31 Easy IKEA hacks for your Kid’s room

31 Easy IKEA hacks for your Kid’s room via simphome

Are you one of those people who can make anything? Maybe you’re the type of person who likes to spend weekends replacing your kitchen, building your own Olympic size swimming

32 Furniture Hauls (IKEA and non IKEA)

Challenging Furniture Haul IKEA and non IKEA via simphome

Life hack has made our lives easier in several ways, but many different things may also be hack into and make life much simpler, reduce waste and make life more

30+ Side Table Hacks (IKEA and Non IKEA)

Side Table Hacks IKEA and Non IKEA via Simphome

You will be surprised at the level of creativity you can achieve by thinking slightly out-of-the box. These ideas are to help you create nifty storage options and furniture pieces

12 Cheap IKEA Shopping Ideas

photo ikea simphome unsplash

If you are into IKEA products so much, these IKEA shopping ideas can help you manage your shopping time effectively and efficiently – not to mention also inexpensively. We get

37 IKEA Furniture Upgrade ideas

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Upgrade your IKEA furniture to make elegant pieces for your home. If you want a fun DIY project or you just want a little upgrade, check out these tricks for

30 Sweet IKEA Table Hacks

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Children of Adams are built with a highly creative brain, which is probably why there are countless ways to customize just about every IKEA piece of furniture. With a little

28 Clever IKEA Chair hacks

IKEA Chair makeovers video via simphome featured

There are lots of ideas in using the Ikea chairs. Sure, the chairs can look different or even can have another function by getting some hacks. There are some ideas