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10 Declutter Messy Closet ideas

Just admit it! We’ve been there, all of us, when we have to make a great effort, just to close our closet door.
You probably realize, it’s time to reorganize and get rid of some items.
Undoubtedly, it will be a daunting task, but breaking it down to some steps will lighten the burden. Kick your worries away;
I have 10 declutter messy closet ideas for you to snatch.
Well, take some minutes to reel off these natty ideas and get a ship-shaped closet.
Let’s dive in, shall we?

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10. Sort Your Clothes

10. Sort Your Clothes via
One take all of your clothes, yes, all of them, no compromise. Two, set four empty laundry baskets (or more) and sort the clothing into four categories: keep, try on, give and seasonal. It makes your job easier.  Then, apply these principles:

  • Keep. Give straight answers for these questions: Does this fit you? Have you worn it in the last year? Is it still in good, clean condition? Do you feel good wearing it? If most of your answers are “no”, put it to another pile.
  • Try it on then decide which one to keep. Store any clothing that fits and you still enjoy. Next, put them back in the closet.
  • Give. You may donate your unwanted and unworn clothing or swap them. You’re not going to wear it forever anyway.
  • Scroll down for details.

9. Bring in the Seasonal Clothes

9. Bring in the Seasonal Clothes via Simphome.comSeasonal clothes mean you wear them occasionally. Hence, they don’t need to be in your closet all the time. Use storage bins, under bed boxes or garment racks to store them until the right season comes. It delivers an extra room, especially for winter clothes which need more space.
Containers and vacuum-sealed bags are two of the most popular storages. They are flexible at their best and you can place them under beds or in the tops of closets effortlessly.
Bear in mind, when you take them back and remove any past-season clothes from your closet, always keep some in seasonal storage. For winter clothes, ensure they’re clean and dry completely.


  • You need to stash them in an area of the house that stays cool and dry, regardless of what they are made of and.
  • You may pack them with blocks of cedar.

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8. Use Containers and Labels

8. Use Containers and Labels via SimphomeDo you have a photographic memory? If you don’t, it is the best way possible to optimize closet spaces. Take some containers and put the labels on it, in particular, if they are not see-through containers.
Make sure the label for each container using vivid pictures, texts, or color-coded labels. In labelled containers, you don’t have to dig into rabbit holes to find your lovely sweater.

Tip: You may label them by season or event.

7. Put Your Clothes Back Based on Their Category

7. Put Your Clothes Back Based on Their Category via SimphomeCategorizing is another fast and easy way to declutter clothes. Separate your clothes into specific categories, like pants, dresses, tops, outerwear, accessories, and undergarments, then sort them. Believe us; when they’re all grouped together in front of you, comparing similar clothes is as easy as ABC. As you go through your belongings, think of keeping the clothes you know you adore and wear repeatedly.
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6.Hang Your Delicate Clothes

6. Hang Your Delicate Clothes via Simphome

It’s always nice to have a big closet for hanging every single T-shirt you love. But, when you got the opposite, just stick by hanging the obvious items.
It means delicate items such as dresses, skirts, suits, coats and blazers.
Hint:  you should hang everything facing the same direction and start from the shortest to the longest (vice versa).
There you are. It is a neat and happy look closet.

5.Don’t Miss the Door

5. Don’t Miss the Door via Simphome.comThe closet door and the wall, they are easily forgotten. As you have a minute space, you need to get the best out of it.
You can use the door to hang photos, invitations, family notes and reminders.
Hats and other small stuff, like keys, stashing bills, can be stored in a paper bag and hang it on the door by using hooks.
Stick some labels to spot them easily and done. BTW, you can play with various colours to single them out.
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4.Install More Rods

4. Install More Rods via SimphomeIt is best suited for a giant closet with a single rod, then an extra rod(s) will give you a lot of usable space.
See two rods with brackets and stained some planks to set on top? Rods mean more functional and efficiency. It creates all the difference in how you feel and live out of your closet and Note the extra space you got!

3. Invest in Drawer Dividers

3. Invest in Drawer Dividers via SimphomeYou can try this simple idea out if your drawers need a touch of order.
Supplies needed: Corrugated cardboards (any sturdy boxes), an X-Acto knife (cutter), sturdy ruler, a tape measure and contact papers.

It’s time to cut and stick!

  • Measure the drawer dimension precisely.
  • Cut out two rectangles from some corrugated cardboard using an x-acto knife and sturdy ruler.
  • Cover the cardboard by sticking contact paper. Last..
  • Assemble and insert your DIY drawer divider.

If you do them right, your dividers will embrace your drawer and stay in place with no trouble. Load up!


2. Try Storing Your Clothes by Colours

2. Try Storing Your Clothes by Colours via SimphomeOne more time, we utilize colours to simplify our clothes hunting, coordinate our outfits, and create a system for our dearly clothing.
The fact is, colored coded closets tend to save your bucks.
To copy this idea, do these simple steps.
One, separate clothes then begin to sort them by colors.
Next, pick a colour coding method, such as light to dark, ROYGBIV (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet), etc.

Next, take into account that this is your closet; you are free to figure out what works best for you.

Lastly number 1. Try DIY Clothing Dividers

1. Try DIY Clothing Dividers via SimphomeIf feel clothing organization a complicated job, Try this last idea.
First, you only need cardboards, scissors, glue and contact papers (pre-loved papers will do).
Next, Cut the cardboard based on your need and cover it with contact papers.
After that, make a hole, as shown in the picture. Make sure it is big enough to hang it on the rod and your job is done.

PS: Don’t forget to classify your DIY clothing dividers, like: formal, casual, beach.
Safe and sound.
So, now you know that decluttering your messy closet is merely a breeze. All you need to give to achieve this goal is your weekend and couple of bucks. The sooner you do it the better it will be.
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