10 Modish Shoe Rack Ideas

Shoes are one of fashion items that many people are crazy about. Boots, sneakers, high heels, flat shoes, you name it! Different occasions require you to wear different shoes. And thus, many people have so many shoes, but they don’t have enough space to store them. If you are one of shoe-collectors that is fed up with the mess in your closet, you do need to give these next creative shoe rack ideas a try. This is 10 Modish Shoe Rack Ideas Worth Copying for All Homeowners by

#10. Personalized Shoe Rack 
10 Personalized Shoe rack Simphome com

Our first DIY shoe rack might be what you have been looking for. It is reliable, stylish, and easy to be assembled. To make the rack, you are going to need to get some plywood board and wood glue. You can take any kind of wooden board, but plywood will be your best bet as it’s cheap and manageable.

Before making the rack, you need to consider how many shoes you have and what kinds of shoes they are so that you know the space you need to put them in. If you have some boots, you might want to make larger space for them, too.

Once you have assembled all the boards and let the wood glue sit overnight, you can sand and paint the rack. You can stain top of the rack so that you can display it in your living room or hallway rather than hiding in the closet.

#9. DIY Shoe Rack 
9 DIY Shoe rack simphome com

Have you had enough with your messy mudroom? Your shoes are scattered over the room, making it look like a disaster area. Well, for that excuse, you definitely need some shoe racks to keep your clutter off.

You don’t have to make a sophisticated rack that harnesses advanced carpentry skills especially if you are a complete novice. Just make a simple yet functional one for your mudroom, just like this rack.

This white rack can accommodate all kinds of shoes you have. However, you might need to place the bottom plate a bit higher so that you can store boots and roller blades under it.

#8. Hexagon Shoe Rack 
8 Hexagon shoe rack Simphome com

Well, for some people, storing shoes is not only about putting the shoes in racks and keep them tidy. It is also about making your closet or any other storage space become visually pleasing.

These hexagon shoe racks would upgrade your closet to a new level. They can fill up empty space in your closet and at the same time organize your shoe like a pro. Besides, their unique design which looks like hives will be able to accentuate your bland closet.

#7. Wall Mounted Shoe Racks 
7 Wall Mounted Shoe Racks Simphome com

Good news for a novice who hasn’t done many DIY projects that require carpentry skills yet. You don’t have to break a bank to make some functional as well as aesthetical racks since you can upcycle any well-worn wooden crates.

Just look at these wooden crates. They look pretty and add pops of color in this stranger mudroom. One of the coolest things about this DIY is you don’t need to be precise in measuring the dimensions of the racks. What you have to do is sanding and painting them with any the color of your choice, and then hang them on the wall.

#6. Wall Mounted Shoe Organizer 
6 Wall Mounted Shoe Organizer Simphome com

Don’t let limited space in your apartment or mudroom hinder you from keeping your shoes tidy. Instead of investing on that ordinary bulky shoe rack which takes up a lot of space, you can make this simple but functional wall-mounted rack.

This wall-mounted rack idea is straightforward that you don’t need advance carpenting skill to complete it. However, you need to get some wood pieces from any hardware store near you and have it cut into two 3′ pieces and two 2″ pieces.

What you have to do next is just assembling the pieces so that they form a rectangular, gluing them down, and attaching the rack on the wall. Now you only need to slip your flat shoes or high heels in it.

#5. Ladder Shoe Rack 
5 Ladder Shoe Rack Simphome com

Another unique yet effortless and simple shoe rack hack you can try. It won’t burn a hole in your pocket and that’s why I love this upcycling idea.

To make this unique rack, you only need to get two ladders and pick up some wooden boards from your garage or Lowes. Next, connect top end of those two ladders so that they form a triangle. After that, you can put the wooden boards on the ladders and nail or screw them to the ladder’s rung so that they will stay in place.

#4. The Turn-Around Shoe Rack Shelves 
4 The Turn Around Shoe Rack Shelves Simphome com

This DIY shoe-rack shelve is fashionable and it would make your closet or mudroom looks cuter. This third shoe rack idea will give you more challenges but fortunately it comes with a relevant link inside description area. Try it and you’ll have a chance to have a new rotatable fancy shoe rack you usually only see in a fancy shoe store. Good luck.

#3. PVC Pipes Rack 
3 PVC Pipes Rack Simphome com

Making these racks is a snap. You don’t even have to drain your cash to get these amazing racks. Just pick up some PVC pipes in the nearest hardware store, cut them into some shorter pipes. Make sure they are cut at the same length. Apply some glue onto the pipes, glue them down onto the wall, and Done. It’s merely a breeze, isn’t it? But look at how cool and functional they are. You should give it a shoot.

#2. Hanging Shoe Hanger 
2 DIY Shoe hangers Simphome com

Another great and easy idea for shoe racks. These shoe racks are made of upcycled hangers that have been cut and bent so that they can hold your shoes in place. After cutting and bending the hangers, hang some ropes on the wall to hold the hangers. And, finally, you can store your shoes there. I have to admit; the hangers are not neat and tidy enough but at least they fulfil its purpose.

#1. Slanted Magical Shoe Rack 
1 Slanted Magical Shoe Rack Simphome com

These shoe-rack are the combinations of aesthetical, practical, and functional ideas. You will precio levitra casi humano precio levitra para not have to pull the drawers out and spend a couple of minutes to find the shoes that you’re going to wear since these racks enable you to find them in a jiffy. Pretty cool, right?

Okay, those are the 10 genius shoe rack ideas that you need to try at home. They are stunning yet easy to make. And, of course, they will definitely help you keep the messy closet at bay. Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more inspiring posts. I’ll see you guys around!

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