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10 Lavender Garden Ideas

Depict your dream garden; you may see a striking and blooming bed. Probably, you imagine a soothing place to dodge the world and envisage yourself enjoying Mother Nature. No matter your dream is, you can have one without breaking the bank.
To be frank, lavender is the jack of all trade. It is easy to grow, mostly pest and disease-free. In addition, it attracts bees, birds and butterflies. It is also incredibly handy to plant, care, and harvest. More about that later. Next, I am giving you 10 lavender garden ideas that you can take to transform your garden landscape lovelier, more colorful, and easier to maintain.

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10. Grow along the Pathway

10. Grow along the Pathway Lavender Project by 2Your house has separated rooms, so why can’t the garden? A lavender walkway will create borders in your landscape and you get a one-off look. Raise the gravel partially to add depth which serves as a great element. It is also kick away monotonous journeys.

10. Grow along the Pathway Lavender Project by 1

Here’s How :

Pick your lavender, then mix and match them based on your tang. Whatever you opt for, they are impeccable for edging paths and delivering fairylike walkways.
Now, break up the lines in your garden and construct a new walkway from one end to the other. Next, prepare the soil. Ensure it is sunny, well-drained and not too windy. When they are in place, water them adequately. After they are settled, do it occasionally.

9. Lavender garden project in Modern Landscaping

9. Lavender in Modern Landscaping by 1The garden project is part of Medieval Nobleman’s Garden Rehab. It is designed to support current structures and to link buildings from the old-fashioned complex to one another.
It unified distinct outdoor spaces, a shaded terrace, and an inner courtyard slickly.

9. Lavender in Modern Landscaping by 3It uses a colorful palette of low-water perennials and completes it with a bleached wood pergola. The mix of the garden plants –purple, silver, gold leaves and perennial – complements the color of the metal-clad tunnel.

9. Lavender in Modern Landscaping by 2

In this garden bed, silvery Artemesia ‘Ponis Castle’, perennial grass Stipa Tenuissima and purple spikes of Russian sage play their role remarkably.

8. Colorful Flower choices suitable to match a lavender Garden

8.Colorful Lavander Garden Project by 1Companion planting is a handy and effective way to get the best out of your garden. Put your lavender with plants that have similar requirements and perfecting one another. Ensure they are a reasonable match, like pairing based on water and fertilizer needs.
8.Colorful Lavander Garden Project by 2Lavender is drought-tolerant; hence, it suits well with Blue Wild Indigo, Baby’s breath, Shasta daisy, Asters, Gazania, Sedums and Echinacea. Some even thrive in rock gardens and need no fertilizer. Water them when you water your lavender. They will pair your lavender and generate an overall appealing color scheme. To top it off, they all produce dazzling flowers and team up patently with its purple blossoms.

7. Lavender in Containers Project

7. Lavender in Containers by Simphome.comLavender is a much-loved herb and for good reason. Its embracing color and fragrance encompass your garden when fresh and your home when dried.
What if you do not have space on the ground? Get a container and you’re good to go.
You can grow lavender from seeds or cuttings. For the latter, it should be taken from plants just below a node. Whatever your choice is, select the container cautiously. It needs good drainage containers, at least six drainage holes. Then, choose a sandy, alkaline, well-draining potting mix with slow-release fertilizer pellets. Now, place the seeds on top and cover them with perlite lightly. If you use cuttings, dip them in root hormone and stuck them into warm, moist, sandy soil.

7. Lavender in Container ideas by Simphome.comTip: Place your lavender container on a full-sun spot, 8 h per day or more.

6. Low-Maintenance Charm Low Maintenance CharmIf you need a plant which has it all, or a good portion of it, lavender is your answer. It is easy to grow even outside its preferred conditions and has low maintenance. When you have an open and sunny garden spot, you can mix it with others.
Scheme your landscape with multi-colored ones to get the most out of your garden. They will deliver a bold and colorful yard. For a dramatic view, join it with contrasting plants. Here we have sage, lavender and rosemary in line to highlight your center. Its brilliant blue-violet blooms provide a cheerful welcome to your guests. For the finishing touch, spread gravel or mulch around the bed to hold the weeds at bay.

5. A Spilled Lavender Project idea

5.Spilled Lavender Planter Project by Simphome.comIn any designs, creating a focal point is essential to get livelier scene and gardens are not exceptions. For that reason, a matchless design, like spilled flower pot, is a gorgeous idea. You can bring an astonishing waterfall-like appearance.
Let’s work it out. First, pick a spot which receives shade; then, choose a wide and round shape pot to maintain the plant easily. Use warm colors like red, yellow, orange or purple to underline your focal point.
Dig the spot to ¼ of the size of the pot and bury it. Fill it half with potting soil and keep the plants draping down to form a spilling effect. The suitable flowers are geraniums, lobelias, petunias, alyssum, daisies, and begonias.

4. Make it Center of Attention

4. Artistic and Center of Attention Lavender planter ideas by 1Once more, a focal point shows its magic. This time, a raised bed design with geometric shape will craft a center of attention. Look at them, instead of flat and dull bedding; you have a fresh and modern meadow of mounding perennials.
Raised beds are advantageous in several ways. First, they add depth to the garden. Next, it offers multiple areas to plant veggies and flowers. A multi-tiered raised bed design feeds ambitious gardener flawlessly with its plenty of space. Then, it has a stunning visual effect. Lastly, they are also harder to reach.

4. Artistic and Center of Attention Lavender planter ideas by 2It is a dividend if critters have been snacking on your plants.

3. Spruce up your Sidewalk with Them

3. Spruce up the Sidewalk by 1
The idea is what to plant up against a humdrum sidewalk; give it a hit of color and a waft of aroma by exercising lavender. You will adore its scenic blooms, soothing scent and ability to act as a bee and butterfly puller.
3. Spruce up the Sidewalk by 2Its ability to pair well with any number of hardscape materials softens the transition between garden beds and walkways. Plant it along a sidewalk in a mixed-perennial bed or even as a boxwood alternative will be nifty. When you put it symmetrically on either side of a front sidewalk, the vivid blue-violet emphasizes it genuinely. Bye-bye dreary sidewalk!
Bonus: Lavender attracts insects to help pollinate fruits and veggies.

2. Plant and Care them Under the Tree

2. Lavender Under the Tree by 2If you love entertaining companies, make your landscape friendly. Use trees to present shady spots. For a gorgeous, meadow-like planting, treat lavender as a ground cover and plant en masse under and around trees.
The trick in applying lavender as an under planting is, it needs full sun to thrive.
For the better, pick an olive – like in the picture – or any trees resemble it. Then, keep it pruned to allow plenty of light to pass through the branches. A different option, begin with a tree like a blue Palo Verde (Parkinsonia Florida).

2. Lavender Under the Tree by 1It does not have a dense and leafy canopy which fits lavender justly.

Lastly number 1. Traditional Lavender Garden Project idea

1.Traditional Lavender Gardens by Simphome.comIt is human nature to make their ambiances appealing. One of the ways is formal gardens.
Geometrical shapes and straight lines rule formal landscapes as they will keep the bed well-trimmed.
Whether you are devising for a formal, small or rock garden, using lavender is always worthy. This traditional lavender garden, for example, has a formal landscape. It exploits boxwood as garden borders and a delightful briny of lavender. It joins perennial plants, Salvia ‘May Night’ and Nepeta ‘Walker’s Low, to build an inimitable lavender around a green vista.

So that was my 10 favorite lavender garden ideas I have shared with you. To wrap up things, you have almost limitless option to take or tweak any idea you want to try or experiment. Have a good luck with that and stick with us.


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