10 Small Backyard Vegetable Garden Ideas

We’re now facing the same struggle all over the world with the pandemic. You might feel bored to death to be told to stay at home until the pandemic is over. So, gardening can be an activity that could at least keep you stay healthy during the year.
Consuming vegetables from your own garden means you eat fresh and healthy vegetables. It will also help you save some money during this uncertain circumstance as many companies have let lots of their workers go due to the pandemic.
Beyond that, having a compact space shouldn’t stop you from dreaming having a fantastic small garden area. With one or some of these next 10 small backyard vegetable garden ideas you would learn how to maximize your limited space and to craft a desired garden out of it.
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And without further ado, let’s start the countdown.

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10. Raised Bed with Dividers Project Idea

10.Raised Bed with Dividers Project via PotraitSquare-foot gardening is a life savior for you who struggle to plant vegetables in your small. If success, this trick allows you to have a variety of vegetables in one place. All you have to do is divide them with dividers.
10.Raised Bed with Dividers Project Vertical via
Short Instruction: First, attach 4 boards with 4” long including 4 wooden chunks with a 2×4 cut with screws. Fill in the soil. After that, measure and divide the board with wood supports so that you get all the squares evenly.

9. Vegetable Crops for Small Backyard Idea

9.Vegetable Crops for Small Backyard idea via Simphome.comPlanting various kind of veggies and herbs will be a simple task if you have a healthy spacious space. However, lack of space doesn’t leave you with many choices but to find suitable plants for it. One of the choices is basil
Over 80 species identified, basil is one of the fittest candidates to deal with a compact-space garden. Another vegetable is chard. It sticks with an upright growth condition that suits best in tiny spaces.
Here are other vegetables that you can grow in small space: eggplant, hot peppers, tomatoes, mesclun mixes, lettuce, edible flowers, and pole beans.

8. Hang Your Veggies on the Fence

8.Hang Your Veggies on the Fence via
Building a fence offers you lots of benefits around your house. It doesn’t only provide you some privacy, but it also gives you some other uses as well. For example, you can have a shade for your plants and make use of the panel for hanging vegetables on it.
Make some boxes out of wood and hang them on the fence by using wrought iron hooks. Those boxes are definitely perfect planters for your vegetables and you can combine them with mason jars for smaller plants, if necessary.

7. Opt for Hydroponics

7.Opt for Hydroponics Plan via

Hydroponics is another alternative plan to deal with limited space-gardening project. Many gardeners have already familiar with this kind of method of growing plants. There are some pros and cons to look at if you’re interested in using hydroponics.
Pros: By employing this soilless method, you won’t have to main soil structure. Second, you won’t be bothered by weeds, raking, pathogens, or moles. And third, you don’t even have to water the plants. It means you can employ fewer workers than the common method.
However, the drawback is, Balancing nutrients as well as pH monitoring is tricky, and pump maintenance process becomes crucial when it comes to experimenting hydroponics. Also, you should also be prepared with the high initial cost to start the project.

6. Shoe-Organizer Vegetable Garden Project idea

6.Shoe Organizer Vegetable Garden Projects via
This gardening hack is just what you need to acquire space-efficient vegetable garden products. The steps required are quite easy. Foremost, make sure you have already decided where you’re going to hang it.
Use screws or nails to hang the shoe caddy on the decided place. Next, pour some water into the pouches to see if they have good drainage. You can create some holes if needed to provide sufficient drainage.
Next, fill in the pouches with the soil, but leave some space between the top of the pouch and the soil and then add the herbs, seeds, or plants. As extra, you can label each of the pouches with a plant name so that you don’t get confused when identifying them.

5. Privacy Screen and Planters Combo Project Idea

5.Privacy Screen and Planters Combo Project via
Crafting a panel with wood and a wire mesh is next best thing you can follow to advantage your limited space and acquire new garden products. It’s pretty simple. Prepare small terracotta pots with different kinds of vegetables. And then arrange them on the wire mesh.
It can be an alternative choice to hang planters if it’s not possible to put them on a fence. It doesn’t take up some significant space and it looks pretty to be applied in the backyard.

4. Colorful Concrete Block Raised Garden Project Idea

4.Colorful Concrete Block Raised Garden Projects via
Experimenting with raised beds is another trick that limited space-gardeners take to benefit their limited space. It only requires concrete blocks and some cheap paints which is not necessary.
Each block is filled with enough soil or compose to feed small herbs or weeds in it. These plants then circle main plants in the middle of the garden, accentuate the backyard landscape and several times in a year (if lucky), they give gardeners extra healthy products they can brag about in social media.

3. Pyramid Planter Project Idea

3.Pyramid Planter Projects via
You should really try this notion if you, by any chance, are growing strawberry at the moment. The pyramid shape itself is simple yet impressive. It lets you use a small amount of space compared to a conventional garden.
To reduce cost, start with some leftover lumbers. Continued by preparing cedar wood, plywood, wheel casters, deck screws, wood glue, gravel, dirt, and varnish.
It will be such a fun activity to do to keep your mind stay sane while hoping the pandemic will end soon. Get more info inside reference area. If you plant tomatoes, visit this link.

2. Pallet Garden Project Idea

2.Pallet Garden Project via
A pallet is such a handy material that can be turned into a new DIY product. In this picture, pallets are used as a platform for growing specific type of vegetables. Pallets can also be used for building a vertical garden, which is ideal to advantage tight space.
The cool thing about a pallet is, it has columns that can be worked as dividers for plants. It could save you some time as you don’t have to make them in the first place. You can also fill those columns with soils, weeds, herbs, or plants you could probably harvest later.

Lastly number 1. Hanging Gutter Project Idea

1.Hanging Gutter Project Idea via
A gutter is chosen to top the list because it has a long shape with adequate depth for plants. Which is nice.
A hanging garden leaves a stunning look when hung around the house and many gardeners are fond of this hanging garden idea too.
First, cut gutters into the desired length, and then drill some holes for drainage and the wires. Fix hooks on the place where the gutters will be hung. Run the wires through the holes and secure them with bolts. Adjust the gutters so that they create an aesthetic look and you have my permission to experiment with string light if you want.
So, after enjoying my 10 small backyard vegetable garden list ideas, I hope cramped backyard space is no longer an enemy for you. Get fresh vegetables around the corner through the year, and until we meet again later with our bedroom improvement weekly series, stay safe!


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