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10 Bedroom Design Ideas for Kids

For some kids, sleeping by themselves in their own personal bedroom can be scary.
They soak in their frightening imagination because their bedroom is not appealing to them.
You can help them feel more comfortable by overhauling it.

Don’t worry! I came up with 10 spectacular bedroom design ideas for your kids that will make them enjoy spending time and sleeping in their bedroom by themselves.

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10. Space-Saving Bedroom Idea
10 Space Saving Bedroom Idea via simphomeA bedroom for a kid doesn’t have to be fancy and full of adornments. A simple yet functional bedroom can be the best choice especially if you are dealing with a space-challenged one. The ultimate goal is to make your kid feel comfortable.
In this small bedroom,
everything is kept to a minimum. Green and white are the only colors used here because they can expand the space visually. A green-and-white striped wallpaper hangs behind the floating cubies, creating the illusion of a spacious room.
The daybed is shoved against the wall to create more space in the middle.
It features a few drawers underneath which incorporate additional storage solutions.

9. Climb The Wall Up
9 Climb The Wall Up via simphomeKids – especially boys – are always full of energy.
They also love moving around like jumping, running, and climbing to blow off steam. Why don’t you let your son do it in his bedroom?
Incorporating a trampoline in his bedroom might be a good start because it would be like a treasure for him.

Add an abundance of wall-climbing stones on the wall so he can climb up the wall to reach the bunk bed or the higher area. Just don’t forget to lie a few mattresses on the floor. Safety first!

8. Bedroom and Game Room Combo
8 Bedroom and Game Room Combo via simphomeA kid likes playing in his bedroom. Well, that’s okay. He likes bringing all his toys in the bedroom and leave them scattered around. That’s absolutely not okay! Therefore, you need to invest in some storage shelves and cubes so he can learn how to store his toys.

The shelves and baskets have to be within his reach so he can get the toys and store them back without any assistance. It would be better if you also include harmony to the bedroom decoration, just like these blue fabric storage cubes that match the small sofa and curtain well.

7. A Bedroom for A Racer Wannabe
7 A Bedroom for A Racer Wannabe via simphome

It is important to know what your kid is really into because he will feel comfy when surrounded with what he likes. And this bedroom is for your racer wannabe.
The red racing car bed provides a cool place to hit the sack. The garage loft bed adds an extra space to have a ball. A stair is used to get the easy access to the loft bed. And what makes it better is the steps that feature built-in hidden storage that you can use to store small items like socks, pants, and toys without compromising the remaining space.

6. Sporty Bedroom for Boys
6 Sporty Bedroom for Boys via simphome

Your boys are growing faster that you think. That’s why their interest keeps changing, which means you’re gonna need to refurbish their bedroom more often. That would be too much trouble.
But you can save more bucks and time by applying neutral color schemes since it will still suit your son well as he ages. Making a timeless bedroom doesn’t mean that you ditch any indoor games.

Boys will be always boys. Although they’ve grown up, they will still love to play.
Opt for sporty accessories instead of the kiddish ones. Hang a boxing sandbag at the corner, and attach a basketball ring on the loft bed so your little kid can brush up on his skills while having fun in the bedroom.

5. A little Princess’s Bedroom
5 A little Princess Bedroom via simphome

Hey, ladies! What did you dream of when you were kids? Most of you must have dreamt of becoming a princess who lived in a beautiful castle and was waiting for a prince. Yep! Most little girls want to be a princess someday, and so does your daughter. And you can make her dream come true.
Get a castle bunk bed online or at the toy store near you. Or, if you are an avid carpenter and have much time, you can make the bunk bed yourself.
And this one can be your inspiration.

This bunk bed packs a lot of fun in just one spot. The white stair on the left side provides an easy access to the top bunk while you can find slide on the other side. The pillars feature built-in shelves that you can use to store books and knick-knacks.

4. Pirates of The Bedroom
4 Pirates of The Bedroom via simphomeAhoy, Matey! Let your little pirate explore his imagination with this boat bed. The octopus, chest, and shark are the icing on the cake, which brings the adventure to life. White and ocean blue color schemes are mainly used to decorate the bedroom.

3. DIY Birdhouse Lamp
3 DIY Birdhouse Lamp via simphome

This cute night light will perk your kid’s bedroom up. And the most wonderful thing is you can make it yourself to cut down on more expense. All you need to do is just getting a birdhouse and some elbow grease.
If you can find a birdhouse in a thrift store, congratulations! You’ve made headway. The next step is making a hole at the back so the night light piece can fit snugly, and a bigger hole under the birdhouse.If you want to take it to the next level, try making a lot of small holes to create patterns. And when you turn on the lamp, the light will be seen through the holes.

2. DIY Bedframe
2 DIY Bedframe via simphome

This canopy bed can be your greatest bet if you want to make your kid smile while saving more money. It is made of pine boards. You only need to assemble the boards using screws for a sturdier structure. To make it look more splendid, hang sheer curtains or string lights on the canopy bed.

1. Frozen Themed Bedroom
1 Frozen Themed Bedroom via simphome

Every little girl dreams to be as stunning and powerful as Elsa. Who wouldn’t? She is a beautiful princess with wondrous magical power that can make a castle out of ice. It’s wonderful, isn’t it?
You know that you can’t cast a spell to make your daughter get this power. However, you can do some magic by adding Frozen accessories in her bedroom.
It will do in a pinch and make her smile exuberantly.

You can go with Frozen- themed wallpaper with Elsa and Anna in it. Try investing a castle bunk bed to make it look more authentic. And to kick it up a notch, try making a DIY Frozen chandelier from a wire circle that is sprayed blue and decorated with icicle garland and mini ornaments. (Additional source)

Those are 10 bedroom design ideas for your beloved kids. Aren’t they wonderful? You can try to show one of these ideas to your kids and let’s see which one suits their style perfectly and adds a personality boost to their bedroom.
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