10 Low Cost and Simple DIY Shower Ideas

Shower curtain is a simple decoration that gives you a little privacy in a bathroom. With various designs, it can make your room look visually larger, fun, and nice. However, sometimes we don’t find the right design, or we want something unique, or perhaps it’s just inexplicably expensive, so we end up using the flat plain curtain.
Actually, you can make your own simple shower curtain with ease because we’ve summed up 10 Low Cost and Simple DIY Shower Ideas to maintain some semblance of style without making you broke.

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10. A Simple Ruffled Shower Curtain idea

10. Simple Ruffled Shower Curtain via SimphomeAre you having trouble finding the right feminine shower curtain for your bathroom? Well, this simple ruffled curtain might give you the solution. Besides its low-cost materials, it is also easy to make.
You only need a standard shower curtain with button holes, some extra fabric for the ruffled, and vanishing marker. Then you can start making it.
First put aside the curtain and start preparing the ruffled by tearing the fabric into some pieces. Its width depends on you but its length must be longer than the curtain. If the pieces are not long enough, you can sew one piece to another to make it longer. After cutting the fabric, sew all the edges with zigzag.

Next, move to the curtain. Lay it down on the floor and start marking the waves using the vanishing marker. Be sure to measure the peaks and valley well and in line. The last, following the waves pattern, sew the ruffled fabric through the curtain.
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9. Add More Pattern to Your Shower Curtain

9. Add More Pattern to Your Shower Curtain via SimphomeFlat shower curtain is fine but adding some patterns will make it fun. Without costing you much, you can make your own by using the patterned fabrics in your home.
Prepare a plain curtain and choose the patterned fabric thread you like. Next, cut the patterned fabric into 26 circles or more. You can use different kind of shapes you like such as star or heart or may be both. Make sure they are in different sizes. Grab your plain curtain and pin the circles down at any line you want. The last, sew them on with medium zigzag stitch.

8. Ombre Ruffled Shower Curtain idea

8. Ombre Ruffled Shower Curtain via SimphomeOmbre design is like a magic because it can match everything and can be applied everywhere, including on shower curtain.
To make it, you have to prepare 9 yard of solid fabric in a monochromatic color palate; light to dark, and shower curtain as the base.
First, cut each fabric 14” wide and two times longer than the curtain size. Next, sew the bottom of each panel with zigzag. After that, time to make the ruffles. Start with the very bottom panel which is the darkest color. While making the ruffles, pin it down on the curtain.

After you get the perfect ruffles, sew it onto the curtain. Do the same with the top panel. Make sure button holes are not covered. Then move to the middle panel. Do this till all the panels are attached well.

7. A Stenciled Shower Curtain idea

7. Stenciled Shower Curtain via SimphomeIf you are not keen on sewing but still want to transform a piece of cloth into a nice curtain, this one is for you. No sewing, you only need canvas drop cloth, paint, stencil, foam roller, and painter tape.
Lay the canvas drop cloth down on a flat surface. Make sure the surface is clean and flat in order to get the good result of painting. With some painter tape, secure the stencil on the edge of the canvas then start rolling the paint over carefully yet with enough pressure so the paint can adhere to the fabric well. Wait until the paint is a bit dry before repeating these steps onto other areas.

6. A Black and White Shower Curtain idea

6. Black and White Shower Curtain via Simphome

Floral curtains are everyone’s favorite. However, they are way expensive for some people. But, don’t worry! If you have floral fabric at your home, you can make your own.
Besides floral fabric, you need drop cloth 6’x9’, pom-pom, and fringes.
Since this is not a shower curtain, you need to create some hook holes so it can be hung. First, lay the drop cloth on a flat surface and iron it. Flip the top of it and fold it over 2 inches. Iron it flat so you can easily sew it. With some helps from marker, mark every hole for the hook and sew it again.

Next, pin the pom-pom trim directly over the stitched thread then sew it onto the cloth. One you’ve done with the pom-pom, take the floral fabric which has been ironed and sew it for connecting a basic trim onto the edge bottom of it.
Pin the floral fabric to the bottom of drop cloth and fold all the edges before sewing them. For more beautification, add fringes to the very bottom and few inches below the pom-pom trim.

5. A Chevron Curtain makeover idea

5. Chevron Curtain via SimphomeChevron design is really suitable for a low ceiling bathroom. The pattern will create the illusion of a higher ceiling and the best part of it is you can make it by yourself at home.
To make this curtain, you’ll need some materials such as a shower curtain, fabric paint, and foam paint brushes.
First cover your floor with a drop cloth. This is to avoid seeping paint that might stick your floor when painting the curtain. Next, lay the curtain down well. Using painters’ tape, create the continuous zigzag pattern. Once you get the perfect zigzag pattern, start painting inside the pattern from the very top side to the very bottom by turns. Last, make sure you don’t paint over the limit of the tape.

4. A Craft Time with Shower Curtain idea

4. Craft Time with Shower Curtain via SimphomeSometimes you just don’t get the pattern you like or you just want to make a unique curtain on a budget. With a little creativity and skill, you can make your own craft shower curtain.
First you need a plain curtain for sure, different colors of medium gauge yarn, and a large yarn needle. After preparing them all, start designing the pattern on the curtain then embroider the curtain based on the graph you’ve designed.

3. A Beaded Shower Curtain idea

3. Beaded Shower Curtain via SimphomeWho says a shower curtain can’t attract people’s attention? This beaded shower curtain will amaze your guest once they walk into the bathroom. Without breaking a sweat, you can make this beautiful curtain by yourself.
You only have to prepare a plain white shower liner and a beaded curtain. Next, line the holes of the divider up with the curtain. Put the rings though the beaded curtain and plain shower liner to hold both together.

2. An Eclectic and Cheap Shower Curtain idea

2. Eclectic and Cheap Shower Curtain via SimphomeDo you have plenty of scraps pile at home? Before you decide to throw them, consider using them up with this shower curtain idea. So, go and gather the scraps you love. You might need 6 or more different kinds of scraps and a shower curtain made from a drop cloth.
First, begin with cutting all the fabrics into 12” wide strips then iron the edge of one side of each strip about 1/4” up. Next, fold to left or to right to create ruffles for each fabric. Simply pin every ruffle then sew the fabric on the cloth. Once you’ve done with the first one, continue it till all the fabrics complete.

Lastly number 1. Dip Dyed Shower Curtain idea

1. Dip Dyed Shower Curtain via Simphome.comThis is another ombre curtain idea that can blow your mind. First soak the curtain in water then twist it out to decrease the excess water. Pour the dye into a large plastic container then mix it with boiled water and salt.
Next, take the curtain and fold it from top to bottom. Open the fold a little and dunk the part into the dye. Leave for few seconds to achieve the darkest color before pulling it. Hang and let it for few minutes before drowning the next part of it. Do this continuously for the entire curtain till you get the light-to-dark effect. The last, rinse and wash the curtain. Done.

Shower curtains don’t attract attention as much as a living room’s window curtain does, but still it is a part of a house that needs the touch of aesthetic. So, after learning these 10 Low Cost and Simple DIY Shower Ideas above, which design will you give a go for your curtain?

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