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10 DIY Ikea Furniture Project for Bedroom (Small or Regular Size)

You may have a small bedroom, but you need lots of storage to keep it neat. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive furniture; there are plenty of DIY furniture ideas that will work just as well and probably better

Currently, most of the dwellings, especially in big cities, are getting smaller and more limited. This situation often creates problems because there is not plenty of space for many needs.

But you’ll make it happen by using brilliant, simple, and functional solutions, like using multifunctional household furniture, which could make your life much easier.

Household furniture that has some functions simultaneously does wonders because it can accommodate a couple of activities directly. Most of the multifunctional furniture features a simple and minimalist design making it appropriate to be placed freely in your small bedroom.

To make a start, we have explored further to find the best IKEA hacks for creating a modern, well-appointed bedroom. Here are some choices of 10 DIY Ikea Furniture Project for Bedroom for you. As always, Simphome presents you with the list

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10. The Kallax Bench Hack

Do you miss the window seat? Do you need a breakfast bench in your bedroom corner? You are in luck because this idea could be the easiest Kallax hack ever.

Simply turn the Kallax 1Ă—4 cube unit on its side. Buy the upholstery foam cut to size, and restore it in your favorite fabric. You are all set! You can maximize the bottom storage by putting some of your items. This idea is not only for a place to sit but also is very useful and helps you store things easier.

9. A DIY Kallax Bookshelf Idea

This DIY IKEA bookcase storage solution is another brilliant IKEA storage hack for small bedrooms.

If you’re a bit of a book lover but do not have much space to store your books, you can try to tidy up all your books, accent vases that you have collected for years with this simple IKEA bookcase.

This hack will not break your pocket. All you need is just Kallax, which is relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of a full-length book organizer.

8. A DIY Storage Bed Idea with IKEA

You can transform shelving storage units into a storage haven not more than a weekend for your bedroom.

Concise and cute, you can group two tall bookshelves on either side of the bed frame and connect them with plywood. Would you believe that a bed platform with a storage unit is made with the same bookshelf only on the opposite side?

Underneath the mattress is a plywood plank to lift the bed and leave room for lots of seasonal items so you can take advantage of the storage under the bed for all the things you need.

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7. Add Personality To your Bedroom with Fabrics

As we all know, Kallax does not have a back piece. A different and effortless way to add a little personality to a backless bookshelf is to make a fake base with an outsized piece of fabric.

For this hack, all you need is only a piece of fabric of your choice, large enough to hide the entire back of the shelf. Then you just stick the fabric on the back, which creates a fabulous fake backdrop for your shelf. You also can layer some posters or particleboard with wallpaper and then stick them on the rear of your Kallax.

Other Ideas to add personality to your bedroom you can:

No 1: Decorate your Kallax Cube with a wooden top and corner shelves

In this case, you don’t have to be an expert to make it. All you need are some supplies, time, and creativity to make your storage bed if you have carpentry skills.
The idea is a double stepladder turned upside down and then made into a bed base for an actual ladder to be placed on top. When the bed is not in use, it can be folded up against the wall until needed.

No 2: DIY Loft Bed

Turning your Kallax into a loft bed can be easy. Firstly you have to open the back of the shelf and drill two holes in the middle of it, perpendicular to that piece of wood. Then you can attach some board to create a frame, and then two panels on top will make your level because if they are not aligned with the floor, this option will be unstable and unstable.

No 3: Chic Separator

If you want to separate one of the rooms in your apartment or if you want to make the most of a loft area, this hack is for you. It’s a closet made out of IKEA kitchen cabinets. To build it, you’ll need the following: 4 cabinets and two doors, all of which will be painted white with the help of your imagination and creativity.

No 4: DIY Loft Bed for Small Spaces

If you have a small space, this hack is what you need. You can make the bed with four cabinets stacked on top of one another, with some simple slats to finish the bed. You can also add a little side table. If you want to get up there, just take out the drawers from your top cabinet and voilĂ ! You have a nice little setup for relaxing or doing some reading.

No 5: DIY Desk Bed

If you do not have much space, this hack is for you. So if you want an efficient and practical desk and bed all in one, this is a good solution for your needs. You can quickly transform the bottom part of the top cabinet into a desk or a bed. This way, when you don’t use it as a bed, it functions as a table.

