20 Dining Table Design Ideas You can Copy and Follow Right Now

For some people, gathering at the dining table while enjoying some delectable dinner is priceless. It can be the moment of seeing your family after being busy all day and catching up with them to know how it is going.
To perfect this moment, a nice dining table that can accommodate all of your family is needed. However, a nice one can be a little bit pricey. Therefore, you’re going to need these 10 dining table design ideas that you can copy and follow easily.

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10. Hexagonal Dining Table idea

10. Hexagonal Dining Table via SimphomeThis hexagonal dining table will give a striking look to your dining room especially if it adopts mid-century modern style. The good news is you don’t have to make this table from scratch. If you have a hexagon claw-foot table, you’re lucky! But if you don’t, you do need to make it from scratch.
First, get the hexagon claw-foot table, then take the legs off. After that, you’re going to need some bar stools to hold the table top while you are working with it. Since most classic table comes in laminate finish, you need to wipe the table down with a cloth and Krud Kutter. After that, sand it down with a medium grit sandpaper.
Then, sand it again using a fine grit sandpaper.

After sanding the table, apply 2 coats of primer. But make sure you have cleaned the surface from the sanding dust. After applying the primer, apply three coats of paint and let each coat dry in between. Now, it’s time to screw the hairpin legs to make it look modern. Lastly, Pair it with some peg leg chairs to accentuate the style.

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9. A Pipe Dining Table idea

9. Pipe Dining Table via SimphomeDo you want to add a little bit of industrial look to your dining room? Then this dining table is for you.
To make this dining table, you’re going to need:
• 8, 10” pipe
• 12, 3.5” pipe
• 8, 8” pipe
• 4, 50” pipe
• Pipe joint compound
• 4 Floor flanges
• 8 90-degree elbow
• 12 T-joints
• 4 bushings
First, you may need to have the 50” cut and treaded because you will use these pieces for the top sides of the table.
Now, let’s assemble the pieces. You can begin with the top part that will support the glass top. To make the top part, you need to assemble 8” pipe, 3.5” pipe, the cutting of 50” pipe, with 90-degree elbows and T-joints. Then, assemble 8” pipe and 3.5” for the bottom part. Don’t forget to assemble the flanges that you will use to anchor the table in place. Now, connect the top and bottom with 10” pipes that have been assembled using pipe union.
Top the pipe with glass. Last, to make the glass top stay in its position, use clear rubber disks on each corner elbow. And, you’re done!

8. An Upcycled-Wooden-Pallet Dining Table idea

8. Upcycled Wooden Pallet Dining Table via SimphomeThis dining table is a great way to acquire a rustic look dining room area on the cheap. To make this dining table, you only need to upcycle some wooden pallets by taking the planks to make the top and the leg.
For the stools, you can make them out of the unused wooden pallets or wooden crates. Please feel free to apply any finish to the table and stools. Whether you apply polyacrylic to maintain the natural colour of the wooden pallets or stain them a little bit for a glossy yellowish finish, you are welcomed. anything will do!

7. Movable Pallet Dining Table idea

7. Movable Pallet Dining Table via SImphomeThis is another great idea of re-purposing wooden pallets and turning them into a movable dining table piece. This dining table has four small wheels that allow you to move it without breaking a sweat, which is highly recommended if you want to transfer it to your outdoor kitchen when you have a barbecue party.

To make this table, you will need a large pallet. If it has bigger gaps, you need to fill in the gas on top so you will not drop everything on the floor when eating. Then, sand the table thoroughly before screwing the legs. Finally, you can paint or stain it as you please.

6. A Farmhouse Herringbone Table idea

6. Farmhouse Herringbone Table via Simphome

This farmhouse table will add a timeless rustic charm to your outdoor kitchen. It has X legs which are usually synonymous with farmhouse style. And the herringbone pattern found on the table top makes this table look striking.
To make this table, you need to cut the lap joints using circular saw that has been set to 1 ¾” depth, then clean out with chisel. After that, assemble the legs using wood glue and screws.
Next, you need to assemble the frame for the top because this frame is where the herringbone pattern will lie. To make it look tidier, install the trim on each side of the table top. Finally, lie some planks to form the herringbone pattern.

