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10+ Sunflower Garden Ideas

Sunflowers are known for their behavior to face the sun, that’s why they are called heliotropic. As the name suggests, sunflowers look just like the sun, with beaming light. It’s such a lovely idea if you happen to live in a sunny region which is just a perfect place to grow them.
Sunflowers can be an ideal plant for your garden as they possess lots of benefits not only beautiful appearances. With many varieties of sunflowers exist to cheer you, here I am giving you 10 Sunflower Garden Ideas that you can present to your garden or backyard and everyone you invite there.

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10. Sunflower Shelter Project idea | Almanac Sunflower Shelter 3 1It’s no secret that sunflowers can bring positive vibes and energy with their bright colors on their rounded heads. The average sunflowers can grow up to 6 to 10 feet tall, depending on what type of varieties.
It makes you have a chance to build a shelter in the garden due to their height. Here is how to build it if you wish to make one. Choose an area where it receives lots of sunlight, with a flat surface and fertile soil.
The shelter can be shaped with many forms such as square, rectangular, triangular or circular. Sunflower Shelter 1
Create a trench about a foot along the decided point with a shovel. Start planting the seeds about 6 inches apart and 1 inch deep.
Then water them regularly. If the weather is good enough, you will see them sprout approximately a week.
Spread some mulch best place to buy hgh around the plants once their leaves come out. It can prevent weeds and grass to grow around them.

9. Pair It with Cucumber | Gardeningonthego | Homeguides Pair It with Cucumber 1Having a tall appearance means it can provide shade for other plants in the garden, including cucumber, lettuce, and melons. Companion planting offers plenty of advantages as it can double the result when it comes to harvesting.
That is what sunflowers’ height gives to other plants in the garden. It works well to cast shade for plants or vegetables like cucumbers. Working as a natural trellis for vegetables, sunflowers protect cucumbers for overwhelmed heat that fries them. Pair It with Cucumber 2Sunflowers can also be a useful distraction when bugs like aphids attack, thanks to their thick stalks. Therefore, planting some sunflowers will help you keep vegetables safe from infestation.

8. Build this Sunflower Pyramid project | Homebnc Sunflower Pyramid

As I mentioned earlier, you can shape sunflowers with plenty of forms using improvised methods. This idea should be interesting enough to try. By mounting sunflowers into a pyramid, you will have an outstanding spot on the corner of your garden. Follow link inside description to get more information related to this idea

7. Sunflower Privacy Screen Project idea | Owntheyard | Wholefoodhome | Wholefoodhome Sunflower Privacy Screen 1How to grow giant sunflowers? Well before that I believe everybody loves privacy, and that goes without saying! Hence, it’s not wrong if you feel like creating such a place as it will make you feel safe. The backyard would be a perfect area to begin with.
A garden with a privacy screen isn’t just for a show. It really helps keep some unwanted guests nosy neighbors out. There are numerous options for erecting walls for your backyard from a wall of bushes, common wooden fences, stone walls or you can use sunflowers instead. To answer question that open this topic, Helianthus Mammoth. Sunflower Privacy Screen 2Helianthus Mammoth would be a type of sunflower that is perfect for a privacy screen as it can grow up to 12 feet tall, which is a suitable plant for creating a natural fence.

6. Growing Sunflower in a Container | Thriftyfun 6. Growing Sunflower in a ContainerYou might be wondering if sunflowers can be potted. The answer is “yes.” This kind of question oftentimes come from people who live in limited space yet still want to grow the flower whose seeds can be eaten as a snack.
From Big Smile, Italian White, Music Box, these are types of sunflowers that you can grow in containers. You will need a big container for it, though, as their roots are large and small containers can prevent sunflowers from growing into its full potential.
In some cases, mammoth varieties should be provided with staking to keep them upright.
Plant sunflower seeds in a light potting soil into a dept of 1 inch and 6 inches apart. Put containers in a full sun area. Make sure to water them daily, especially during hot weather.

5. Cheer Up Your Mailbox | Hometalk Cheer Up Your MailboxA mailbox would be just an ordinary box with a common shape and pale look after years withstanding rough weather. To make it look a bit nicer, repainting it with a new color can an option. You can even write your name on it.
Or plant some flowers around the mailbox such as butterfly bushes and sunflowers. The picture speaks for itself. Sunflowers look stand out among those blue flowers, adding a nice contrast and interest to the yard.

4. Grow Perennial Sunflower | BHG Grow Perennial Sunflower Ideas 2Perennial sunflowers can be distinguished from their appearances which aren’t as huge and as colorful of their annual types, yet they still have the same beautiful looks as well. Most perennial sunflowers are fond of well-drained soil with common moisture. Grow Perennial Sunflower Ideas 1Here are some lovely perennial varieties that you Ca an try growing in your garden to boost the curb appeal:
• Lemon Queen sunflower
• Low Down sunflower
• Maximilian sunflower
• Swamp sunflower
• Willow-leaf sunflower.
They would make a great impression for your yard when joined with dahlia, daylilies, salvia. Dahlia sure has an attractive, red face, making it a good pair with sunflowers. Daylilies and salvia would elevate your garden look even more.

3. Grow Annual Sunflower | BHG Grow Annual SunflowerSunflowers are heat-and-drought-tolerant plants. They require a full sun roughly for 6-8 hours a day. Planting sunflowers when spring frost has passed is highly recommended.
There’s a wide range of sunflowers, some of which aren’t that tall. They also have different features like single stem, branching, or dwarf that you can choose which suits you the best. Grow Annual SunflowerIf you have limited space, try growing Sunny Smile and Teddy Bear in a planter. They are great annuals that can grow less than 3 feet tall.

2. Sunflower projects for Your Kids | Bobvila| Thespruce | HGTV | Panamseed Sunflower for Your Kids 1With such happy and bright colors, sunflowers can attract kids’ attention so easily. The problem would be their heights. Luckily, there are some types of sunflowers you can plant for your kids.
Elf sunflower, for example, is said to be the shortest sunflower. It’s also a long-lasting bloom flower, and it will draw a countless number of butterflies to come pay a visit to your garden. Sunflower for Your Kids 2Another variety you can consider is Choco Sun sunflower. It’s only 10-12 inches tall, which makes it the best option for kids as they can simply reach their heads.

Lastly number 1. Complete your garden with this Low-Maintenance Sunflowers | Greenandvibrant .1. Complete your garden with this Low Maintenance SunflowersWhat people like about sunflowers is that they are easy to care for. As long as they meet the requirements they needed, there shouldn’t be a big problem.
The requirements would be including good soil, lots of sun area and routine watering. Make sure sunflowers are planted in crumbly soil that allows their roots to spread out freely.
If you’re looking for some low-maintenance sunflowers, these sunflowers will be an ideal choice for you. They are Russian mammoth and Giant Sungold sunflowers.
The Russian Mammoth prefers fairly well-draining soil. After germinating, it only needs a little help and attention to grow.
Giant Sungold appears to have deeper golden heads compared to Teddy Bear sunflowers, which people can sometimes mistaken which is which as they look similar. It suits you if you wish for an easy-to-care-for sunflower with impressive heads.

Sunflowers are such striking flowers native to North America continent and all people inside it. Consider adopting one of these 10 sunflower garden ideas for your yard and later after self-isolation pandemic period is over, invite your neighbors to enjoy beauty of your new sunflower collections.


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