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10 DIY Murphy Bed project ideas

Sleeping comfortably is what every homeowner wants. However, living in a home with limited space requires you to rack your brain to make this dream become tangible. And one of the best ways to make the most of a petite bedroom is by investing in a murphy bed.
Murphy beds are beds that can be pulled down to serve a comfy place to sleep on, and it can be folded up so it can stay as close as possible to the wall, which makes it your greatest bet when it comes to tiny space.

More on that later. Next I present you 10 DIY Murphy Bed project ideas that are worth following by your list maker

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10. A Simple Murphy Bed idea

10. Simple Murphy Bed via Simphome

This murphy bed is quite simple, so you can make it yourself even if you are a complete novice.


To make this murphy bed, you’re going to need:
• 4, ¾” x 4’ x 8’ plywood sheet
• 2, ¼” x 4’ x 8’ plywood sheet
• 12, 1’ x 2’ x 8’ solid wood board
• Murphy bed kit
• 1-1/4” screws
• 1-12” screws
• 2” screws
• Cabinet handles


The first thing you need to do is creating the struts by laying out the 10 frame strut pieces, and pair them to make five struts that look like an “L”. Then, assemble the struts with the sub-frame by placing each strut 20” apart. After that, make round corners that face up at the foot of the bed.
Once the round corners are ready, attach the board to the footrails. Then, attach the headrail. After that, attach the side rails, and you’ve got the bed frame. Attach the bed frame to the face panels. The panels have to be flush with the foot rail, but they need to extend beyond the headrail.
Assemble the header and cabinet, and mount the cabinet to the wall. Attach the hardware and pull or knob that allows you to pull the bed down easily. Finally, attach mattress support panels.

9. A Murphy Bed behind a Bookshelf idea

9. Murphy Bed behind a Bookshelf via Simphome
You’ve learned how to make a very simple murphy bed. Now, let’s add more style and function to it.
Basically, the way to make this murphy bed is just the same as the way to make a simple one. You’re going to need to create the struts first, assemble them with the sub-frame, assemble the headrail and footrail, install the side rails, attach the face panels, assemble the header and cabinet, mount the cabinet, and attach the mattress to the panels.
FYI, this murphy bed idea is unique because It incorporates additional storage solutions for any avid reader who has to deal with limited space too. You only need to add some planks on the face panel to create some shelves. Then, add some clear acrylic strips to hold your books in place when you pull the bed down.
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8. A Murphy Bed that Looks Like a Bedroom Cabinet idea

8. A Murphy Bed that Looks Like a Bedroom Cabinet via Simphome
Is this a murphy bed or a bedroom cabinet? Well, this chic murphy bed will make everyone think that it is a black cabinet with crown molding, which is good to maintain some semblance of style in your tiny bedroom.
To make this murphy bed, you need to get the mechanism for a Murphy bed. Then, assemble the pieces of wood just like when you make a simple murphy bed. And here comes the fun part.
To make it look like a cabinet, you can fake the cabinet doors and drawers by making some trims. Add the crown molding on top for a more classic look, and attach the handles and knobs to round out it.

7. A Modern Farmhouse Murphy Bed idea

7. Modern Farmhouse Murphy Bed via Simphome
This project might be a little bit challenging, and thus it requires intermediate skills. However, It doesn’t mean you can’t do it, though.
To make this murphy bed, you can begin with the steps of making a simple murphy bed just like what I mentioned previously. The different is you will need more boards to make two book cases that flank the bed on both sides.
First you need to attach the book cases to the frame of the murphy bed. You will also need to tweak one of the book cases a little to fit in with the desk you’re going to make. But, again, if you are not going to add a DIY desk that is attached to the book case, you don’t need to modify it.
Once the murphy bed and book cases are ready, paint them off-white and install cup drawer pull knobs.
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6. A Small Murphy Bed idea

6. Small Murphy Bed via Simphome
If you happen to have a petite bedroom, this twin-size murphy bed will be your safe bet. Not only does it save you more space, but it is also easy to make. You just need to follow the steps of making a simple DIY murphy bed. But the different is, you need to make the cutting shorter to meet the size of the twin bed. Add molding on the header to perk it up, and apply any finish that you desire.

5. IKEA Hack Murphy Bed with Sliding Doors

5. Ikea Hack Murphy Bed with Sliding Doors via Simphome

You don’t need to make a stylish murphy bed from scratch. By doing an Ikea-hack project, you can get the murphy bed you want without wasting your whole time.
To get this look, you need to have two Pax wardrobes from IKEA. Get the murphy bed mechanism, and install it between the wardrobes. Then, add the bottom section by reinforcing the L-section that is screwed into the wardrobes.

After that, install the lower track. Then, assemble the top section that connects both of the wardrobes. Install the upper track and the sliding door. And, that’s it!
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4. Faux Dresser Murphy Bed idea

4. Faux Dresser Murphy Bed via Simphome
This is another great idea to hide your murphy bed away while adding more style to your bedroom space. This murphy bed can be transformed into a fashionable dresser during the daytime, and it will become a comfortable murphy bed at night if you want.
This bed is just exactly the same as the simple murphy bed idea I already mention. But instead of mounting the bed on the bottom part, you will need to mount it sideways.

3. A Murphy Bunk Bed idea

3. Murphy Bunk Bed via Simphome
Do you have an unused closet or an awkward nook in your bedroom? Make it more useful by making a murphy bunk bed like this in the picture.
To make this bunk bed, you need to assemble the sides that will hold the mattress first. Then, you can begin to make the frame. Making the frame is quite tricky. You need to make sure that the upper and lower bed will not nit each other when open and closed. Therefore, a thorough measurement is needed. Position the bunk beds so that the face panel is ¾” proud of the frame when it is closed.
After screwing the frame sides and top together, and installing the outer frame, you can now begin to install the lower mattress frame using shoulder bolts which are threaded with four washers through the flange bearings. The bearings are threaded on the back side with three washers into the coupling nut. Repeat these steps to install the upper one.

2. A Chic Murphy Bed idea

2. Chic Murphy Bed via Simphome 2
This is another simple idea that helps you make a murphy bed with ease. But first of all, you need to get a murphy bed kit that the writer of the idea recommended. it contains complete instructions on assembling the pieces.
First, you can begin to make the sub-frame and the face panel. Make sure that the face panel will hang over the sub-frame a little bit. Then, you need to glue and screw cleats on the rails before assembling the sub-frame to the face panel.
Attach the frame of the bed to the wall using L brackets and secure them into the stud of the wall. Install the mechanism that raises and lowers the sub-frame by mounting it from the inside of the frame.

Lastly number 1. A Sofa Transforms into a Bed idea

Turning a living room into a bedroom? Why not? You need to make the most of a small apartment, don’t you?
To make this murphy bed is just like the way you make a simple murphy bed one. But since it will flip over your sofa, you will need to raise it to certain inches depending the height of your sofa. And to do this, you need to discard the metal legs that you get from the murphy bed kit. And Last, you need to replace it with a small platform where your new bunk bed will sit over. (Play video to preview this idea)

So, those are 10 DIY murphy bed project ideas that will help you sleep comfortably without making your small bedroom become more cramped. Happy trying!


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