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10 Low-Cost DIY Kitchen Improvement Storage Ideas

Clutter is a perpetual plight that is often faced by many homeowners. It happens because of the limited space and storage. This issue is not only found in a small kitchen, even a bigger kitchen finds it hard to get rid of clutter.
If you are facing the same problem, maybe you need to refurbish your kitchen. However, refurbishing a kitchen might burn a hole in your pocket unless you give one or some these 10 low-cost DIY kitchen improvement storage ideas a shot.

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10. Industrial-Style Shelves
10. Industrial Style Shelves via SimphomeIn a space-challenged kitchen, cabinets might help you hold the clutter at bay. However, the bulky designs take up a lot of space somehow, making the petite kitchen look more cramped. So, if possible, rip off your cabinets and replace them with these DIY shelves.
These shelves are easy to make. You can even make them from a scratch. To make these shelves, you’re going to need ¾” pine boards, ½” diameter galvanized pipes or black iron pipes along with their fittings, pipe clamps, and screws.
The first thing you need to do is cutting the boards to size, sand, and stain them. After that, assemble the pipes, then screw the flanges to the wall for the shelf structure. For your peace of mind, secure the boards to the pipes using pipe hangers.
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9. Pot Rack Made of Crib
9. Pot Rack Made of Crib via Simphome
You do not have to make storage rack from scratch which may take a lot of time and money because you can upcycle things around your house and turn them to be your new kitchen storage solution. And with this next idea you can build a nest egg you always want.
This pot rack is made of an underused crib railing.
To make this pot rack, you’re going to need a crib railing. If you don’t have one, you can get it in the flea market near you. You will also need some chains that will be used to hold the railing in place, some hooks, and screws.

To get the best output, you might need to consider installing ceiling anchors for a sturdier result. If you don’t use it, you can simply go with the screws. Consider using pliers instead of a screw driver for a better grip when installing the screws to your ceiling.

8. A DIY Pantry idea
8. DIY Pantry via SimphomeIf your cabinets are already full that you need to cram your canned food, and root around in the cabinets for pepper, it means you need to make another cabinet or pantry that incorporates additional storage space.
This small pantry would be your best bet as it is not too big, yet it can host all your canned foods. Another good thing about this idea is the door that is painted black using chalk paint, allowing you to jot down your grocery list immediately.
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7. Add More Shelves in Your Cabinet
7. Add More Shelves in Your Cabinet via SimphomeMost cabinets come with two or three shelves, which is not too efficient because you will get lots of wasted space. Therefore, adding one or two shelves would be a terrific idea.
All you need to do is just getting 3/4” plywood, cut it to size, and install it to the existing cabinet using shelf supports. Done, Now, you can have more space for dishes and cups. For more info, check link inside description.

6. Pull-Out Container Rack idea
6. Pull Out Container Rack via Simphome

One of the most challenging things to do in the kitchen is organizing plastic containers. Stacking up containers with the lids on will just gobble up lots of space. So, to solve it, you need to store your containers and their lids separately.
To make sure your container always with their matching lid, build a simple pull out rack idea like this in the picture.
To build this pull-out rack, you will need to measure the opening of the base cabinet thoroughly. Then, cut the side panels and the curves formed by tracing a 1-gallon paint, assemble the rack, then nail the dividers to the shelf. Finally, install the slide, and you are done!
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5. A Tray Rack idea
5. Tray Rack via SimphomeStoring trays and cutting boards by stacking them up can be the fastest way to hide the clutter away although It is not an efficient way.
Alternatively, instead of stacking them up, add some wooden dowels in your cabinet to store your trays and cutting boards vertically. This simple trick will give you more space to store some other things and it leads you to our next point.

4. A Kitchen Utensil Holder idea from tin can
4. Kitchen Utensil Holders via SimphomeIt is normal to forget one or two things when you are cooking like you forget to have the whisk in your hand when you are about to beat the eggs. And you feel reluctant to make a journey to the other side of the kitchen to get the whisk.
Keep your go-to kitchen utensils within your reach by making these kitchen utensil holders. To make these holders, you do not need to break your saving. You just need to get some used cans and a board. Paint them the colour of your choice, attach the cans to the board using screws, screw a leather strap on the board as the handle, and that’s it!
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3. A Simple Tray for Condiment idea
3. Tray for Condiments via SimphomeIt would be easier if you can store sugar, coffee, or condiments that you use on a regular basis on the countertop, so you can grab them in no time. However, it would make your countertop look messy. To solve this problem, you need something like a tray that can anchor them in place as well as tidying up the countertop.
To make this DIY rustic tray, you can upcycle wooden pallet or any boards you like. Line 6 boards up to make the bottom part of the tray. Then cut some boards to make the short and long sides.

Screw them together or simply drive some nails and apply any finish as you please to match your kitchen décor.

2. A DIY Spice Drawer Organizer idea
2. DIY Spice Drawer Organizer via SimphomeThis spice organizer will enable you to find the spice that you are looking for easily. It is stylish, and – more importantly – inexpensive.
First of all, you need to measure the drawer to make the base of the spice rack. Then, measure and cut the risers which are the height that support the sloped pieces. After that, you can attach the sloped pieces using wood glue. Don’t forget to reinforce them by stapling brad nails through each riser into the sloped piece.

Last, make sure your risers are not higher than the drawer.
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Lastly number 1. A Kitchen Utensil Drawer Organizer idea
1. Kitchen Utensil Drawer Organizer via SimphomeDrawers are a safe haven for clutter. You might think you have tidied up your kitchen and get rid of clutter, but – actually – you just hide it away in your drawers.
Let’s be honest! How many times do you have to root around in your drawer for measuring spoons? If you have done it for countless time, you definitely need this kitchen utensil drawer organizer.
It is almost similar to the spice drawer organizer. You will just need to get some poplar boards, cut and assemble the boards, and install the organizer into the drawer. Your job is done.

So, Those are 10 low-cost DIY kitchen improvement storage ideas that will help you hold the clutter at bay without costing you a fortune. So, are you ready to make your own kitchen improvement this weekend?
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