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    Ladies and gentlemen, what’s happening?! Y’all know I’m here today to talk about a struggle that unites us all: dealing with a small kitchen. That’s right; it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, black or white – we’ve all been there, trying to cook a five-course meal in a […] More

  • 12 IKEA DIY Ideas for Better Clutter Control

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  • 12 IKEA Kallax Hacks

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  • 12 IKEA must have Home Organization Ideas

    IKEA is always renowned for the high-quality furniture for your home. It offers a vast array of shelves, wardrobes, cubbies, and many other pieces that will not only hold clutter at bay but also spruce up every room. Despite the exceptional quality of IKEA products, some people like to challenge […] More

  • 10 DIY Ikea Furniture Project for Bedroom (Small or Regular Size)

    Currently, most of the dwellings, especially in big cities, are getting smaller and more limited. This situation often creates problems because there is not plenty of space for many needs. But you’ll make it happen by using brilliant, simple, and functional solutions, like using multifunctional household furniture, which could make […] More

  • Simple idea how to Hack Ikea Vittsjo Laptop Stand via simphome featured

    Simple idea How to Hack Ikea Vittsjo Laptop Stand with a Butcher Block

    It’s no secret how much I love West Elm. Since it’s only walking distance from me (so dangerous…) I often go for inspiration and to pick up the odd little vase or accessory. A little while ago, I fell for this practical and small-space friendly piece. How perfect is a […] More

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    How to Turn Plain IKEA Curtains Into White Columns of Gorgeousness

    My draperies looked like shower curtains. At least, that is what I thought. Until I decided I want to make this new change. Two months ago, I decided I would try purchasing ready-made drapes to replace the existing patterned fabric I had hanging in my living room. I wanted something […] More