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Most people have at least one or more reasons to underappreciated a kitchen they use every day. Probably, you know several top kitchen organization ideas. Nevertheless, how about organizing different space of the kitchen to simplify your cooking?
A good kitchen organization isn’t just about stacking dishes trimly. It’s also about creating a sharp system that relaxes your life.

They are good reasons why we rustle up this handy list of 10 smart ways how to organize kitchen drawers and brilliant tips to put your kitchen drawers in order. As always, check simphome link on the bottom area to learn more.

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10. Insert Drawer Dividers
10 Insert Drawer Dividers via SimphomeLet’s start with a nifty way to keep your drawer tidy. All you need to do is adding an insert or a wooden drawer divider inside your cabinet drawer unit and done

As a result, it maintains the order and you can spot what you need in seconds. Next, if you have minute objects to hold, you can fit small containers between dividers.

But, if you don’t have skills or tools to professionally craft it, don’t worry! Simply hack other material and function it as a divider. for example: use plastic or even a thick piece of cardboard. When you have finished, your kitchens will not rattle around uncontrollably.

9. Small Wooden Crate container ideas
9 Small Wooden Crate container ideas via Simphome 2 if wide and deep drawer trouble you, help yourself with this simple idea. Measure dimension of your drawers, get some wooden crates, and set them in order. Consider their size cautiously so they don’t leave an unfavorable space. If you can’t find some, you can use boards and cut it based on your drawer’s size.
9 Small Wooden Crate container ideas via Simphome 1You do not need to be an expert to get it done. Only some precise measurements and you’re good to go.

8. Plastic Containers for your kitchen drawer
8 Plastic Containers for your kitchen drawer via Simphome 1Having food in some well-covered container is relieving.  Your foods are not only free from dust but also from ants. You may get these kinds of containers in nearby home improvement shops or online stores. Nonetheless, you need to take their size into account so they fit your drawers impeccably.

8 Plastic Containers for your kitchen drawer via Simphome 2Other than those containers, if your drawer is a side less one, most likely, you need to apply additional pipes to protect them from falling over. Get several aluminium pipes, plastic connectors and super glue. Cut them accordingly and attach them to the drawer side with your super glue. They are in safe hands now.

7. CD Holders to Organize Container Lids and Plates
7 CD Holders to Organize Container Lids and Plates via SimphomeTime flies and technology is upgrading fast. Gone the days when we save our favourite movies and songs in CDs. Many of us are now have more file storage inside flash disk or even portable hard disk.

So, what are you going to do with CD holders? Throw them in your bin? Wait a minute; you may utilize them as storage solutions to organize container lids and plates (plastic or glass). Your DIY is simply cleaning the holder and finish.

6. Use Wooden Dowel ideas

6 Use Wooden Dowel ideas via Simphome
Lids and pots are things that burn up drawer space. But don’t worry, we have a simple offer to organize them more professionally. First, find your cabinet dimension, take some wooden dowels, cut them if you have to, take gorilla glue to attach tip of your dowels, line them up, and dedicate your entire drawer space for more pots, lids, and other kitchen utensils you have. If you want a different look, you can paint them with your favourite color first.

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5. IKEA Spice Organizer idea
5 IKEA Spice Organizer idea via Simphome comAgain, our goal is to simplify things for you. Get this spice organizer at Ikea at an affordable price and your spice jars are all set.

One more thing, you need to think about their size and price. Our say, take a better one, it may cost you more but it will be a good investment later on. Besides, it is easy to remove for cleaning. Plus, it comes in a beautiful design and it makes your spices more accessible.

When it’s time to clean it, a damp cloth and a mild cleaner are enough. After all spice dust out, dry it with a clean cloth and done.

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4. A simple yet efficient Cork Knife Storage idea
4 A simple yet efficient Cork Knife Storage idea via Simphome 2Knives can be dangerous, especially when you have children at home. Simply take plywood boards and cut them based on your drawer size. I encourage you to use measuring tape to get a precise dimension.

4 A simple yet efficient Cork Knife Storage idea via Simphome 1Now, put them on and you have finished your work. Ensure you place enough boards to keep them tight. If you want to add more protection, just lock your drawer and you hit danger out of your way.

3. DIY Pegboard Drawer Organizer idea
3 DIY Pegboard Drawer Organizer idea via SimphomeFor this solution, you will need a pegboard with 1/4 holes, 1/4 diameter wood dowels, and 3/4 wood for dividers (plywood/wood).  First, cut a piece of pegboard to fit the bottom of your drawer and test the fit. After it fits correctly, drill a hole on one side.

Now, place a piece of scrap 1/4 next to the pegboard. Next, cut a 1/4 groove in your divider wood. Then, cut your dowels into lengths of about 3/4.They need to be long enough to set into your pegboard and stick up into the groove on your dividers. Cut your dividers and insert your dowel pieces into your pegboard.  Use a long divider to separate your drawer into two halves, one longer half for spade bits and the other one is for Forstner bits.

2. DIY Dishwasher Organizer idea
2 DIY Dishwasher Organizer idea via Simphome 1After some undemanding ideas, prepare for an intricate one. These are the materials: ½” cabinet grade plywood cut to drawer dimensions, 7/8” dowel rods cut to 6”-7” lengths, 5/8” dowel rods cut to 6”-7” lengths (for plates), pegboard section to be used as template, size 8-32×1 hanger bolts, size 8-32x 1/4 T-nuts, a drill, sandpaper, clamps, and Polyacrylic sealer.

2 DIY Dishwasher Organizer idea via Simphome 2Start by placing the panel face up on your work table. Attach your pegboard template to the plywood tightly, take 3/16 size drill bit, and drill holes through each peg. Once you finished, remove your pegboard and flip it over. Use sandpaper to smooth some jagged little edges.  Apply a light coat of polyacrylic to the top side of the panel board and let it dry thoroughly. Sand the finish to remove rough areas. Use Miter box to prepare your dowels (whatever you think it is safe) and keep the bit and the wood screw end of the hanging bolt at the same depth using tape.

Using a 9/64 drill bit, drill a hole into the centre of one end on the dowels. Screw the hanging bolt into the hole. Insert the T-nuts in the bottom side of your panel so that you can screw the dowels in place. Insert the panel in the drawer face up and screw the dowels into the holes where you placed the T-Nuts. Done, now you can add your dishes!

Tip: Instead of hanging bolts, use dowel pins (or double-sided screws).

1. DIY Spice Drawer Organizer

1 DIY Spice Drawer Organizer via SimphomeA little creativity is enough for you to construct and complete this idea.First, Prepare some plywood  boards, glue and a saw. Just like other ideas, calculate the size of you drawer and cut your boards accordingly. Space out your upper boards with your base board and take piece of thin plywood to connect them.

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Last, take gorilla glue and attach your boards. If you choose not to glue your baseboard with your upper boards, that’s fine. Mission accomplished!

And also, If you want to make this idea more portable, you don’t need to attach your new spice drawer to your drawer. Done.

The result? Now you can invest less time when digging through your drawers. More time to test your secret sauce and more time to enjoy my list here. Thanks for reading 10 ways how to organize kitchen drawers and until we meet again, thanks for your time too.

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