny things like liquid soap and cotton bud jar neatly organized and secured, place them on a tray. If it has same color hue as your handle bars, that’s awesome.

7. Decorative Framed Towel Holder
7 Decorative Framed Towel Holder Simphome com
Bathroom remodel idea does not always rob a lot of time and money. Even a simple DIY project like accentuating a towel holder with fancy trims will do. Since fancy trims can be pricey, look around your house or garage sales to find a frame that you can tweak to make a nice accessory for your towel holder.

This towel holder makeover for example. To complete it, you required to border it with beautiful white frame and patterned fabric. Make a hole in the middle of the fabric so the towel holder will be still screwed to the wall and after the hole done, attach the fabric to the frame, then attach it to the wall using nails. After that, put the holder back to its place.

6. Zen Garden in The Bathroom
6 Zen Garden in The Bathroom Simphome com
Enjoying a me-time by lingering in the bath tub invite various physiological benefits. And, do you know what makes it perfect? Some scented candles put in a clear glass bowl. To make this beautiful Zen garden right in your bathroom, take a glass bowl at IKEA or anywhere else, some pebbles, three candles and some jute to tie the candles together. You can put it on the vanity or near your bath tub to embellish your bathroom as well as providing a relaxed ambience.

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5. Cute Owl décor ideas for Kids Bathroom
5 Cute Owl décor ideas for Kids Bathroom Simphome com
There is nothing wrong loyal to a specific theme. If you feel incline with it, embrace it. Like this owl-themed bathroom for example. It is full of cute owls with sweet messages. It sprinkles everywhere from shower curtains to wall decors. If you want to follow this idea, open your ears and count your children first. For the sake of peace or stability, you probably should decline your desire to personalize your children bathroom.

4. Blue Ocean Bathroom
4 Blue Ocean Bathroom Simphome com
If you love oceans, this idea will complete your life. Every element fit with ocean theme from a vessel sink, beige cabinets, shaker cabinets, white walls and marble countertops. With this idea, you’re going to enjoy lots of light and air. If your space is not allowing you to take this idea, focus your attention to your windows or mirror installation and wall paint color choice. Lighter is better for ocean’s theme bathroom and it leads us to our next point.

3. Focus on The Layout
3 Focus on The Layout Simphome com
For this space saving idea, you need to cut your vanity legs in order to get a new wall mounted vanity. To finish it, you need to use neutral color and clean-line furniture. Although this idea is not budget friendly, it will maximize your property space. With less space for your bathroom, come more area for your office. You can close more commercial deals there and that will allow you to buy new bathroom space for your house.

2. Make-Up Magnet Board
2 Make Up Magnet Board Simphome com
It’s really hard to get the eyeshadow or bronzer when you are in a hurry. Now save your time with this make-up holder idea. It’s everywhere, simple, although sometime it is tacky at the same time too. Get a frame, have a piece of metal cut to fit inside the frame, and attach a piece of fabric to conceal that metal. After that, attach a magnet or two at the back of each make up using hot glue gun. And, finally, attach them all to the frame.

1. Add Plants for a Natural Beauty
1 Add Plants for a Natural Beauty Simphome com
Plants have always been an integral part of home decoration -indoor and outdoor. For your tiny bathroom, build a simple wood rack to house some low-maintenance plants like Aloe Vera, cactus, and philodendron that will add nuance, fresh air, and clutter. Lastly, for a more dramatic look, place a vine plant by the windowsill or on the top of the shelf.

PS: for the clutter, check simphome.com for the answer.

That’s all the 10 small bathroom remodel ideas for all generations. You can apply one of them to your bathroom and tweak it however you like to suit your style and personalities. If you’re not living alone, ask everyone permission first and good luck with that.

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