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As a place where you refresh yourself, your bathroom deserves special attentions.
But you might be wondering what you can do with a small bathroom. You can’t expand or rebuild it.

It’s hard to find big enough storage for it, in fact, sometime, the more storage solutions you give, the more clutter you’ll get. Focus reading this post because I’ve compiled for you 10-bathroom makeover ideas for any people with limited space’s bathroom. I hope most of them fit your expectation and as always, I bring this idea for you from simphome.com

10. Play with your Existing Furniture
10 Play with your Existing Furniture Simphome com
One of the best ways to makeover a bathroom without compromising its valuable space is by keeping existing layout and plumbing or even furniture untouched. This bathroom, for example. It has unharmed layout and plumbing.

However, First, a new blue wall. It already received visible transformation. Next, wooden frames on the bathroom mirror. After that a tongue-and-groove paneling you already noticed,
Old brown cabinets that had been sanded then repainted thoroughly into clean white cabinets, and new handles for them that functioned as interior focal points.

You may notice that although the color, vanity, and wall paneling underwent revamps, they don’t make the limited space feel more crammed. Instead, Otherwise, it appears more spacious now.

9. Go White
9 Go White Simphome com
When it comes to an undersized bathroom, white can be your go-to color. White and light hues have been widely used to trick people’s eyes. They make a small room looked larger. And same thing will happen to your bathroom too if you copy this idea.

To begin with, paint your bathroom white and install white flooring. Don’t skip your bathroom cabinets, mirror frame and sinks in your remodeling plan if they’re now in dark paints. To bring harmony, invest in white vanity and curtain, and next you’ll get an all-white bathroom – clean, clutter-free, and sleek.

Tip: use a large mirror to reflect more lights, and – to – make your bathroom appear to be visually bigger.

8. Mistakes commonly occur in any Bathroom remodel projects
8 Mistakes commonly occur in any Bathroom remodel projects Simphome com
Before taking ideas you already learned and leave this video, I want to remind you that there are several things that you need to consider before revamping your bathroom.

First, pay attention to your exhaust fan installation system. This overlooked feature plays an essential role to your bathroom as it controls your bathroom air circulation, humidity, mildew, mold, and metal deterioration.

Second, focus on a function first rather than a facade. I know designing a new bathroom layout is exciting and thrilling, but prioritize your time finding most space efficient and secure plan for your bathroom. It is pointless serving your bathroom with a new layout and plumbing if you don’t feel comfortable and safe with it.

7. Renew Your Bathroom Vanity with Gel Stain
7 Renew Your Bathroom Vanity with Gel Stain Simphome com
Vanity is what you and your guests usually see first when stepping into a bathroom. For that reason, it also requires your special attention too.

First, if your vanity is still in a top-notch condition, stain it to get a new look that will complement your new bathroom makeover plan. Uninstall your cabinets, remove their doors, sand them down, and stain them using gel stain.


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Gel stain is recommended because it is thicker than a liquid one and that allows you to cover more areas. Lastly, to sweeten a new look of your vanity, you can replace your vanity’s handle bars and knobs, too.

6. Upgrade Your Bathroom Sink and Vanity
6 Upgrade Your Bathroom Sink and Vanity Simphome com
Like what I said earlier, keeping your existing fixtures is a best option for your tiny bathroom.
It cost effective.Anyway, if your budget allows, my recommendation is, follow this hack.

At first, the bathroom came with a tan paint job, an undermount sink and a white top. Later, it turned to be a black cabinet with top mount sink and grey marble top. It is a same old cabinet with a boosted-elegance.

It used to be tedious. but, look at it now. To follow this idea, it requires you to take repainting or woodworking work, and commercial activities that will connect you with random craigslist user, eBay traders, amazon stock dealers, IKEA’s sales, Lowes, or, HomeDepot. That’s only if you want or afford to get a new vanity for your bathroom.

5. Bathroom Remodeling on a Budget
5 Bathroom Remodeling on a Budget Simphome com
If you think homeowners on limited budget can’t have a fantastic bathroom make over, think again! One thing that you need to remember is keep working with your existing fixtures, vanity, and budget. Don’t overspend.

Repainting your vanity with lighter color is idea number one. Replace your tiles is number two and if your budget still allows you to bet on a new idea, get your hand on a floating “All-mirror” cabinet, and a new cabinet hack with extra storage for baskets.

If you want to replace your shower door, consider a clear plastic shower curtain. Lastly, more mirror means more light for your space and less power consumption.

Tip: If you have enough with a regular mirror bathroom, add a glass mirror plant pot. Include with living things in it.

4. Change Your Bathroom Style
4 Change Your Bathroom Style Simphome com
This idea will challenge your status quo and if you’re not ready for it, mute this video for view seconds until new ideas arrive. One style that I propose for you is a farmhouse bathroom style.

If you aren’t into any DIY as you’re not really confident at working with screws, nails, drilling, woodworking and hammers, stop by at any home improvement store near you. Get a new vanity that suit a farmhouse style you want. Select one that fits with your pocket or space and bring them home.

Install tongue-and-groove paneling to complete your new style and if you already have an agenda to replace your mundane bath tub, pause for a second and find more information about “Reglazing process”. Link in the hyperlink. It’s old but gold.

3. Repaint Your Shower
3 Repaint Your Shower Simphome com
Taking a shower is not only about cleaning your body from dead skins. It is also a time to invigorate your mind, too. But, how can it invigorate your mind if it looks horrible.

5 Affordable Bathroom Update Ideas

Your solution, instead of purchasing a new shower that can rip you $6,000 off, secure more bucks by repainting your existing shower and replace the glass door with a shower curtain. Not helpful enough? Try.

2. Concrete overlaid Vanity idea
2 Concrete overlaid Vanity idea Simphome com
Are you cheesed off with your marble counter top? This concrete-vanity hack only cost $20. First, remove your faucet, continue sand your counter-top and sink. Next, dull the surface a bit to make your concrete more adherence. Mix your concrete and apply your first coat. Using your fingers, apply your concrete to your sink basin. Anyway, don’t forget to wear gloves beforehand. Last, let them dried overnight before applying another coat.

1. DIY Rope Towel Holder
1 DIY Rope Towel Holder Simphome com
Finally, one idea that you can complete by yourself. Direction: One, take a rope. Two, make knots at both ends of the rope and secure them with galvanized clips, and three, stick with this channel for more bathroom makeover ideas.

Have for more time for more ideas? return to this blog later. I hope these 10 ideas make your bathroom look more adorable without stealing limited space you have and corrupting your fixture. And until next time, Happy trying!

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