10 Cheap Bedroom Design Ideas

If you can’t get enough sleep and begin to feel bored, you may need to refurbish your bedroom to maintain the positive vibes as soon as possible.
However, a lot of makeover ideas entail much money which doesn’t suit you well.

If you are going to overhaul your bedroom, hold on a few minutes and read this list first as I come up with 10 cheap bedroom design ideas that “I think” won’t break your bank. 10 Bedroom Design Idea for Cheap Pinterest Featured Image
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10. Neutral Colour Always Works
10 Neutral Colour Always Works via simphome
If you aren’t blessed with spacious bedroom, don’t be upset! You can make it look gorgeous and become the most comfortable place in your house despite the limited space. You can begin with painting your bedroom white.
White is your go-to color when it comes to small space since it can make the room become visually larger and airier.

Make it the color base of your bedroom and you can pair it with any color of your choice.
For the best choice, try pairing white with neutral colors such as black, beige, or gray. Soft and neutral color will comfort you well. And this combo works well with any bedroom including an oversize one.

9. Paint Your Bedroom One Hue
9 Paint Your Bedroom One Hue via simphome
If white hues aren’t your things, you can opt for any other color you like and stick to it. Matching the color of the furniture with your wall will make them flow into one being. And for me, soft color hues would be the best choice.
This bedroom uses icy shade of blue to promote a better sleep. This soft color hue doesn’t make the limited space become more confined, and doesn’t hurt the eyes either. Besides, blue is the color of tranquility which is suitable for a bedroom.

8. Give It A Lively Lift
8 Give It A Lively Lift via simphomeWhen it comes to infuse good vibes to your bedroom, incorporating plants in the decoration is a great idea. Not only do they perk your bedroom up but also filter the air and generate oxygen well.
You can put a planter along with Philodendron or Raphis Excelsa at one of the corners of your bedroom. If you want something cute that adds pops of colors to your bedroom, go with roses, carnations, or hydrangeas.
For a perfect and natural accent wall, place a climbing plant like devil’s ivy above the headboard.

7. Bohemian Bedroom Ideas
7 Bohemian Bedroom Ideas via simphomeBohemian style is kinda on trend now. Don’t miss this trend and upgrade your bedroom using Boho style.
The key of this style is the mix and match of patterns. Don’t be afraid of mixing stripes with floral patterns. Boho style also sets your creativity free. You can use any colour you want, but earthy colours are the most common ones just like what you can see here. earthy colours can be seen in the patterned rug and that woven wall art.
The furniture used in a Boho bedroom has to be a little bit worn, but not too old and obsolete. Therefore, vintage and second-hand items will be your safe bet.

6. DIY Headboard
6 DIY headboard idea via simphomeHeadboard is one of the most conspicuous things in the bedroom. Making a stylist headboard to improve the look of your bed is not arduous. You can even make it yourself.
To make this headboard, you’re gonna need MDF, shims,
Two 49-inch and two 56-inch pieces of 1×1 trim with mitered corners, hot glue gun, hammer, and finishing nails.
First, create the frame of your headboard. Then, lay out the shims begin with the corner and attach them using hot glue gun. It’s very easy, isn’t it?

5. Scandinavian Bedroom Design
5 Scandinavian Bedroom Design via simphomeScandinavian style is also as popular as Boho style. Many homeowners fall in love with this style due to the minimalist look.
Yes. Minimalist look is the key of a Scandinavian bedroom. Use neutral colour palette like black, gray, white, or brown as the base. Do not use a wal-to-wall carpet to cover the floor. Use a rug with warm textiles instead.

Add wooden furniture to the decoration just like these nightstands and rustic bench. And don’t forget to add plants to your bedroom since they are must-have items for Scandinavian décor.

4. Cinder Block Nightstand

4 Cinder Block Nightstand via simphomeFor those who have limited budget, skills, space, and time, this nightstand will be your best friend. This night stand helps you host your table lamp and incorporates additional storage solutions.
You will not need any hammer and finishing nails to do this project. It won’t take up a lot of your valuable time either because you can make one in less than 15 minutes. All you need to do is just getting three cinder blocks, stack them together with two blocks lie vertically to support the other one on top.

3. Less is More

3 Less is More idea using crate via simphomeSome homeowners dream to have a comfortable bedroom without much fussy furniture. If you are one of them, you can try this idea.
This bedroom uses neutral hues like the gray of concrete wall, natural shades of woods, and a crepe pillow. The furniture is left in its natural shade to add more warmth to the look. Everything remains simple.

Upcycling anything you have at home will definitely help you decorate your bedroom on the cheap. Even the headboard is made out of a piece of wood that is placed between the bed and wall. The nightstand is only a crate that has been sanded to smoothen the surface.

2. Minimalist Traditional Bedroom

2 Minimalist Traditional Bedroom via simphomeThis might look like a traditional bedroom, but it is still comfortable. Laying a bed in the middle and anchoring it with two nightstands is a classic way to design a small bedroom. By leaving some space on both sides of the bed, it will feel like the bedroom is larger than it really is.
A chandelier or pendant lamp can amp the bedroom up. But since you are tight in budget, you can opt for a DIY pendant light just like the one over this bed.

1. Attic Bedroom
1 Attic Bedroom via simphomeSleeping in an attic is not always bad. In fact, it can be fun.
An attic bedroom tends to be small. Therefore, you need to buy or make a multipurpose furniture item like this bed with some drawers. Place the bed under the window so you can lie on the bed while staring at the sky.

These 10 cheap bedroom design ideas will improve the look of your bedroom and make it more comfortable without costing you a fortune. Now, cheer up because you know that you can have your dream bedroom although you are tight in budget!

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