In the "Magazine," we collate only the most exquisite home plans—the kinds that inspire dreams, incite commitment and result in successful realization. The category carries a wealth of inspiration that effortlessly surpasses the plethora of do-it-yourself designs that flood the internet. 

The hand-picked collection is invaluable for those poised to embark on the journey of crafting their dream house. We can help you avoid costly missteps often associated with inexperience, ensuring your architectural venture is cost-effective and professionally executed.

Remember, when orchestrated correctly, your home is not just a shelter—it can become an astute financial investment that works for you rather than being a constant drain on your resources. To help you with that, you can check what Truoba already did.

With their service, you can capitalize on the transformative potential of well-executed design. There are various floor plans from 285 to 3500 sq/ft or beyond (and they are customizable). Truoba offers a comprehensive service, supporting you from initial planning to final touches. 



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The house is 570/SqftFind the best plan for you
Plan: Starting from $400.
Include: Floor Plan, Specifications, and Cost to Build.
Other Extras: No Upfront Payment and Customizable.

Imagine a home design journey with Truoba, a trusted partner in crafting distinct, personalized residences. Here, the liberty to mold dreams into tangible realities comes standard. Just ask the numerous satisfied homeowners, who've lauded the responsive, tailored service, and the brilliance of Ignas, a renowned architect at the helm.

His meticulous attention to detail ensures your home is an authentic reflection of you, not a standard, run-of-the-mill build. Dive into Truoba's extensive library of unique home plans and find the perfect starting point for your custom project. With Truoba, you're not just constructing a house; you're shaping a future. Welcome to a place where homes and happiness are built in harmony.

Plans by Room:
2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom
3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom
4 Bedroom
Plans by Style:
Modern House
Mid-Century Modern
House Plans with Basement

But why should the journey stop at building?

Introducing DealCheck - an analytics app that turns your property ambitions into profit-making realities. Designed with investors across the USA in mind, DealCheck simplifies the analysis of rental properties, BRRRR strategies (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat), and flips for multifamily buildings.

It equips you with profit estimations and valuable insights to seize the best real estate opportunities near you. Extend your building endeavor into the realm of profitable investment with DealCheck - your companion for smart, informed real estate decisions.


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Experience the simplicity of deal analysis with DealCheck, your ally in navigating the real estate landscape. For more than 1.3k Appstore users that give 4,8 out of 5 stars and around 100k Android users, DealCheck serves as a practical, cost-effective tool for swiftly and accurately evaluating complex deals. With the added benefit of importing property data directly from online sources, you gain immediate access to key insights. 

It's not just about numbers, though - DealCheck's quality presentation enhances your professional standing, making client communication a breeze. Whether you're an established investor or dipping your toes into property investment, DealCheck instills confidence and agility. Experiment with various scenarios, save precious time on analyses and maintain focus on your ultimate goal: securing the best deals. Welcome to DealCheck, your gateway to intelligent real estate decisions.

Quickly Analyze
Rental Properties
Airbnb's and Vacation Rentals
BRRRR Property
Flip & Rebab Projects
Wholesale Deals
Recent sales and rental compss
Accurate property analysis
Quickly search public listings and import
Customize each real estate deal
View cash flow and profit projections
Find contact property owners and More
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