No 6: Make a Storage Drawer Desk

If you don’t have much space, this functional desk is for you. It’s made out of 2 desks stacked on top of each other. You can quickly get up and down from the top desk, but if you want to use it as a desk, just take out the drawers from your stack one by one!

No 7: DIY Nesting Bookcase

If you want to create several bookshelves in a minimal space, this is a good idea. To do the project, you’ll need many bookcases, which you can get from IKEA. However, you won’t need all of them since you just need to make a few cuts in the top part of the bookcase to create two spaces, and then you can place your desks on top.

No 8: Door Storage Bedside Table

If you have a little extra budget and want to add some personality to your bedroom, this DIY loft bed idea will be perfect for you. The steps are basic, but nonetheless, they will bootstrap your space-saving skills.

No 9: DIY Floating Shelves

If you want to create a minimalist bedroom, this floating shelf is just the solution for you. In this project, all you have to do is attach the shelves to some brackets and then use them for hanging clothes or as room storage.

No 10: Bookshelf Ladder

One way to double up your KALLAX bookshelf is by making a ladder out of it. This trick will also give you some extra storage. You just have to take the back off and then lay the shelves on their side. Then attach them with some brackets and screws. Last but not least, cut a hole in the top of each step, which will allow you to pass your hand through. Also read: 10 DIY Ladder Project Ideas for Your Bedroom, Bathroom, and Kitchen and 10 DIY Bookshelf Organization Ideas that will also Decorate Your Room or 25 Creative Bookshelves Ideas

6. The Media Console Ikea Hack

Do you love your Friday night movies? Why not create a beautiful media console that provides a lot of storage space with this economic IKEA RAST hack.

You only need two to four IKEA RAST drawers to get started. Of course, the price is super cheap. You can even fill those drawers with books, TV remote, clothes, or pack shoes. Add with some minimalistic decor for a stunning and modern finish.

5. The IKEA Shelf Bracket Hack Idea

Are you running out of room for full cupboards or drawers? With several IKEA shelf brackets, you can hang your clothes in an extraordinary way now. Maximize your space with this inverted shelf bracket.

If you are not into maximalist design, where everything in your room is on display, you can simply just buy the sleek, white, wide IKEA IVAR door to hide the hangers.

4. The IKEA Dresser Makeover Idea

Are you in your quest to find an affordable way to make a dresser? This clean white dresser makeover cleverly uses the popular IKEA MALM vanity top. A simple MALM dressing table can look well elegant. Spice up this easy IKEA storage hack with a DIY vintage gold trim.

Pair it with a cute selection of vanity accessories like a large mirror, greenery, and lampshade to complete the look. Add some gold pull to the door to complete the elegant look.

This IKEA dresser makeover embellished its closet with a bit of golden rose contact paper. You would never think this would be a closet from IKEA.

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3. The IKEA Gold Desk Bedroom Office Makeover Idea

Most of us can’t justify spending much money on a simple desk or workspace, especially when we live in a rented or our not-forever-home.

With this brilliant IKEA storage hack, you will have a beautiful office desk that matches perfectly into a small room. This hack is super simple to DIY and so wonderful with a minimal gold finish.
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2. A DIY IKEA Pretty Plant Stand Hack

In a small space, plants can be challenging to find the right place. You have to make sure they get enough sunlight, plus they need to be in an area that shows it off.

That’s where this clever IKEA hack comes in. There are several different sizes of bamboo boxes that IKEA makes that are perfect for turning into planters. You will just need a few pegs or table legs to add to the bottom for this hack.

Simply decorate an IKEA plant holder and let your plants take center stage. You can do it without breaking the sweat and bank. Now you have a straightforward hack that gives you a very stylish plant stand.

Lastly, Number 1. The Bedside Butler Ikea Hack Idea

Nothing is more irritating than fumbling in the dark for your glasses or phone in the middle of the night. Look no further by pairing two Mosslanda photo frames. You simply attach one upright and the other on top. Use Gorilla glue or any brand you trust and modify it accordingly if you desire.

With an LED light that doesn’t even take up floor space, you can reproduce a minimalist bedside butler when the average bedside table doesn’t work. It is not only functional but also very modern and sleek.


It is proof that even a small room can look just as elegant and stunning as ample open space. Simple, easy to DIY, and inexpensive, these storage hacks must be on your DIY projects list. For more detail related to the 10 DIY IKEA Furniture Project for Bedroom storage hacks, visit the provided link inside the following reference.



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