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10 DIY Projects for Outdoor Kitchen

Some people are blessed with spacious backyard so that they can create a spectacular backyard landscaping and wonderful living space in it. To perfect the living space, an outdoor kitchen is needed so that you can invite your friends to come over for a barbecue party.
Seeking spectacular outdoor kitchen ideas? Look no further as I’ve summed up 10 DIY projects that are perfect for your outdoor kitchen.

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10. Stone Outdoor Kitchen with Grill

10. Stone Outdoor Kitchen with Grill via SimphomeThis outdoor kitchen looks elegant with stone kitchen island that complete the natural ambiance in your backyard landscaping. You might think that it is such an impossible mission to make this outdoor kitchen yourself. Well, the truth is it is a perfect project for your weekend.
The first thing you need to do is making the frame by making the corner posts for each box. Don’t forget to separate the posts with stretchers. Next, screw the three boxes that will hold the cabinets together, flip the frame over, then screw a metal post to the bottom of each post that will act as the feet of the frame.
After that, attach plywood panels to cover the frame. Wrap the plywood cover with lath. You can use staples to make it stay in place.

Then, cover the lath with the mixture of mortar and water, let it sit for about an hour before scoring the mortar and then let it cure for about 24 hours. While waiting, you can set the cabinets into the openings and screw them.
After 24 hours, now you can attach the stones beginning with the corner piece. Butter the back of it and attach it. easy, right?

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9. A Striking Outdoor Kitchen with Pergola idea

9. Striking Outdoor Kitchen with Pergola via SimphomeAfter making the stone outdoor kitchen, you might think that it needs something that can jazz it up. For that reason, you can try making this deck and pergola idea like in this picture.
Just set your pergola right above the countertop. Add some hanging planters or climbing plants that wrap around the top of your pergola. You can also install string lights wrapping around your pergola in place of climbing plants to provide a romantic ambiance when you are having dinner in your backyard.

8. Fun Outside Kitchenette idea in the Patio

8. Fun Outside Kitchenette in the Patio via SimphomeDo you have a spacious but rather boring patio? Congratulations! You can turn your dull patio into a safe haven for those who want to have fun while enjoying delectable food at home. And your kids are going to love it.
This outdoor kitchen comes in U-shape to use the space efficiently. It is like refurbishing common kitchens. You have to begin with making the frame. Make sure that the grill will fit snugly into the corner of the frame. Cover the frame using wooden pallets to accentuate the farmhouse style. Don’t forget to install the trims and wooden corbels to finish it up.

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7. Outdoor Kitchen with Concrete Countertop idea

7. Outdoor Kitchen with Concrete Countertop via SimphomeIf you are looking for a stylish outdoor kitchen, try making one with concrete countertop. Concrete countertops are renowned for their durability. They are also stylish and customizable.
Before pouring the concrete, you need to use melamine for the countertop forming. Melamine has super smooth surface. That’s why it is highly recommended if you want to get a super smooth concrete surface.
To make the countertop more appealing, you can lay some tempered glass pieces on the melamine form base before pouring the concrete. Once the concrete is poured and left for 7-day cure, you can grind it and – finally – install it.

6. A Simple and Small Outdoor Kitchen idea

6. Simple and Small Outdoor Kitchen via Simphome

This simple outdoor kitchen is suitable for you who is not really good at DIY but long for a fantastic look outdoor kitchen.
To make this outdoor kitchen, you only need some boards, cut them to the size you desire, and assemble the pieces just like when you make shelves. But make sure you cut one of the shelves out to make a perfect holder for the grill.
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5. A Rustic Outdoor Kitchen makeover idea

5. Rustic Outdoor Kitchen via SimphomeIf rustic look is your thing, you need to copy this project.
This outdoor kitchen looks rustic due to the standard lumber yard that has been roughed up with chainsaw, charred up, and finished with outdoor stain to make a weathered-look frame.
Then, use water-and-mold resistant concrete board to connect each post of the frame. This material definitely works like a charm because it is more durable than wood. After that, you can begin to attach the stones until the concrete board is completely covered.

4. A DIY Grilling Island idea

4. DIY Grilling Island via SimphomeThis grilling island is your must-have item if you like to throw a party a lot but are not into going through a complicated project.
To make this grilling island, you need to make the frame and construct the corners. Assemble the parts and install the frame. Then, install the countertop, and dress up the face of the island.
To save more bucks, you can dress it up with some leftover. Cut reclaimed pine studs into ¾” strips, then attach them to the frame until you cannot see through the frame.
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3. A Movable Grilling Island for your outdoor kitchen idea

3. Movable Grilling Island via SimphomeThis movable grilling island is a great solution if you want to enjoy your time with your family by grilling some sausages without make your backyard become more cramped.
Basically, it is like the ubiquitous kitchen islands. Therefore, you can begin with making the base. Then, it’s time to make the concrete countertop. You will need some objects that can represent the size of the sink, cutting board, and grill, so they can fit snugly into the holes in the countertop when it is dry. Once the concrete countertop is ready, attach it to the top frame using bolt.

2. An Outdoor Kitchen with Retractable Patio Cover idea

2. Outdoor Kitchen with Retractable Patio Cover via SimphomeCooking in the backyard can boost your mood. But it won’t be a great idea if the rain comes. To tackle this problem, consider installing retractable patio cover.
This patio cover will allow you to get natural light as much as possible when the weather is nice. It will also protect you from getting wet when the rain comes so that you can keep on cooking and having fun.

Lastly number 1. An Outdoor Kitchen with Concrete Countertop idea

1. Outdoor Kitchen with Concrete Countertop via SimphomeAdd a little bit of industrial look to your backyard by making this countertop. The way to make this countertop is just the same as the other ones. What makes it look unique is it sports corrugated zinc roofing sheet to cover the frame. To accentuate the industrial look, concrete is used to top this island.

So, enjoying your leisure time with family doesn’t have to be pricey. By doing one of these DIY projects for your outdoor kitchen, you’ve moved one step closer to the unrelenting outdoor fun.


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