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10 Bedroom Makeover Ideas for People with Limited Budget

The bedroom is indisputably the best place to just keep being you. You don’t need to please other people but you. All you have to do is just making sure that you feel comfortable with it. To get the ultimate comfort, you need to revamp your bedroom regularly. However, revamping a bedroom can cost a fortune which makes it hard for people with limited budget to do it. Don’t worry! I’ve summed up 10 bedroom makeover ideas that will improve your bedroom without draining your savings. As always, Welcome to

10. Super Space-Saving Bed
10 Super Space Saving Bed Simphome com
If limited budget is not the only one thing that you need to deal with, you need to try this idea to make the most out of your tiny bedroom.

This bed/closet combo is meticulously designed for those who are in a tight space and budget. It features a built-in shelf that is also functioned as stairs up to the bed. It works as well as the usual shelves on which you can store books, CDs, knick-knacks, and many other things.

Under the bed is a closet where you can store your outfits, shoes, suitcases, and the other things that you normally put in a closet. To access this storage, you’re just going to need to open the small door and simply lift the mattress. Pretty cool, right?

9. Re-organizing Walk-In Closet
9 Re organizing Walk In Closet Simphome com
One of the effortless and cheap makeover ideas is re-organizing your closet. This is a small project that you can do before doing a major one. You’ll be amazed when knowing that small changes can make a big impact to your bedroom.

To begin with, declutter your clothes – keep the ones that still fit like a glove or anything that still pleasing your eyes, and get rid of the ones that look horrible. Then, get four wicker baskets at Ikea to store some smaller things like swimming suits, workout gear, and medical supplies. Don’t forget to put on a label for each basket.

Next, get an open shelf or cubbies to store your footwear. You can always google a series of tutorial on how to DIY an open shelf for an affordable price and a personality boost. But if you think it’s arduous, just purchase one at Home Depot. For more detail, check link.

8. Boho Bedroom Makeover
8 Boho Bedroom Makeover Simphome com
Who says a Boho bedroom has to be vivacious? In fact, a bohemian bedroom can look serene with its neutral hues that still gives it a lively lift.

You can just focus on applying a wide array of patterns and types of textiles if you are not into a colorful bedroom. This bedroom, for example, is decorated with neutral color palettes like beige, white, and brown which provide a more relaxed ambience.

A little touch of Mid-century modern style can be seen here. It’s represented by the peg-leg side tables that anchor the bed. Next to the table is a white planter with beautiful Philodendrons that perks this minimalist bedroom up. To create a sense of a spacious room, you can add a huge mirror on the wall.

7. Expand Your Small Bedroom Visually
7 Expand Your Small Bedroom Visually Simphome com
There are many things that you can do to make your small bedroom appear to be larger although you’re in a tight budget. First, roll out a striped rug on the floor. It will make your bedroom appear to be more spacious. Second, investing in multi-purposes furniture just like a bed with built-in drawers will be better. Now, use a little elbow grease and your creativity to make wall-mounted racks so you have your floorspace. To beef your room up, you can hang a picture or photograph on the wall above the pillows. Or, you can just stencil it.

6. A Personality Boost
6 A Personality Boost Simphome com
Don’t limit yourself in such rigid rules of decorating a bedroom. Hey! Come on! It’s your bedroom. It should reflect what you like. If you want to lay a rug with bohemian pattern, just do it. Place a copper table lamp on each table side to create a bedroom reading corner. If you have plenty of space on your shelf, try dressing it up with some accessories and plants with different sizes to vary the look.

5. Dress Up Your Shelves
5 Dress Up Your Shelves Simphome com
One of the best ways to jazz your bedroom up is by dressing up your shelf. Bookshelves – despite the name – are not only used to store books. You can display knick-knacks, artworks, and whatever you want. But you still need to pay attention to the composition or you will end up creating a haphazard look. To avoid it, you can color coordinate your books, tray, and some other stuff you store on the shelf. This will make your bedroom look more organized and streamlined.

4. Look Around for The Best Deal
4 Look Around for The Best Deal Simphome com
If you want to get accessories on the cheap, just look around your house. What you can find? You might find some unused things abandoned in your storage them like photo frames, shutters, planks, etc. Get and clean them thoroughly so they can make pretty good accessories for your bedroom.

3. Conquer the Awkward Corner
3 Conquer the Awkward Corner Simphome com
Living in a small bedroom requires you to be creative in making use of the available space, even the most awkward one like the corner of a room. The corner can be a great place to store your knick-knacks. All you need to do is just DIYing these shelves and desk. By doing it, you will be able to have your very own working table in your small bedroom without compromising the other furniture. Browse simphome for more tutorials on how to make this wonderful corner desk.

2. Personalize Your Headboard
2 Personalize Your Headboard Simphome com
Don’t let your bed look blah without anything that can accentuate it and make it as the center of attention. The absence of headboard might make your bedroom look as if it weren’t incomplete. You have to find – or make – the missing piece so that you can save more bucks as well as personalize it to your liking. Using some leftover is your next way to go. Bind some wood planks together and secure the edges using trims. You can just whitewash the headboard for a modern farmhouse look.

1. Keep Things Simple
1 Keep It Simple Stupid Simphome com
If you admire modern style, keep things simple is the key. Repaint your wall with a more neutral and soothing color like white or light gray. Ditch the sophisticated headboard and replace it with a large photo or painting hanging on the wall. Investing in peg leg tables would be a great idea as the thin legs can trick the eyes and make you think that the room is larger than it really is.

Now you know that bedroom makeover on a budget isn’t a mission impossible. By harnessing your imagination and using what you’ve got, you can even make the best bedroom ever without spending any money.

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