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10 Room Makeover Ideas for Cheap

When you think your home is getting bleak and boring, it means you need to overhaul it as soon as possible. Boring décor can lead to a bad mood which is not good for you and your family.
However, freshening up the look of your home entails a lot of money. Therefore, I come up with these 10 room makeover ideas that will make your home look fantastic without draining your bank. 10 Room Makeover Ideas for Cheap Featured image
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10. Change the Bedding
10 Change the Bedding via simphomeLet’s go with the simplest, easiest, and cheapest thing that you can do in your bedroom. Nope! It is not about repainting the wall. It is about changing the bedding.
This is the easiest way to infuse positive vibes to your bedroom. Besides, everybody can change the bedding, right? Even your kid can do it himself. Just get a new bedding from your closet and you are ready to go. Follow link to read 9 Tricks to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger by our trustee home makeover blog the spruce.

9. Add Stunning Flowers or Greenery
9 Add Stunning Flowers or Greenery via simphomeLiving elements such as flowers and greenery have never failed to provide their natural charm to any room in your home. Furthermore, they are more than just adornments that can improve the appearance of your interior but also provide fresh air.
Just place a planter with palm by the floor-to-ceiling glass window in your living room. Some hydrangeas on a coffee table or nightstand would spruce up your living room and bedroom well.

8. Matching the Décor
8 Matching the Décor via simphomeAlthough some homeowners are comfortable with eclectic style that mix and match various patterns, colors, and textures, some other people keep matching the decor.
Matching is a common thing to make the rooms in your house flow into one being. And what could go wrong with that? It is your safest bet especially if you are not really good at mixing and matching various colors which will end up creating a haphazard look.

Match the curtains with the walls will make the room appear to be larger. You can also match the rug with the throws or cushions to bring harmony to your living room. @Lamps Plus

7. Re-Grout Your Bathroom Tiles
7 Re Grout Your Bathroom Tiles via simphome 1Pay attention to the detail can surprise you with a big result. You may think that grout is just trivial thing that fill in the gaps between the tiles in your bathroom. but when the grout is getting grimy, it will make your bathroom look horrible.
When it happens, you do not need to change your bathroom tiles which will take up a lot of money, time, and energy. Just clean and re-grout your bathroom tiles and you’ll get a wonderful bathroom in an affordable price.

Before applying the grout, make sure that the surface is clean and dry. Then, apply the mixture of the grout using a rubber float in several directions. Let it dry for an hour before cleaning the tile surface using sponge.

Once the joints are dry, you might find some stubborn spots. Don’t worry! You can clean it later using a plastic scraper. Once you’ve cleaned it, apply the caulk on the grout and a sealant.

6. Try a DIY Headboard
6 Try a DIY Headboard via simphomeDoing a DIY project is the best way to get a stylish bedroom without burning a hole in your pocket. There are many ways that you can do with your headboard. You can make a DIY headboard out of wood planks, shutters, or even a pegboard.
This pegboard headboard is not only stylish but also incorporates additional storage solutions especially if your bedroom is quite small and lacks storage space.
All you need to do is just getting a pegboard and paint it as you pleased. Install some hooks on to suspend two or three wire baskets that host your books and phone. If you have power outlet near the bed, you can place a table lamp in the wire basket. Follow hyperlink to get 24 new ideas related to this entry.

5. Re-Frame Your Mirror
5 Re Frame Your Mirror via simphomeVanity is the spot that is visited by multiple users quite often because they need to look at the mirror for some time to make sure they are ready to rock the day. Since they look at the mirror every day, this grooming area can trigger the boredom. To get rid of the tedious look, you can try changing the frame of your vanity mirror.
Don’t underestimate a mirror frame. It can make a big change to your bathroom instantly. You can turn a modern bathroom into a more rustic one by adding rustic frame. If your frame is kinda sophisticated and you want to get a minimalist one, just remove the frame and let the mirror unframed. Trust me! It will change the whole thing.

4. Create a Centerpiece
4 Create a Centrepiece via simphomeDon’t let the wall above the headboard plain and stark. Adding a piece of art on it that can draw the eyes. There are many kinds of artistic pieces that you can choose from. But this boho wall hanging will be your greatest bet as it is chic yet easy to make.
Go find the steps of making a DIY Boho wall hanging on the internet to get the best Boho wall art that suits your personal taste well. Courtesy ahouseinthehills

3. Declutter Your Bedroom
3 Declutter Your Bedroom via simphomeWho would have guessed that the best way to makeover your bedroom is by decluttering it? Yes! It is as simple as it sounds. All you need to do is just your weekend and some elbow grease to do this project.
Try eyeballing your bedroom to get some less-used items. Once you’ve got them all, sort them thoroughly and you’ll find an abundance of unused items. You can just throw them away or store them in your storage room in case you will need them again someday.

2. Add More Patterns with Stencil

2 Add More Patterns with Stencil before via simphome

Stencil can add patterns to your boring bathroom instantly. It is a very cheap and easy project to do.
To do this project, you need to get mineral spirits, sponge, Rust-Oleum charcoal chalked paint, Rust-Oleum white linen chalked paint, paint roller and brush, tape, stencil, polycrylic, stencil roller, and small paint brush.

2 Add More Patterns with Stencil After via simphome

You need to clean the floor before applying the base colour. Once the paint is dry, use painter’s tape to hold the stencil delicately and begin to paint the stencil.

1. Display Your Memories
1 Display Your Memories via simphomeDon’t let your precious memories stay in your computer. Share them with your family and friends by displaying them in your living room. These photos will not only make a nice wall art but also remind you of the beautiful memories you had. Ideas by shutterfly.

Those are 10 room makeover ideas that won’t rob your bank. They are pretty simple and easy to do. A weekend or two will be enough to do these projects. Good luck!

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