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10 Creative Ideas How to Maximize Small Closets

Hi there! Raise your hand if you have limited closet space. Same here. Yep, we recognize, having a small one can feel like a jinx, above all, if there is a slim area for all of our stuff. If the closets are diminutive, then organizing things is a fazing task.
No need to fret, there are loads of helpful tricks and some of them are listed in the post (and in the video).
And, instead of revamping your closet, use one of these 10 creative ideas how to maximize small closets.
Off we go!
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10. Add a Dresser Project idea | HGTV | Thousandhillsrealty Add a DresserThe first way to upgrade your closet is adding a dresser.
It is an undemanding one because you need no physical change to the closet and it is also a perfect fit if you have a dresser you dislike.
Dresser drawers are flawless spots to keep folded t-shirts, undies or others that you don’t want to flaunt.
Next, hang your clothes based on their length, like from the shortest to the longest or vice versa. This way, you get more floor space for a stacking shoe rack or other pieces.
TIPS: Installing a bright light bulb delivers broader impression and simply helps you find your belongings.

9. Use the Magic of Unused Soda Tabs | Purewow Use the Magic of Soda TabsThis is a canny knack for buying you more room. Prepare a pair of coat hangers with skinny hooks and a leftover soda tab. Ready?
Simply loop one end of that tiny soda tab around the neck of your first coat hanger. Next, feed the hook of the second coat hanger through the open loop. Yes! A dual hanger!
Add another tab to make a three-tiered guy. Start to hang your shirts, blazers and medium size dresses.

8. Crates on Cup Hooks Project idea | Realitydaydream

8. Crates on Cup HooksCrates are our next route. You just need to hang cup hooks under a shelf and pop some plastic crates on them. End of story.
It is so easy to keep things spick and span, since there is a place for (almost) everything. They hang at the perfect angle and offer an effortless access.
In the picture, the owner of the closet, she took part of the top shelf and move it down halfway to the floor. Then, she put the clothing rod below that one since their clothes are not too big. Of course, if you want to follow this idea, it is alterable based on your requirements.

Tip: It suits toddlers or babies in the best possible way.

7. Hang More Clothes with Chains | Instructables Hang More Clothes with ChainsIn less than $25, you get 60% more space in your closet.
First, you need 2 packages of “S” hooks and 12 feet Handy Link Utility Chain.
Cut your chain while keeping some links in a segment. To make things easier, you can ask a store assistant to get it done.
Now, let’s get to work. Hang a hook in closet and then hang a chain on the hook. Bear in mind you need to be cautious. Hang clothes hangers on chain. Next, hang clothes on clothes hangers. Finished!
There are tons of different coated chains to brighten up your closet and protect your clothes. So, Be wise!

Tip: Bring a closed or welded chain link into play so your clothes will not get snagged.

6. Use your Closet Door | HGTV Use the Door

With a bit of ingenuity, people can provide an abundant storage space for a home office even from the minutest closet.
Let’s take a look. The door is armed with a desk and storage bins. Then, a shoe holder provides pockets for everything you need when running business from home.
You may delve in to a home depot; I am quite confident you will find some hints to exploit the door space.
For examples: a towel rack to hang trivial objects, hooks to place extra keys or even shower curtain rings to put hoods. The list goes on.
This simple idea is nifty and efficient answers to make use of your closet door space.

5. Ice Cube Tray for Your Jewellery | HGTV Ice Cube Tray for Your JewelleryIn an eco-friendly world, instead of spending tons of money to get your closet organized, it is much better to employ what you already have.
Forget a junk drawer; an ice cube tray solves your mess impeccably. Put it in to hold extra buttons from pricey pea coats, stud earrings, lovely jewelleries, accessories and many more. You can throw a ton in the tray without making your space look cluttered.
Now, you know exactly where to head if that one-of-a-kind button goes missing.
Losing those items again? I hope it would never be going to happen again!

4. Ditch your Clutter with Tuna Can | HGTV Ditch the Clutter with Tuna CanNext reusable thing you can put into practice to solve your storage problem is tuna cans. For fear that you forgot, aluminium is one of the strongest materials around. It is sturdy, economical, light, has low corrosion rates, and recyclable at its best. Thus, you could exercise them to line a vanity drawer for storing your undersized stuff like bobby pins, earrings, rings and needles. You can also utilize them to store office supplies.

Tip:  Ensure you fold down the sharp edges and wash them out completely to keep them safe and odour-free.

3. Add More Shelving | Realitydaydream Add More ShelvingIf your shelf is super deep, you can put more shelves to make the most of your space. Rip it off and install wooden brackets for your next shelves. Get a bunch of 1×10 pine boards for the shelving, cut part of one into 2×6 chunks of wood to be your brackets, and use the rest of the boards will be your brand-new shelves!
Do you need more? Put the bottom to work. Nail a couple vertical brackets on both sides, stacked two 1/10s and then attach them into place to get a vaster area.

2. Shower Curtain for your Scarves | Ftdofsmcp Shower Curtain to Hang ScarvesIf you are such a scarf lady, this fits your bills faultlessly. These shower curtain rings salvage your life. They’re great space-savers, noticeable and low-cost option. You can switch it over to a sturdy wooden hanger, if you want to avoid wasting bending or broken plastic hanger. In the end, never again will you have to walk from bags to bags in search of what you need.
I hope.

Lastly number 1. Add Some More Rods | 320sycamoreblog Add Some More RodsDoubling up your closet space is as easy as hanging up extra rods.
Do you see the dead space on the sides of your closet? Make it work by placing two rods on each side and arrange your clothes face out to you.
You need a drill, a rod, and rod holders for each end and some wall anchors. A metal rod and holders will work as well.


First, take everything out of the closet; dump anything that hadn’t been worn the previous year.
Now, remove the main closet rod. One thing to remember, the middle section needs two brackets with the rod holders.
Last, mount another clothes rod and a shelf on top to wrap it up.

That’s it.
So, those are several projects to capitalize your small closets.
Get inspired and visit link inside subtitle area to get more detail you need to follow and finish the project flawlessly!

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