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10 DIY Storage Container Project Ideas

Storage can be used to accommodate either small, buttons, cereal, spices, or corn. Even tiny things could create a mess if they’re not organized well. When talking about the need for compact storage, mason jars and some kinds of baskets are very helpful.
You can make good use of them to create DIY storage that will be useful for you. More on that later, Next I am giving you 10 DIY storage container project ideas that you can give a try to keep things at home clean, tidy and organized.

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10. Mason Jar Twine Holders | Acasarella Mason Jar Twine Holders
If you’re into some stitching works and stuff, and your table always ends up in such a mess as your spools are over the place, this idea will be just perfect for you. This twine holder idea can help you untangle the problem.
You’ll need some 1/4″ x 6″ Hex Bolts, and 1/4″ Hex Nuts, and also a few of 1/4″ Cut Washers. You will also need three mason jars with daisy cut out lids as well.
First, insert a bolt through the lid jar. Then, flip the lid over and put a spool of twine and a washer on the bolt. You can repeat or continue to add spools as long as the jar can hold. Lastly, place a nut at the end to prevent the spools from falling apart.

9. Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer Project idea | Thediyplaybook Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer
It’ll be such a waste if you just throw your collection of mason jars away. Instead, think of what those mason jars can give to you. In fact, they can provide you some storage for you in the bathroom or kitchen for example.
As seen in the picture, this clever notion really comes in handy as it can store everyday items in it.
Let’s get started! First, find some wood as a shelf on which you’ll hang these mason jars. You can also paint or stain it first, if necessary.
Screw a hose clamp into the wood. To hang the shelf on the wall, you can install two picture hangers behind the shelf.
How many clamps you need depends on how many mason jars you will install to the board. Secure the clamps so that they won’t fall off.

8. Soap Dispenser Storage idea | Simplydesigning Soap Dispenser
This mason jar laundry soap idea is just adorable. It doesn’t consume some significant space yet it’s very useful. Each of the jars also comes with a tag on it to help you distinguish which is which. The tag is made out of a wood piece.
You can drill a hole on it, and paint it with chalkboard paint if you want and let it dry for some time. Then, write a tag on it with a chalk marker, and hang on it.

7. Bathtub Toy Storage Project idea | Blueistyleblog Bathtub Toy Storage
Children can be hard when it’s time to take a bath. Unless you can seduce them with a brilliant idea, they won’t even get close to the bathroom. Providing toys in the bathtub could be a good way to get them in the bathtub.
The problem is that the bathroom can get messy and you have to clean it up when finished. This bathtub toy storage can be the solution to that. You only need some plastic bins to do this project.
Before attaching bins to the rail, create holes on each bin on the bottom to dry out the excess water.
As you may have hundreds of different toys, put a label on each bin would be a great help to assist you to put them back in the right bin.

6. Hanging Mason Jar Storage Project idea | HGTV Hanging Mason Jar Storage

This hanging mason jar storage can help you maximize some left space under the cabinets. The transparent jars also allow you to show off different kinds of colors and shapes, which can make a great kitchen decoration.
The steps to adopt and finish the project are also a breeze to follow. First, you need to separate the lip and rim. Then, put the lip on a piece of wood. Create a hole by hammering a nail into the centre of it. Remove the nail, and screw the lid with a screwdriver into the place you want to hang.

5. Freezer Organizer Project Idea | Hometalk Freezer Organizer Project Idea
When you’re fed up of how messy your freezer is, you need to find a way to deal with it. If you’re reading this at the moment, you’ve come to the right place! This freezer organizer will show you why.
You can organize inside your freezer with this plastic bin storage idea. This way, you can have a more appealing look of your freezer. It will also help you pick any ingredients easily as there are tags on them to identify stuff in them.

4. Hanging Plastic Storage Bins Project idea | Makeit-loveit Hanging Storage Bins
This is another storage bin idea you might want to look at. As it’s made of disinfectant wipe containers, it can only store some small items. You can use other materials instead if you’re going to save bigger things as well.
Peel off the label on the container. Draw a shape on paper to create a template. Then, put it on the container and use a marker to draw it along the line. Use scissors to cut along the line you had previously drawn.
Creates dots on the wood where you’re going to put the knobs, and drill them out. Paint the wood to make it look colorful. Install the wood to the wall with screws or nails.

3. Test Tube Spice Rack Project idea | Bobvila Test Tube Spice Rack
Look at how organized this collection of spices is! Your kitchen will be considered more than just a kitchen if you have such a beautiful way of arranging things in it.
You would need a strip of wood for this project. Create holes that fit the tubes by drilling on it. Mount the wood on the wall and your project is completed.
Simple right!

2. Berry Baskets to Chic Containers Project idea | Lifehack Berry Baskets to Chic Containers
Color plays an essential part in many things. It can turn ordinary objects into something that is worth praising. You can do the same with everyday stuff in your room or home too.
For example, give a new color to berry baskets with spray paint. Simply spray them with any color you’re infatuated with and use them. The simple action will result in a fairly chic basket that you can display on your table.

Lastly number 1. Plastic Bag Dispenser Project Idea | Youtube TotesAmazeDIY Plastic Bag Dispenser
You might have lots of plastic bags at home. You usually keep them in the drawers in case you need them someday. But storing plastic bags in the drawers is an atrocious choice. Try making a plastic bag dispenser, instead.
To make this dispenser, you’re going to need a container, some decorative paper, mod podge, a foam brush, scissors, plastic bags, a marker, and some ribbons.
Use your decorative paper, wrap it around the container and cut it off. Glue the back of your paper, and glue it on the container while pressing out. Give some glue around the rim, and wrap it with the ribbon.
Use or draw something on the container. Fold the plastic bags in half lengthwise, and overlap them at the end. Next, roll them form the top. Continue the step by adding some bags until they’re all rolled up. In the end, Insert the rolled plastic bags into the container and done.

These are 10 DIY storage container project ideas that are simple but really useful. You will wish you knew these ideas earlier, and share it with anyone close to you in social media.

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