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10 Bathroom Tile Ideas that Won’t Turn Your Floor Dull

How many times do you take a shower in a day? Once? Twice? One thing for sure, you do it regularly, even every day. And it means you have to see the same bathroom again and again. Don’t you feel cheesed off with it?

When you think this chore is getting tedious, you can try revamping your bathroom by replacing the tiles. Luckily, I’ve collected 10-bathroom tile ideas that won’t make your floor look dull at all. So, let’s check them out! As always, this list is brought to you by

10. Artistic Turquoise Shower Tiles
10 Artistic Turquoise Shower Tiles Simphome com
The wall in your shower room is a huge canvass that is always ready to be painted. You can explore your imagination while giving your personal touch to it as you are the one that should be pleased by the result.

If you are a big fan of a certain theme or color, you can invest in the tiles that feature your favorite color, just like these turquoise shower tiles. The bluish hues of the tiles embellish the shower room nicely. The tiles also provide a distinctive pattern that looks like an abundance of curves that are tied together. Just make sure you use turquoise unsanded tile grout to fill in the gaps between the tiles so you will get a super smooth surface.

9. Mermaid Tiles
9 Mermaid Tiles Simphome com
Mermaid tiles can be a great idea if you are looking for beautiful patterns, but don’t want to go overboard, either. Mermaid tiles usually come in turquoise and golden hues. To get a smooth surface, you’re going to need to apply some grout. But the grout can define the gap between the tiles clearly. Therefore, you’re going to have to use a tinted grout that gives the same hue as the tiles. Problem solved!

8. Staggered Finish
8 Staggered Finish Simphome com
This is your very own personal bathroom. Why do you have to stick to a certain rule of installing tiles from floor to ceiling if it doesn’t suit your style well? Be courageous! You can do whatever you want to your bathroom. Try to look at the wall in your bathroom and picture how you want it to be. Even if you have to break the rules, just do it! This bathroom features staggered finish wall. It may look like an abandoned project. But for some people, it looks fantastic! But, it doesn’t mean you can do it carelessly, though. You will still need to consider the layout of the tiles.

7. Pearl-Like Tiles
7 Pearl Like Tiles Simphome com
Add the touch of luxury to your bathroom using pearl tiles. Pearl tiles will definitely make your bathroom look dead glam. They can make your bathroom appear to be larger as they reflect the light that shimmers on them.

One of the well-known pearl tiles is Mother of Pearl tiles. Tiles from this brand are made up of the former inner area of mollusk shells. No wonder they look fabulous and natural.

Pearl tiles come in various sizes, shapes, and thickness. The thicker the tiles are, the more expensive and – maybe – the better, as many people think that better quality comes with higher price. Well, that’s not the case. Make sure to double check the quality before purchasing the tiles.

Since some of pearl tiles are quite pricey, you can just use them as your accent wall that separates the upper and lower wall. This will add a nuance to your bathroom as well as freshening up its look.

6. Pebble Tile Accent Wall
6 Pebble Tile Accent Wall Simphome com
Nature has never failed to add a dramatic look to any room. Therefore, installing pebble accent wall in your bathroom can be your greatest bet when it comes to make an epic place to linger in the bath tub.

To get this look, you’re going to need to apply pre-mixed thin set on the wall, then comb it using the notched edge. This will provide extra grip to the pebbles. After that, take a section of pebble tile and attach it to the wall. Hold and push it a little bit so it can attach to the wall firmly. It may take a couple of minutes. So, hang in there!

Once the tiles have covered the wall completely, apply a coat of acrylic sealant on the pebbles before covering them with grout. When applying the grout, you can just cover up the pebbles and the spaces. Don’t worry! You can clean the grout from the surface of the pebbles by using wet sponge later. Not that hard, right?

5. Metallic Tiles
5 Metallic Tiles Simphome com jpg
Hello, the fans of steampunk style! You got to install these tiles in your bathroom if you want to add the touch of industrial look. Just like any other tiles, metallic tiles come in various sizes and shapes. Even the textures are varied. And, again, to get the perfect look that suits your style well, you need to harness your imagination and creativity. You can arrange the tiles in various patters; diagonal, herringbone, basket weave, you name it!

4. Mismatched Bathroom Tiles
4 Mismatched Bathroom Tiles Simphome com
is mismatching a kind of failure? In this case, I would answer no. Mismatching produces a new harmony. I am talking about bathroom is of course the tiles. Mismatched tiles can turn out well if you pick the right tiles and install them properly. Although it’s a mismatch style, you still need to consider the composition after all. Mismatched tiles can define a certain area in your bathroom although you are not using any room divider such as a curtain or blinds.

3. White Subway Tiles and Tiny Black Mosaic Tiles
3 White Subway Tiles and Tiny Black Mosaic Tiles Simphome com
White subway tiles belong to the previous trend, but it doesn’t mean it is outdated. In fact, many homeowners still use subway tiles in their bathroom to bring the classic ambience. The best thing of white subway tiles is it can be paired with any colors, just like these black mosaic floor tiles. They flow into a perfect harmony despite being different in color and shape. To complement the black floor tiles, you can use gray grout. It not only complements the floor tiles, but also accentuates the subway tiles beautifully.

2. White Mosaic Tile Bathroom
2 White Mosaic Tile Bathroom Simphome com
All- white bathroom always looks clean, airy, and spacious. But, it also looks somewhat mundane. So, you need to add sparkling thing in it like white mosaic tiles on the wall. The shimmering of the light captured by the tiles can make a pretty good accent wall that you have been looking for.

1. Luxurious Mosaic Floor Tiles
1 Luxurious Mosaic Floor Tiles Simphome com
Who can resist from indulging themselves in this luxurious bathroom? The golden mosaic floor tiles make the bathroom look lavish. They complement the accent wall with embossed patterns right next to the shower and bath tub perfectly. Now, bath time is one of the best moments that you will be waiting for.

Those are 10 mind-blowing bathroom tile ideas. They are fabulous, aren’t they? So, now, it’s time for you to say good bye to your mundane bathroom, and hello to your fabulous bathroom.

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