10 Small Dining Table Ideas and DIY

Many stories begin from a dining table – from sad stories to happy-ending ones. Therefore, it is important to sit and enjoy your meal together with your beloved family while catching up with them.
To make it tangible, all you need to do is making a dining table. It doesn’t have to be a fancy and oversized though.
A small dining table can provide coziness during the meal time.
If you are in the quest for finding the best dining table without making you broke, check out these 10 small dining table ideas that you can DIY at home.

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10. Small Farmhouse Dining Table

10. Small Farmhouse Dining Table via Simphome
If your kitchen is awkwardly shaped, this small dining table can be your safe bet. The size is just perfect for a small family, not to mention the farmhouse style that will make your kitchen look chic.
Making this table is just a piece of cake. You just need some boards, dowels, paint, and stain. You’re gonna have to drill two holes on each leg and two holes on each of the apron pieces for the dowels. Then, put glue in the holes before nailing the dowels down. Assemble the legs and the apron pieces.
After painting the table frame, now it’s time for you to make the top by gluing down some boards, clamp them together, and cut them if necessary. Sand the table top down, clean up the residue, apply some coats of stain, and – finally – apply water-based polyurethane to create a glossy finish. The last, assemble the top to the table frame.

9. A Wood Pallet Table with Hairpin Leg idea

9. Wood Pallet Table with Hairpin Legs via Simphome
This small dining table will definitely upgrade your dining room with a little bit of rustic and modern touch. More importantly, it is easy to make.
To make this awesome table, you will need to remove the wood slats of an old pallet. Then, arrange and attach the wood slats as you desire on the table top. Flip the table top over and install the legs.
Actually, you can use any kinds of legs. But if you want to make your dining table look like the one you usually find in a Mid-century modern home, hairpin legs would be the top-notch choice.

8. A Beautiful Breakfast Nook idea

8. A Beautiful Breakfast Nook via Simphome
If you are an apartment dweller that happens to live in a small apartment, you know how it feels to find the best furniture that fit in with the available space. It’s no picnic, is it? therefore, the best way to deal with this problem is by making it yourself.
This small dining table is a perfect breakfast nook for your small apartment. It is made of Baltic birch plywood board whose size is 24×30 inches with ¾ inch thickness. The edges of the board have been rounded and the top has been sanded with an orbital sander. Then, a couple coats of polyurethane are applied to protect it from the future spills.

Finally, install the wooden legs that have been painted black and gold.

7. Outdoor Dining Table idea

7. Outdoor Dining Table via Simphome
Are you fond of enjoying your meal outdoor? This outdoor dining table is for you. it is not big enough, and it’s not small either. It can accommodate up to 4 people, so you can enjoy your meal while bantering with family or friends.
Actually, the steps of making this dining table is just the same as many other tables that have been mentioned previously.

You’re gonna need to make the table frame first before topping it with some boards.
What makes it different is the decorative table feet. To make the decorative feet, you need to attach a 5 1/2″ x 3/4″ x 5 1/2″ board to the bottom of the table leg with wood glue and 1 ¼” construction screws.

6. A Round Mid-Century Modern Table idea

6. Round Mid Century Modern Table via Simphome

This dining table is simple and stylish with its round shape, which makes it a perfect adornment for your mid-century modern home.
This round dining table is actually a round stone table top which is supported with four gold hairpin legs. However, another thing comes between the legs and the stone table top. A round plywood that has been cut to the size of the table top is added to make the table become sturdier.

5. A Round Pedestal Table idea

5. Round Pedestal Table via Simphome
This round table will round out your French country home immensely. You might find it a little bit tricky when it comes to making the base because you need cut some of the boards on 30 degree on the ends to accentuate the details.
You may need a round-over router bit. But if you don’t have it, you can use belt sender to round over the corner. It will do in a pinch.
To get perfect details, you will also need to print the bracket template that you can get on Google. Cut the template out and trace it onto the boards that are gonna be used as the base.

4. A White Table with Copper Legs idea

4. White Table with Copper Legs via Simphome
The sleek finish of this table with the glossy table top and the slim copper legs will level up your modern dining room. surprisingly, you can make this table yourself.
For the table top, you’re gonna need 4 1” x 11” x 8’ boards. You will also need some other boards to make the frame. Then, as always, you need to cut the boards into some pieces before assembling them to make the frame. Once the frame is ready, assemble it with the table top. Set aside.
Now, it’s time to make the legs. You’re gonna need to make a hole on each end of the wood support.

Make sure that the hole has the same width as the copper pipe. Measure up 5” from the edge of the copper pipe, and drill through, so you can install a piece of 5” wooden dowel that have been cut. After that, install the legs and cross pieces. Finally, assemble the legs with the table top and frame.

3. An IKEA Dining Table Hack idea

3. IKEA Table Hack via Simphome
Doing an IKEA-hack project has always been a fun thing to do. And this oval dining table is your next project. Since this dining table is oval, it can accommodate more people, which allows you to invite your friends to come over for dinner.
All you need to do is getting your existing table top, which is rectangular. Cut it into an oval table top, and assemble it with the base of IKEA Docksta table.
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2. A Reclaimed Wood Dining Table idea

2. Reclaimed Wood Dining Table via Simphome
Are you a big fan of rustic look? Try to make this table out of reclaimed woods. You will need 5 2 by 2 at 8’ long, 24’ of 1 by 3 boards, 10’ of 1 by 2 boards to make the legs and aprons, and – the most important material – scrap wood to make a rustic table top.

Lastly number 1. A Drop Leaf Dining Table makeover idea

1. Drop Leaf Dining Table via Simphome
Are you not sure whether you have to make a small dining table or a bigger one that can accommodate more people? Why don’t you make both of them? If the limited space is a big issue here, try making a 2-in-1 dining table just like this drop-leaf dining table.
Actually, it’s like the common tables with pipe legs. However, you will need to install the drop leaf supports and hinges, which is a bit challenging.

Just stick to the instructions that come with the drop-leaf hardware properly, and you’ll be okay eventually.
So, Those are 10 small dining table ideas that you can DIY. They are beautiful and – more importantly – easy to make.


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