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30 Sweet IKEA Table Hacks

Children of Adams are built with a highly creative brain, which is probably why there are countless ways to customize just about every IKEA piece of furniture.
With a little imagination, you can easily customize any one of those mass-produced IKEA tables and create your own one-of-a-kind masterpiece.
This is 30 IKEA Table hacks you can follow anytime you desire.

FYI, under last point of this post, you can find a video format of this list (contain 27 ideas of this list).
Enjoy it and see you there soon!

1. IKEA Coffee Table Hack.

1 IKEA coffee tableC2A0hack simphome com

There are three simple ways to customize your IKEA Table Coffee. First, you need to purchase pieces of wood and cut the wood into two different sizes. After that, you need to sand and stain the woods. In order to securely lock the wood on the table, you can put wood or metal underneath the wood.

2. IKEA Hack Cowhide Ottoman.

2 IKEA Hack Cowhide Ottoman simphome com 2First, you need to get plywood and foam, cut to the size of the ottoman. After that, glue the plywood and foam to the ottoman using liquid nail. After they are dry, you should wrap the coffee table tightly and staple the cowhide to the bottom of ottoman.

3.IKEA HACK: Ivar Cupboards Makeover with Annie Sloan Chalk Paints.

3 IKEA Ivar Cupboards Makeover With Annie Sloan Chalk Paintsimphome comTo customize Ivar Cupboards, first, you need to pain the cupboards with some different colors of Annie Sloan chalks paint as well as the legs and the handles. After that, you can stick the copies of flower photos to the cupboard using Decoupage Glue and Varnish. Apply the way to the cupboards’ surface.

4. IKEA Hack String Art Table.

4 IKEA Hack String Art Table simphome com
To make string art table, you need two table tops and four legs. Then, mark the around the table tops and legs. After that you add the nail to each mark. Wrap the table top using yarn. Assemble the tables top and the legs using E-6000 Glue. Finally, you can wrap each side of the legs using different color of yarn.

5.IKEA KALLAX Hack: Industrial Storage for A Boy’s Bedroom.

5 IKEA KALLAX Hack simphome com
To make the industrial style in the IKEA KALLAX, you don’t have use the metal. Instead, you can fake the metallic look easily. You just need to paint the KALLAX cube with the grey chalk pain and apply the wax. Then, put additional details such as screw head and pieces of wood.

6.DIY Rolling Kitchen Island or Bar (IKEA HACK!).

6 DIY Rolling Kitchen Island or Bar simphome com

You can make your own rolling kitchen island or bar by using Customized IKEA KALLAX 4 square unit. You can remove the storage the storage part, so it will look like a table. After you assemble each part, you just need to add caster on the bottom of each side.

7.IKEA HACK: DIY Chopping Board Side Table.

7 IKEA Hack DIY Chopping Board Side Table simphome com
You can customize your IKEA VIKTIGT Chopping board easily and make it into beautiful side table. You just need to drill the bottom side of chopping board and add the universal plates using the screw. After that, you can screw Sigrid pretty pegs to the hole that you have made.

8.DIY-Quickie: Nightstand.

8 DIY Quickie Nightstand simphome com
You can easily make you own nightstand by using stool from IKEA and small drawer. Basically you just need to unite those things together. You should remove the chair top from the stool. After that, drill some hold on the bottom of the drawer and screw the stool to the drawer.

9.DIY Light Table – IKEA Hack.

9 DIY Light Table IKEA Hack simphome com
To make you DIY light table, you just need to use IKEA LATT children’s table, 2 sets of IKEA DIODER LED light and OPTIX Acrylic sheets. Assemble the table by changing the table tops with the acrylic sheets. After that, you should add the light around the four sides underneath the acrylic sheet.

10. How To Make a Kitchen Island with IKEA LACK Tables.

10 Make a Kitchen Island With IKEA Lack Tables simphome com
You can make your own cheap Kitchen Island with IKEA LACK Tables. Basically, you just need to stack two IKEA LACK side tables. To attach the two tables, you can use extra strong, double-sided foam adhesive squares. On the top, you can put the maple butcher block with the same foam.

11. IKEA hack iMac standing desk.

11 IKEA Hack iMac Standing Table simphome com

To make iMac standing desk, you need to assemble some materials together such as EXPEDIT Shelving unit 4×4 for the base, 2x LACK wall shelf will be arranged and formed to be like “T” as the stand of the iMac, some beech work plate in different sizes, and 2 CAPITA console stainless steel.

12. How to Transform An IKEA Table Into A LEGO Table.

12 Transform an IKEA Table into a Lego Table simphome com

You can easily transform your IKEA Table into A LEGO Table. What you need to do is assemble the IKEA Ingo Dining Table. After that you need to make hole in the form of rectangle using jigsaw to put the IKEA Trofast Buckets. After that you can sand and pain the LEGO Table.

13. IKEA Latt table makeover by my sweet little nest.

13 IKEA Latt Table by My Sweet Little Nest simphome com

My sweet little nest has a beautiful idea of customizing the IKEA Latt table for a kids table. After you purchase IKEA Latt Table, you can paint the table with white chalk paint. After that, put plexiglass sheet for the table top. Underneath the glass, you can set some pieces of warping paper.

14. Marble and copper IKEA RISSNA table hack.

14 Marble and Copper IKEA RISSNA Table Hack simphome com

To make marble and copper table, you need to assemble the Legs of IKEA RINSSNA nesting table. After that you can apply metallic copper spray pain to the legs. For the tabletop, you should stick the marble the contact paper onto the surface of tabletop and then attach the table top to the legs.

