5 Ways How To Build Brilliant Garden Container ideas

There are endless ways when it comes to choosing what to use as a garden container, as long as there is drainage and space for the soil.
Although it may sound easier, buying cute planters from the store can cost you big bucks. Look around the house for things that can be used to hold plants, vegetables and herbs.

Think of how you can repurpose old furniture, crockery, shoes and even clothes for your garden. But if you are willing to spend some cash you can explore local stores for more unique items!

In this list, I have compiled 5 ways to build brilliant garden containers you can try by, regardless of your gardening skill, budget and space.

5.Baking Tin Planters

1 Baking2BTin2BPlanters simphome comCut a thick plastic sheet into a semi circle considering the diameter of your round baking tin. Next, apply a small amount of gorilla glue on the edges of baking tin and stick the plastic sheet on it. Make sure they are glued properly and wait for the glue to dry. Put stones at the base for drainage before adding a layer of potting soil and plant your herbs. Source

4.Drawer Planters

Drawer2BPlanters2Bideas2Bfrom2Bsimphome comOne of the easiest ways to build brilliant garden containers is by re-purposing unused drawers or wooden boxes from your storage room. Always clean them from the dusts before turning them into planters. You may ruin the wooden containers if you fill it directly with wet potting mix, that’s why opt for plant-filled pots inside the outer container instead.

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3.Seashell Planters

3 Seashell2BPlanters simphome com
Pick up some large seashells from the local beaches or craft stores. Using a drill, make a small water drainage hole in the base. Fill the shells with a thin layer of pebbles for drainage and top with potting mix. Plant your selection of cactus or succulents.

Remember to keep the seashell planters in a place with enough natural light and water as needed.

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2.Succulents Book Planters

Succulents2BBook2BPlanters simphome comCut at least 5cm deep square-shaped hole to plant your succulents in the book, preferably start right after the title page. You don’t need to make a perfectly cut square because only the top page that will be visible.
Cover the hole with a small plastic bag to prevent the water and put free-draining materials at the bottom. Place the succulent and fill the hole with soil to make the plant stand on its own. Source

1.Milk Carton Planters

Milk2BCarton2BPlanters simphome comThe last ways to build brilliant garden containers is by using milk carton planters. Just collect used milk cartons and rinse them out thoroughly. After the carton is dry, cut out one side that will be the top of the planter.
Tape the edges of the opening with strong duct tapes to maintain the shape.
Poke a few drainage holes at the base. Fill the planter with potting soil and place the plants on the top.

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Keep in mind that the plants will need more water since they are not directly planted on the ground, so always give your potted garden regular watering. If you are following these ways to build brilliant garden containers, you still need to choose food safe planters when you are planting edible plants.

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