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10 DIY Cheap Kitchen Cabinet Projects

Cabinet in a kitchen is a must have. It will spruce up the kitchen as the kitchen appliances and equipment are organized well. However, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg because with these 10 DIY Cheap Kitchen Cabinet Projects you’ll get the cabinet you need with the style you wish.

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10. A Wooden Pallet Cabinet idea
10. Wooden Pallet Cabinet via SimphomeHave you ever thought that wooden pallet, a material that you can get everywhere, can be turned into a reliable kitchen cabinet too? First, you only need to collect some materials like wooden pallet, nails or screws, and hinge to make these kitchen cabinets.
For the instruction, First, take the wooden pallet apart and make sure all the nails have been removed. After that, you may need to smoothen them using a sandpaper. Once they are sanded, measure then cut them into the size you want, then join them together with screws until you get the shape you want. The last, assemble the door with hinge. You can also stain the cabinet to give it a fresh look.
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9. A Farmhouse Style Kitchen Cabinet idea
9. Farmhouse Style Kitchen Cabinets via SimphomeOld barn door is one of the farmhouse-style features, so if you want to add farmhouse flair in your kitchen, consider applying this barn door into your cabinet. Don’t worry! You don’t have to make a new cabinet. You only need to replace the door of your old cabinet.
To get this look, you’ll need to remove your cabinet doors, get some wood boards, paint and nail gun. Join the boards together with nail gun until it forms the size of the top side and the doors of cabinet. For the doors, add a piece of wood at the bottom, middle, and top to form the traditional Z shape pattern. Install the wrought-iron hardware for a more rustic look and time to learn next idea of this list.
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8. A Shaker Kitchen Cabinet idea
8. Shaker Kitchen Cabinets via SimphomeIf you are bored with the humdrum flat cabinet doors, try adding a little bit touch of modern farmhouse by making shaker cabinet doors. You will not rip the doors off because you will just need to add a twist on it though by adding frames onto the doors.
First, start with taking off all the doors from your cabinets. Clean them up with sand paper or with a very strong cleaner then wipe them, and make sure there’s no dust left on it. Next cut the plywood 2.5” width or as you wish then cut them to form a frame for the face of the door.

Sand each edge of the pieces, then nail them onto the door. Sand them once again to get smooth surface and edges, clean the doors and get them painted. Last, install them back onto your cabinets.
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7. A Kitchen Cabinet with Plate Rack idea
7. Kitchen Cabinets with Plate Rack via SimphomeHaving a plate rack in your cabinet allows you to save your plates vertically and with this setting too, you can take and put your plates easily. This DIY idea is pretty easy to make. First, you only need dowels, square dowels, and glue.
Cut round dowels about 2.5” longer than the diameter of the plates and make holes in the square dowels where the round dowels will be inserted.
Attach the round dowels in the holes with glue. Let the glue dry then continue making ½” deep holes in each corner of the rack pack. Cut four round dowels in the width of your cabinet, and get them into holes to join each rack pack. Finally, install it in your cabinet.
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6. A Glass Cabinet Door idea
6. Glass Cabinet Doors via Simphome

Having a glass cabinet door allows you to see what’s in it without opening your cabinet’s door. You can also use it to display your antique or unique collections which will increase the aesthetic of your kitchen. The good news is you can add glass door to your existing cabinets, so you do not have to purchase new ones.
First, measure the door to make a frame for the glass then drill each corner so you can start sawing it. After getting the perfect frame, it’s time to cut the glass ½ – ¾ inch wider and taller than the measurements, then place it over the frame. Next, add fasteners to make the glass stay in place.
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5. A Cheap Plywood Kitchen Cabinet idea
5. Cheap Plywood Kitchen Cabinets via SimphomeNow you can build your own cabinets only using plywoods. You don’t need additional hardwood for frames. Plywood is the only one material you’ll need.
To make this plywood cabinet, trim a full piece of plywood at the size you’ve decided before. However, first, make sure two pieces of is longer so you can craft toe kicks which can raise when you need them.
You’ll also need three thin strips of plywood for each top cabinet.

Next, apply edge banding then drill pocket holes for screws. Next, start assembling each strip. The two longer pieces will be the left and right side of the cabinets. Attach the bottom strip few inches from the bottom to get the toe kicks first. Next, attach the thin strips to the back top and front top.
Add the back of cabinet which can be shorter or as long as the two sides. Last, make a door for your cabinet then attach it with hinges.
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4. A Two-Tier Drawer Spice Rack idea
4. Two Tier Drawer Spice Rack via SimphomeThis two-tier drawer provides you additional storage for your spice and appliances. Here you can also arrange various types of equipment and spices neatly. For this idea, you need to prepare slides and wood before making it.
First, cut the backside of the drawer more than half, then install the tray slides on each side inside the drawer. Next, make a tray which has the same length as the drawer, but this time, make it a bit narrower. You can also add partitions as you need. Finally, attach the other piece of the tray slides on the tray. Insert the tray in the drawer then put the drawer back into the cabinet.
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3. A Pull-Out Garbage Can in a Cabinet idea
3. Pull Out Garbage Can in a Cabinet via SimphomeKitchen is the place that produce lots of trash which can give you an eyesore. Therefore, it is a good idea to hide it away so that the kitchen will look clean. For this reason, a pull-out garbage can in the cabinet would be a safe bet because it will save your cooking room from odor and keep it look clean.
First, choose a single door cabinet to put the garbage cans in, then take the door off and remove all the hardware. Next, attach the slides on both left and right side inside the cabinet. Add a wood frame so the trash cans can fit perfectly and attach the door outside the frame with screws.

2. A Corner Kitchen Cabinet idea
2. Corner Kitchen Cabinets via Simphome
The corner of a kitchen is often left unused. In fact, it can be a potential storage space. If you can’t find the proper cabinet that can fill in this awkward corner, try making a corner cabinet yourself.
First, cut each corner with 45 degrees bevel edge. You need at least two pieces of plywood for the top and the bottom and you may add some for its shelves. Once you get those cuts, measure the bevel edges to make the sides then attach them to the top and bottom with glue and nail gun then add the back. Last, make the face frame then attach a door.
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Lastly number 1. A DIY appliance garage idea
1. Additional Kitchen Cabinet for Appliances via Simphome
If you don’t like to see small kitchen appliances cluttering your countertop, consider building a cabinet for your appliances. It doesn’t require too many materials, only some boards, wall panels, nails and hinges.
First thing you need to do is measuring the space where cabinet will be built. Once you’ve done, cut the boards to sizes and join them together with screws, forming two frames. Nail the wall panels on each frame covering the holes. They will be the right and left walls of the cabinet. Next, add crosspieces to the back and to the top then nail the face frame. Last, attach a door with hinges then paint the cabinet. Let it dry and install it to the place you wanted.
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So, those are 10 DIY Cheap Kitchen Cabinet Projects that will not only save your money but also provide you more storage, so have you decided which project you will give a go first?

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