15. DIY Candy IKEA Lack tables hack.

15 DIY Candy IKEA Lack Tables Hack simphome com

DIY CANDI has a brilliant idea of making end table with sliding doors and four legs using IKEA LACK table. Basically, it is made by combining two IKEA LACK tables, but only two Lack table tops and four of the legs that will be use. You can also easily make the track for sliding doors, by two MDF boards.

16. IKEA LATT children’s table Hack.

16 IKEA LATT childrens table Hacksimphome com

You can customize your IKEA LATT and make into children’s light table. What you need to do is to assemble the IKEA LATT table, but you should change the table top with OPTIX acrylic sheet. For the light you, should set the light on the four sides beneath the acrylic sheet.

17. Easy DIY IKEA Sewing Table Hack.

17 Easy DIY IKEA Sewing Table Hack simphome com

For you who love sewing, you can easily make your own sewing table using IKEA Ingo Table. You can unite the table and sewing machine by making a hole on the tabletop and add additional bracket for putting the sewing machine. Ensure that you have size everything perfectly before making the hole.

18. IKEA Faux Gator Coffee Table makeover.

18 IKEA Faux Gator Coffee Table Hack simphome com

For you who have IKEA LACK table, you can beautifully customize the LACK table using faux gator upholstery fabric. What you need to do is to coffer the whole part of LACK table using faux gator upholstery fabric. You can use stable gun and sewing machine to make the fabric tightly fit onto the table.

19. IKEA LACK Side Table Mod hack.

19 IKEA Lack Side Table Mod Hack simphome com

For customizing your IKEA lack side Table with Mod, you should make a hole on the tabletop that fit with the square plastic container. After that, place the container into the hole. If the container is deeper than the hole, you need to trim it off. After that, you can fill the container with some decoration.

20. Create This Gold & Marble Side Table With This Easy IKEA Hack!.

20 Gold and Marble Side Table With an Easy IKEA Hack simphome com

To make gold and marble side table, you need to purchase IKEA VITTSJO laptop table. Before you put the glass, you should paint the frame using gold color. Underneath the glass, put a piece of card that have been stuck with the marble contact paper. Place the card on the table with glass on the top of it. Check source

21. Easy and Gorgeous IKEA Desk Hack.

21 Ikea Desk Hack simphome com

For you who are looking for affordable desk and work table, IKEA desk hack will help you. for desk, all you need to do is set 3 units of IKEA ALEX drawer and place the IKEA Barkaboda kitchen counter on the tops of drawers. For work table, you can attach four IKEA Krille Legs to the bottom of kitchen countertop.


22 QUINNS ART TABLE simphome com

IKEA LATT table is very customizable. You can make it into art table or drawing table for children. The idea is to make drawing paper roll underneath the tabletop which the paper can be slipped under the trim pieces. It will hold the drawing paper in place and help you to tear off the paper.



For you who look for farmhouse table style, customizing the IKEA table can help you easily get it. First, you need to get your IKEA Norden kitchen table. You should paint the table using pure white chalk paint. You need also put additional tabletop that fit to the IKEA tabletop. Apply dark stain and gloss poly to the additional tabletop.

24. IKEA Ingo table hack with amy howard.

24 Ikea Ingo table ahck with amy howard simphome com

For you who look for idea to customize IKEA Ingo Table, repainting the table with Amy Howard products can be interesting choice, especially for you who love modern farmhouse style. You can apply step paint in black, antique wax, and liming wax into the table.

25. Nesna Bedside Table DIY | Ikea Hacks.

25 Nessna Bedside Table DIY IKEA hack simphome com

Customized IKEA Nesna Table can be interesting choice for Bedside table. You can paint the pieces with any color you like and put some interesting paper, fabric, or wallpaper beneath the glass.

26. IKEA VITTSJO Nesting Tables.

26 IKEA VITTSJO Nesting Tables simphome com

For you who have IKEA VITTSJO nesting table, you can customize your nesting table to be smaller or even cooler by doing five major steps: cutting the metal frame, rearranging the frame, cutting the MDF shelf, cutting the glass, and painting the legs.

27. Easy IKEA Hack Side Table: Frosta Stool + Aptitlig Chopping Board.

27 Easy IKEA Hack Side Table Frosta Stool and Aptitlig Chopping Board simphome com

With four IKEA Frosta Stool legs and IKEA Aptitlig Chopping board, you can easily get a beautiful side table. What you need to do is to attach the stool legs with the chopping board using wood screws.


For you who love playing arcade games, now you can customize IKEA Lack TV Stand to be raspberry pi IKEA retropie arcade table. Basically, you just need to install the controller to the IKEA lack TV stand.

29. A Simple but really effective IKEA Hack – Map Table.

29 A Simpe but really effective Ikea Hack – Map Table simphome com
You can customize your old tables, such as IKEA Hemnes table to be map table. You just need to repaint the table using color your want, then stick the map that have been sized with the glue and protect the surface using addition acrylic varnish.

30. A new coffee table from IKEA LIMHAMN hack.

30 A new coffee table from IKEA LIMHAMN hack simphome com
For you who needs new coffee table, you can get it by customizing you IKEA LIMHAMN. All you need to have is screwdriver and some kitchen panels. You can combine each panels into the LIMHAMN by using screws.

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