Storage solutions 1
Storage solutions 1

Purses, yard utensils, kitchen supplies, and other toss-it-in-the-corner objects add up to become an avalanche when you open the closet door. You’ve seen the aftermath of these types of disasters. Digging through trinkets to find that special pair of scissors or the exact tool you need can be time consuming and frustrating. Here are some easy do-it-yourself storage solutions that will save you time, money, and frustration

1.Hanging hooks for cups.

simphome hanging mug

Kitchen cabinets can be a tricky area to organize. How many cups have you dropped trying to pull out the one from the back of the cabinet? With this easy solution, you’ll have easy access to all your mugs. Simply hang your mugs from the top of the cabinet using a metal screw-in hook. Your mug will hang from the top by its handle, making it easy and accessible. This also allows for quicker drying after a wash. (via apartmenttherapy)

2.Hanging baskets in closets.

simphome under cabinet

While we’re talking about hooks, do the same thing with your small baskets in a closet. A simple metal screw-in hook from a hardware store makes it easy to hang baskets above a shelf or in a closet. This is also a great way to save dead space! Storing things only in the bottom of a closet wastes space, but hanging something from the bottom of a shelf or from a hanger can always save room. (via organizingmadefun)

3.Lazy Susan organization tips.

simphome rolling pantry

But what if you can’t hang something from the top of the closet? Long shelves that go back into the corner are some areas which always seem to get junked up with random things you need, but only use once in a while. Install a lazy susan into your shelf corner so that less space is wasted and you can turn the table to find the items you need. This brings items in the back to the front and vice versa, so you can remember what is in the back!. (via decorchick)

4.Wood slats for hanging foldable chairs.

foldable chair

If things are feeling unorganized, rather than making it into an obstacle course, get things straight. Even though your foldable lawn chairs can easily double as a hurdle for intruders, hang them on the garage wall using a couple slats of wood angled upwards and nailed to the wall or exposed beams there. Then you can hang your foldable lawn chairs upside down and retrieve them when needed. (via familyhandyman)

5.Shoe organizer and comparison.

simphome shoe storage

Shoes can be one of the most difficult things to store, especially near entryways. Many do-it-yourself solutions just plain fail at storing shoes. You don’t always have to be handy, though. Try this fold out shoe storage bin which doubles as the perfect sized bench!

It’s perfect for an entryway—you can sit on it to put your shoes on, as it has a comfortable built in cushion on top, which is also removable if desired. Stored away inside the bench, shoes are out of sight and out of mind. Unfold the easy-to-open rotary door to reveal your perfectly organized shoe collection. (via homedit)


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6.Cabinet drawer.

simphome cabinet drawer

The entryway isn’t the only place that gets clogged up, though. Need to find the bleach or Windex? You’d probably rather call the insurance company than dig through the endless bottles and rags under the kitchen sink! Knock over one bottle of cleaner and the cabinet becomes the world’s largest game of dominoes. Instead of digging on your hands and knees under the kitchen sink, check out this Simple Solutions cabinet drawer. Enjoy the drawer divider, as you can store more objects without it getting messy. Made from an Epoxy-coated steel structure, this easy to use pull out drawer is the perfect organizer for under-the-sink objects. (via entwood)

7.Tension rod.

simphome tension rod

Looking for easy and cheap ways to continue organizing your kitchen? Another great way to store spray bottles under the sink is to install a thin tension rod inside the cabinet so you can hang your spray bottles. Scoot them from side to side or organize them according to kind using this easy to install tension rod. If you don’t like the height, just move the bar—that’s the beauty of a tension rod! (via diyncrafts)

8.Peg board organizer.

simphome pegboard

If your craft or sewing area is littered with object of all shape, use a peg board to get organized. Peg boards come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s easy to find baskets, small containers and wire holders to fit into the holes for easy storage. You can even paint it the color you want or frame the sides before hanging it on the wall. Use small buckets to hang from a hook on the peg board where you can store rubber bands, paper clips, pushpins, or other small items. This is a great and easy way to get organized at the craft station. (via diyjoy gingersnapcrafts)

9.Coat hangers.

Alright ladies—cooler weather is on the way, so where are your scarves and tights? If you’re like most, they’re probably stuffed into an over-crowded drawer somewhere. Keep them where they’re easy to find by hanging them in a simple knot across the bottom beam of a coat hanger! Each hanger can easily store three to five scarves or sets of tights. Hanging in your closet, they’re easy to find when you need a specific color.

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10.Jewelry organizer.

simphome jewelry storage

But what about storing smaller accessories, like jewelry? Armoires can be extremely expensive, and they just take up more space. One easy method is to use upholstery tacks on an old piece of wood trim. It looks classy and provides a nice place to hang your jewelry from. Push the tacks into the wood, and give it all a new paint job before mounting it on a wall. This is a really simple way to get your rings, necklaces, bracelets and other accessories out of the bottom of the drawer. It will also keep everything from getting tangled. (via gratefulprayerthankfulheart)

11.Corner shelves.

simphome corner shelf

Corner shelves are one of the most fashionable and easy to install space savers out there! Have a corner that needs a little spicing up? Find a piece of wood and use a saw to cut it into a triangle shape. Simply mount the shelf in the corner using large nails. Make sure you’re hitting a stud in the wall so your shelf is adequately supported. You can also stack these shelves if you have enough wood. It’s the perfect shelving unit for an alarm clock or vase that doesn’t fit elsewhere. You can also mount these higher up in the corner to avoid accidents by children or pets. (via homedit)

12.Spice racks.

simphome spice rack

The bathroom can also be a culprit for lurking miscellaneous items. Be ingenious and use spice racks nailed to the wall to hold things such as hair spray, bottles, brushes, soap, razors, or other items which are usually left on the bathroom counter. These are simple shelves made for spices, but they can easily be repainted or decorated according to your preference. The nice thing about using spice racks is that you can position them wherever you’d like on the wall. Continue with 12 ways how to use IKEA Bekvam spice racks. (via apartmenttherapy)

13.Plastic magazine holder.

simphome magazine holder

The most annoying and awkward item to store in the bathroom is the hair dryer. Whether you have a turbo-powered dryer the size of a machine gun or a small dainty one, cords tend to tangle in everything (including your feet sometimes). Put a plastic magazine holder on the inside of the bathroom cabinet below the sink using screws, and this becomes the perfect hair dryer holder when you open the cabinet. Just fold up the cords and place it back in the magazine holder and close the cabinet door for quick storage. (via architectureartdesigns)

14.Magazine rack.

simphome kitchen magazine holder

A hair dryer isn’t the only thing you can store in a magazine holder. Try fastening one to the inside of the cabinet door below the kitchen sink to store your aluminum foil and plastic wraps! You can also use it for garbage bags or grocery bags, and it can store pretty much anything that will fit nicely inside. (via apartmenttherapy)

15.Toothbrush holder.

simphome toothbrush storage

You’re probably thinking okay, that takes care of the big stuff in the bathroom, but what about the small things like toothbrushes? If you don’t want to store them in a toothbrush holder, which is easily knocked over, cut small indents on the edge of the cabinet shelf to hang your toothbrush from. Make the cuts small enough to where you can slide a toothbrush in to hang it from the actual brush, but not so big that it will fall through! (via familyhandyman)

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