5. A Simple Pallet Dining Table idea

5. Simple Pallet Table via SimphomeMaking a dining table doesn’t have to be arduous and It doesn’t have to make you short on cash either. You can even a simple one from some leftover, just like this dining table piece.
This dining table is made of unused door and some wooden pallets that have been stripped. All you need to do is simply cover the door with wooden planks. Don’t forget to cut the planks to size so they can be flush with the width of the door. Then, screw the planks to the door.
And here comes the fun part. You can apply any finish you like. You can stain, paint, or even top it with a glass.

4. Dining Table with Zinc Sheet Metal Top idea

4. Dining Table with Zinc Sheet Metal Top via SImphomeIf you think the existing dining table in your dining room is still in its top-notch condition, but you want it to have a fresh new look, you can paint the table and top it with zinc sheet metal.
First, you will simply need to cut the metal sheet to size and attach it on top of your table using heavy duty construction adhesive. Make sure that the sheet overhangs to cover the edges of the table.
After applying the glue, clamp the edges of the table and put something heavy on top of the table to weight the sheet down and eliminate any “bounce” or uneven surface. Trim each corner if your dining table has rounded corners.
4. Dining Table with Zinc Sheet Metal Top via Simphome 2
Then, tap the trim to stay as close as possible to the surface, and solder the trim to secure it.

3. Japanese Dining Table idea

3. Japanese Dining Table via SimphomeIf your dining room is tight in space, consider making a low-level dining table that adopts Japanese style. Making a low-level table is just the same as making common ones, but the legs are much lower as you will not need chairs to sit on. Instead, you will sit on cushions.

2. DIY Wooden Pallet Dining Table with Hairpin Legs idea

2. DIY Wooden Pallet Dining Table with Hairpin Legs via SimphomeThis is another easy project that you can copy and follow today. You only need to get plywood, a wooden pallet, some elbow grease, and your creativity to make this dining table.
First, you need to remove the slats from the pallet, and attach the slats onto the plywood. In this phase, you’re required to use your creativity in arranging the slats to form the pattern you desire. Secure the slats using wood glue and saw off any excess slat that hangs over the board. Finally, screw the hairpin legs.

Lastly number 1. A Modern Farmhouse Dining Table idea

1. Modern Farmhouse Dining Table via SimphomeThis dining table will definitely jazz your modern farmhouse up. Making this dining table is just the same as making any table. You need to begin with the base first – the legs and frame that will hold the table top. The main point of the idea is in the table legs. You need to get 4 square husky farm dining table legs to incorporate this look into your dining room. If you have no idea where to get it, you can always get it from Amazon.
So, those are 10 dining table design ideas you can copy and replicate. Some of them are quite easy project to follow or fit for a complete novice while some others require intermediate skills. Grab all materials you need, make the priceless moment of having dinner together with your family, and see you again next time with more home improvement idea like this.

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5 Smart Ways How to Design Small Dining Room Tables:

If you have limited space at home, there are some efficient and clever ways How to Design Small Dining Room Tables. Just because you have small dining room – or even no rooms at all! – it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a functional dining space. These table designs come with some multifunctional purposes that will improve the layout of your dining spot without compromising look or style. So, what are your options? This is 5 Smart Ways How to Design Tables for Small Dining Room by your list maker

1. Compact Expandable Dining Table

5 Compact Expandable Dining Table 5 Simphome com
If you don’t expand the table, it is quite narrow with long proportion. Such a dining table is pretty handy when you have to entertain a lot of guests. No one would predict that this table has foldable ‘ears’ that can be raised to form a full table, having enough space for placing different kinds of meals. When you don’t use it, simply fold them down. With the two ears, you can raise only one ear or both of the ears – it is up to you. This is one of efficient ways how to design tables for small dining room. (via workersworlddetroit)

