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How many times do you reorganize your closet in a month due to its messy look? If you’ve done it for countless time, it means you need to fix your closet system soon. Fixing your closet system is crucial because it can help you keep your clothes organized for a longer period of time.

And to do this, you need to check these clever closet systems worth copying.
No matter what size your closet is – whether small or large – these closet systems will work like a charm.

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10. DIY Wooden Closet with Galvanized Pipes
10 DIY Wooden Closet with Galvanized Pipes via simphomeMaking a perfect closet system doesn’t have to be arduous. You can make one in just a day or even a couple of hours depending on your skills. To make this awesome closet, you need to get lumber. You can save more bucks if you’ve got some in your storage room. But if you don’t have any, you can get it at hardware store for about $120. You will also need pipes and screws.

The first thing you need to do is building 4 leg supports. Make sure each leg support has to be placed every 3 feet to prevent it from sagging. But if your closet is pretty tight, you can shorten the legs a few inches so that the closet system can fit in. After cutting and threading the shelving boards to the bottom and top shelf, you can install the galvanized pipes to hang your clothes. Not that hard, right?

9. Closet Shelves with Fabric Storage Cubes on A Budget
9 Closet Shelves with Fabric Storage Cubes on A Budget via simphomeThis closet system will be a great project for your weekend. It is easy to make and inexpensive. You only need to make the cube shelves out of a sheet of MDF cut into 14” strips, 1×2 pine boards, finishing nails, caulk, and wood filler.

The first thing you need to do is attaching three MDF cuttings on the wall. To make it sturdier, add 1×2 boards as the supports and nail them into the studs on each side wall. Then, you can make the cubie dividers from MDF that has been cut into the size you need. To perfect the look, add poplar facing.

And for the storage cubes, you can make them from cardboard to save more time. But if it doesn’t fit in your shelves, you can use foam boards to make some cubes. Then wrap the cubes with fabric of your choice, and secure the fabric using spray adhesive.

8. Expandable and Adjustable Shelf
8 Expandable and Adjustable Shelf via simphomeWire closet system is a top-notch choice if you want to get your clothes organized without breaking a sweat. These closet systems come in various sizes and designs depending on the brand that you will purchase.

All brands are installed by attaching the kits on the wall. Then, you can set up the rods and shelves to any height you want. That’s what makes it wonderful. And some brands also feature divider or drawer cube.

7. Plumbing Pipe Closet Organizer
7 Plumbing Pipe Closet Organizer via simphomeIf you are a big fan of the industrial look of steampunk style, try incorporating these shelves in your closet system. The good thing is you can re-purpose the plumbing pipes you have to cut down on expense. But if you don’t have any, you can make it from scratch.

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To make this closet system, you’re gonna need some black iron plumbing pipes, elbow pipe fittings, 3-way pipe fittings, ¾” pine boards, pipe clamps, and screws. Do not forget to sand down the board before staining them.

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Tip: Use gel stain for an upscale glossy look for your closet system.

6. Wardrobe with Full-Length Mirror Doors
6 Wardrobe with Full Length Mirror Doors 2 via simphomeHaving a walk-in closet is such a blessing. Even if it is not that big, you should be grateful for that. But if you think the limited space is the biggest problem you have in your closet, try incorporating full-length mirrors on your closet door.
6 Wardrobe with Full Length Mirror Doors via simphomeFull-length mirror will reflect the light in your walk-in closet, making it appear to be more spacious. Besides, they can help you see your look, from head to toe, to make sure whether or not you are ready to go with that outfit.

5. Rotatable Closet
5 Rotatable Closet via simphomeDon’t have enough space for your shoes and accessories? Try this custom closet organizer system. The idea of this closet system is derived from the fabulous lazy susan shoe rack that can be rotated so you’ll find your shoes easier.

This closet features two rotatable shelves which means you can store more shoes and accessories without gobbling up a lot of space. The other sides of the shelves are hidden so the closet will look tidy and organized. One of the rotatable shelves features a full-length mirror that you can use to double-check your look. After you’re finished, you can hide it away so it will be out of your sight.

4. Use Up Every Space You Have
4 Use Up Every Space You Have via simphomeEyeball every space in your small closet. Don’t let any potential space lie dormant if you want to make the most of a tiny closet. You can turn your closet doors into a perfect additional storage solution by adding some racks. You can make the racks yourself out of boards, or you can just get some adjustable racks from IKEA or Amazon. These racks will turn out well as they help you to host the essentials you use on a regular basis.
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3. Bold and Modern Shelf
3 Bold and Modern Shelf via simphomeAdd the touch of boldness and luxury in your closet by applying this closet system. Sometimes being luxurious doesn’t have to be exaggerating. A simple design featuring clean-line edges and monochromatic hues can be a perfect way to add an upscale look to your closet.

2. Mirrors are Everywhere
2 Mirrors are Everywhere via simphomeWhy do you have to stick to just one or two mirrors if you can have more in your closet? Having more mirrors means you can double-check your look quickly and easily from any angle.

You don’t have to get many full-length mirrors and have them lean against the wall. All you need to do is just installing mirrors as a part of your closet doors. Combining with white hues and sufficient light, the mirrors will do a magic that makes your closet look bigger.

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1. Transparent Glass Doors
1 Transparent Glass Doors via simphomeConsider replacing your wooden closet doors with transparent glass doors. The glass doors will allow you to see what’s inside the closet without even opening it. Try adding LED light in your closet to provide sufficient light to the closet. Besides, the light will also infuse the closet with an elegant look so that you will feel more comfortable when lingering in it.

Clever closet systems are all about getting things organized. It is not always about the size. Even if your closet is pretty small, you can make it look fabulous and chic with one of these mind-blowing ideas.

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