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10 Small Bedroom Renovation & Makeover Ideas (That Will Make It Bigger)

Nowadays people tend to prefer to have a small house due to the lack of space and budget. As a result, they have to get by with smaller rooms, including the bedroom. In this post, you will alimenti per erezione find 10 small bedroom renovation makeover ideas that will make it feels bigger than how it should be. (here for some videos)

Also, these tricks are useful if you live in a boarding or temporary house.
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10. Free up your Walking Space

10 Free up The Walking Space via simphomeOne of the ways to trick a small room is by having a clean floor. You can have it by making hanging shelves which can be functioned as both decorative item and your treasure display. This trick has been proven to be useful especially if your bedroom has a high ceiling. The making process of these hanging shelves is pretty easy. First, prepare some inexpensive wooden boxes or crates with different sizes. Give a distinctive background color for each box like red, yellow, and green using paint or colored paper.

Finally, Hang those boxes at the wall according to your desired arrangement. It’s recommended to use saw-tooth hangers in case you plan to change the shelf arrangement someday in the future.

9. Install Window Treatments that Match your Wall

9 Install Window Treatments that Match the Wall via simphomeA large bedroom can make a good use of contrast between the drapes or blinds with the wall to enrich the look of it. In a smaller bedroom, however, it’s better to install window treatment that match the wall harmonically.

Matching your window treatment like drapes, sheer curtains, or blinds with your wall is the basic thing to do to expand your small bedroom visually. It tricks the eyes and makes people think that they look more spacious than it really is as they flow into one being.

8. Try Light Colors

8 Try Light Colors via simphome

Colors play an important role in any small bedroom and light colors are your greatest bet when it comes to a small bedroom since they can open up any room. Paint your bedroom wall white or light blue will make it look bigger and airier especially when it is combined with large windows that let the natural light come into the bedroom.

If you are worried about too-hygienic look offered by an all-white bedroom, you can add a few tints of yellow or any other vivacious color to add pops of color. But, remember! You don’t want to go overboard.

7. Invest in a Huge Mirror

7 Invest in a Huge Mirror via simphomeA huge mirror can reflect light and give the impression of depth or height. Therefore, you should incorporate a large mirror in your small bedroom. You can hang it on the wall, or have it lean against the wall. If you can, it is recommended if you place your mirror in front of your window.

As an alternative to a large mirror, you can invest in a closet with mirrored door that can accentuate the perceptive of your space.

6. Hold your Clutter at Bay

6 Hold the Clutter at Bay via simphome

Many people think that a small bedroom needs small items, and that’s not always true. If the smaller items are accumulated, you will just get a messy bedroom that full of clutter. Instead of furnishing and decorating your bedroom with lots of tiny objects, try investing in bigger furniture and adornments. A large vase put at the corner is better than lots of smaller vases, for example.

The key is by knowing what you need for our bedroom, not what we expect. You can save more space by not buying things you don’t need. You can also use multi-function furniture, like a bed with drawers or an ottoman with a hidden storage space. Also, it’s suggested to reorganize your closet regularly.

5. Raise your Furniture with Legs

5 Raise the Furniture with Legs via simphomeThere are people who won’t buy legged furniture for their small bedrooms because it might take some precious space. Actually, using legged furniture will give a sense of bigger space.
It doesn’t mean that you have to raise all of the furniture in your bedroom, though. Your bed and nightstand will be enough. The point is you give some space under the furniture to make your bedroom look larger. Besides, you can use it to incorporate additional storage space.

4. Keep your Drapes as High as Possible

4 Keep the Drapes as High as Possible via simphomeSome homeowners are blessed with floor-to-ceiling windows while some others have to get by with their smaller windows. If you are one of them, don’t worry! You can do some magic or DIY to make your small windows look larger, which will make your bedroom look more spacious eventually.

For example, Try hanging your drapes above your window frame, as close to the ceiling as possible. This will create an effect that draws the eyes to look upwards. Let them suspend from the curtain rod without touching the floor and you can tie them too. if it is necessary.

3. Invest in Multipurpose Furniture

3 Invest in Multipurpose Furniture via simphomeInvesting in a multipurpose furniture is one of the easiest ways to optimize the available space in your bedroom. It doesn’t mean that you have to burn a hole in your pocket, though. This jewelry box, for example, can help you organize your jewelry as well as saving more space without making you short on cash.

First of all, prepare a big mirror, a pair of wood boards that have the same length as the mirror, screws, wood glue, paint, 2 D-Ring hangers, cabinet catch, 4 brass hinges, hooks, removable wallpaper, and a cutter. The point of this project is making a frame that has the same size as your mirror and the mirror used here will act as the door for the cabinet.
Firstly, Let’s begin with the frame making process. After cutting the boards to the expected size, place them according to your desired shape, then screw them using power drill and wood screws.

Once the pieces of wood have been assembled into a frame, paint them as you like. Put D-Ring hangers behind the frame about 10 cm from the top to hang it. Before you hang your frame, install the brass hinges onto one side of the wooden frame and screw them to the back of the mirror.
Attach the wallpaper behind the mirror and use your cutter to cut the wallpaper if needed. Now you can install some hooks to hang your accessories. Don’t forget to install the cabinet catch to keep it locked when not in use.

2. Lay a Stripped Rug

2 Lay a Stripped Rug via simphomeJust like how clothes make people looks taller or slimmer, stripes can make a room looks longer. Apply stripped pattern on your wall with paint or lay a stripped rug on the floor will do. Any idea you take, it almost guarantees with help to make your space look expanded.

Lastly, 1. Provide Adequate Lighting

1 Provide Adequate Lighting via simphome

A small room can look wider and larger with the help of its white walls, huge windows, and ample lighting. Lighting is also another element that can make your bedroom look bigger. If your small bedroom has lots off window, draw back your curtains or drapes, so you can let the natural light permeate into your bedroom.

But if your bedroom doesn’t have many windows, you can always use artificial light. Make sure you provide sufficient light and you’re good to go. Also, Pops of colors here and there will prevent your limited space looks too boring.
So, these are what you can do with your tiny bedroom to make it looks more spacious, less boring, and also more comfortable. Most of them are cheap, upgrade-able or downgrade-able and all you need to complete most of these ideas is just your weekend and a little bit of elbow grease.

Good luck with your choice and once again, visit link inside sub-title to detail every ideas presented in this list.

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