2. Pool/Dining Table

4 Pool and Dining Table 4 Simphome com
Having such a great combination of a dining table that can function as an entertainment spot can be quite efficient and nice. When you don’t use the dining table, you can slide out the cover and use it as the pool table. When you want to use it for a dining platform, simply put the cover back to its original place, and you will have yourself a solid dining spot. The cover is pretty solid and sturdy. The glossy finish is great to complete its look. (via aapeace)

3. Narrow Dining Table – Room Partitions

3 Narrow Dining Table – Room Partitions Simphome com
If your dining area is combined with other rooms, especially the living room, this table will be the perfect piece of furniture. You can place it behind the sofa. The slim and narrow construction is perfect for room partition. At the same time, you can add chairs or desks for the seating space so the table can be used for dining. It is a smart solution of different ways how to design tables for small dining room that all homeowners can implement. (via homenal)

4. Wall Mounted Dining Table

Wall Mounted Dining Table 2 Simphome com
This wall mounted dining table can be attached on the wall. Have foldable legs so you can fold it up when you don’t use the table. When you want to use it as a dining space, simply raise it down, release the legs, and construct it. By adding chairs, you have yourself the comfortable and functional dining spot. Basically, the design of the table is up to you but the foldable and wall mounted idea is the core purpose. (via emmajosefine)

5. Drop Down Hideaway Table

Drop Down Hideaway Table 1 Simphome com
It shares almost similar principle with the wall mounted dining table, but in this one, you combine the table with wall mounted cabinet. When you drop down the cabinet’s door, it turns into a table. If you have foldable legs, you have yourself a functional dining table. By adding chairs, you can turn this cabinet to a smart way how to design tables for small dining room. (via bhg)

That’s it, if you like anything you just learned from this post, share it with anyone close to you on social media, or not, I cannot force you to do it. And in case you curios to find what will happen if God destines you new list ideas, keep reading.

5 Creative Small Dining Room Table Ideas for Limited Space:

These 5 creative small dining room table ideas can be a great guidance when you want to transform the look and atmosphere of your dining room. Don’t underestimate the overall layout and the dining table. In fact, when you have super small area, having a multifunctional furniture should be in your wish-list.

6. The Attractive Multifunctional Table

If you take a look at the design, you may think that it is only a regular mirror, right? Well, it turns out that it is a foldable mirror that can also function as a dining table. When you don’t use it, simply fold the table and voila! It turns into a mirror that can make the room look atractive. But when you want to use it, simply retract it and add a chair so you can enjoy your meal without a fuss. A pretty smart arrangement, right? (via handimania)

7. Bigger Multifunctional Table

bigger table
This piece is perfect for a bigger space – although not so big. As a part of the 5 creative small dining room table ideas, this table is definitely marvelous. When you need it, simply pull out the chair and you can sit on it. But when not, simply tuck the chair in the construction. Can you still use the table? Of course! Feel free to use the surface to place anything you like, even an attractive centerpiece. Keep in mind, though, that the surface isn’t too wide or spacious so when you want to add a centerpiece, choose a small or compact one. (via homedit)

8. Corner Space

corner space
Making use of the corner is definitely one smart plan for these 5 creative small dining room table ideas. And if you really want to maximize the usage, consider using the diner table look, which can also serve as the additional storage compartments. The diner style is unique and catchy, and when you are able to add storage on the bottom area for dining ware, the overall style is super great! If you want to add the comfort, simply add cushions. With the corner space and a place close to the windows, you definitely have created your cozy spot. (via mydesigndump)

9. Side Space on the Table

side space
Is it possible to add a storage compartment on the dining table? Why not? This is an example that a dining table can also serve as the storage area. With one side of the table being attached to the wall for saving space, the other side can be used as the storage area. This side area comes as an open shelf design that makes it ideal for added storage option. If you care so much about cleanliness, consider having a glass enclosure or door. (via skoffphoto)

10. Foldable Pieces

foldable pieces
This is a great idea when you have super limited space. With the foldable table and chair, you can have an efficient room management. When you fold it up, it clears out the space. When you need it, simply lay it out. You only match this design with simple but catchy wallpaper and floor design. Interested in trying one of these 5 creative small dining room table ideas or all 20 ideas in general ? (via amazinginteriordesign)

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