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10 Bathroom Vanities that Fit for All Budgets

As the place where you may have to stay for a short while, your bathroom does need to be overhauled. Let’s begin with the grooming space where you often stop by after doing your business – the bathroom vanity. Your vanity is the busiest spot in your bathroom used by multiple users. That’s why doing a vanity makeover is necessary. You might come across lots of vanity makeover ideas, but few fit your budget well.

In this video, I come up with 10 bathroom vanity ideas that fit for all budgets perfectly because I believe that everybody deserves to get the ultimate comfort during their stay in the bathroom despite the budget. As usual, I invite you to visit to learn more.

10. Simple Rustic Bathroom Vanity
10 Simple Rustic Bathroom Vanity Simphome com
For some people, well-worn vanity is a nay as it will turn their bathroom into an obsolete one. That’s not true! If it were, why would people spend lots of money to get this look? This vanity, for example, incorporate the element of rustic look in this bathroom. And the best part of it is you can make it yourself which will help you save more bucks. You just need to get some wood planks, arrange them so you’ll have a countertop and an open shelf underneath it, then whitewash the vanity for the finishing touch. A classic faucet flanking a bronze basin on the countertop accentuates the rustic style perfectly.

9. Bathroom Vanity with Open Shelves
9 Bathroom Vanity with Open Shelves Simphome com
Open-shelf vanity is kind of on trend now. It is suitable for today’s dynamic and busy people that don’t even have much time to open and close the cabinets’ doors. They need a more efficient storage solution so they come up with open shelves.

This DIY-friendly vanity is all you need to embrace contrasting styles at once. The countertop and shelf are separated with metallic pipes. A white overmount sink sits perfectly on the countertop. Instead of cabinets, you can put wicker baskets on the shelf to add a textural element.

8. Floating Vanity
8 Floating Vanity Simphome com
Apparently, someone has cast a spell on this bathroom vanity. It’s floating! Well, it’s not actually floating. It is either suspended on that huge post or supported by the step. But one thing for sure, this floating vanity provides the upscale look of a modern bathroom with its spectacular design. Besides, a spacious countertop enables you to store your go-to toiletries on it so you can grab them in a wink. To satisfy the users who always seek viewing pleasure, a spot on the countertop has been designed to grow a decorative plant.

7. Vanity Mirror with Pull-Out Shelves
7 Vanity Mirror with Pull Out Shelves Simphome com
The best thing of doing a DIY project vardenafil mylan prezzo is you can always get what you want and like. Everything is all about you and how you want it to be done. This unique vanity mirror would be your top-notch additional storage solutions. It is different from those a-dime-a-dozen vanity mirrors with built-in shelves and glass door that can be opened and closed. This vanity features built-in shelves that can be pulled out aside. They allow you to get your night cream without breaking the contact with the mirror.

6. Ditch The Cabinets
6 Modern bathroom vanity Simphome com
Getting rid of the cabinets is a very common thing that you can do to make your small bathroom appear to be larger, just like this bathroom. The vanity looks clean and sleek with those bulky, space-eater cabinets. As a result, you have an extra space for your toes and knees since they won’t bump the cabinet’s door anymore. The countertop is also sleek with the minimalist shelves. And to make it simpler as well as improving its look, ditch the mirror frame. You don’t need it anyway.

5. Bring The Grain In
5 rustic modern bathroom vanity Simphome com
Who says that rustic look can’t get along well in a modern bathroom? Look at this wooden vanity. It is such a great way to blend rustic and modern style without compromising the harmony or being haphazard. They are still united. To get a little bit of rustic in your modern bathroom, you just need to make a wooden bathroom vanity with clean lines. If you are dealing with a confined bathroom, you need to consider eliminating the legs so you can have more space beneath it. For the finishing touch, apply a couple of coats of gel stain so the grain will be still clearly seen.

4. Hidden Electronic Appliances
4 Hidden Electronic Appliances Simphome com
Exposed power socket can be harmful for your kids. Therefore, you need to install it in a spot where your kids won’t be able to reach it. or, even better, just hide it in your vanity. This vanity is your safe bet when it comes to the ultimate safety. It features a pull-out shelf that you can use to store your electronic appliances so they will be far out of your curious kid finger reach.

3. Modern Bathroom Vanity
3 Modern Bathroom Vanity Simphome com
Sleek design and clean lines define this modern bathroom. And the minimalist vanity takes on the essence of futuristic style. The light beige veneer supplements the color schemes of the bathroom. A big white tube goes under the round vanity mirror and black faucet, creating a distinctive look that makes the bathroom become more fabulous. Instead of some open shelves, a pegboard-style wall accent is used to store toiletries and hang the towel.

2. Streamlined Wooden Vanity
2 Streamlined Wooden Vanity Simphome com
This wooden vanity provides a subtle nuance to the bathroom. It may look a bit rustic, but it doesn’t overlap the contemporary style of the bathroom at all. It also features an open shelf that you can find right under the sink. The simple design of the shelf that looks like a hook adds a dramatic look to the bathroom.

1. White Vanity with Copper Accent
1 White Vanity with Copper Accent Simphome com
Wanna add the touch of elegance in your super tiny bathroom? It’s easy. First, you need to paint your bathroom white because it can visually expand the space. Then, you can add some tints of copper accessories like flower pot, faucet, lanterns, and even mirror frame. These copper accents will add elegant look to your bathroom. But be careful! Don’t go overboard. Too much copper color in your bathroom will make it look more crammed.

Those are 10 bathroom vanity ideas that fit for all budgets. Now you can upgrade your vanity to the next level so you can feel comfortable when lingering in the grooming area.

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