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10 Recycled Planter ideas for Garden

It feels enthralling to see your garden filled with lots of lovely plants, flowers or succulents in recycled planters. Making good use of recycled items is one of the many ways you can do to avoid buying new materials you may not necessarily have to.
You just need a bunch of new or daring methods to experiment and adjust. Next, with our 10 recycled planter ideas for garden (enriched with a video and dozen bonus relevant inspirations), I hope you could find fresh knowledge and new encouragement to craft planters from unused materials in a clever way possible.

Same as our garden improvement ideas I already published few days ago, this list is presented for you by Simphome. And next, you’ll find a video I endorsed in my opening. 10 Recycled Planter Ideas for Garden
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10. Basket Planters Project idea | HGTV Basket Planters 2
These planters may be made from unutilized items, but their role in elevating the beauty of the garden can hardly be neglected. Baskets give many advantages for gardening, one of which is drainage. Basket Planters 1
Since baskets have lots of holes in the bottom, you don’t have to worry about drainage. Those holes will deal with an excessive amount of water. It will keep plant roots from receiving water in a huge amount and getting rotten.

9. Hanging Tire Planter Project idea | Recapturedcharm Hanging Tire Planter
Old tires would be such a waste if they just get dumped, left unutilized. This picture shows you how to make them as useful items for gardening in particular.
As gardening becomes more and more popular these days, many gardeners try to find new ways to improve their garden look and this idea comes out as a result. It is a simple and affordable idea that optimize the use of old tires.
You just need to make some huge holes on the bottom for drainage and add some potting soil. Hang them on walls, and there you would have your planters ready. Depending on your taste though, tires can be painted to make them much more interesting if needed.

8. A Wooden-Crate Planter Project idea | Homedit Wooden Crate Planter 2
Crates are another everyday item that fits to be used as a planter. They have a simple shape, and some adequate space to be filled with soil. Not to mention, they are easy to find as well. Wooden Crate Planter 1

Planting in a crate planter also means you can move it somewhere if the weather appears to be nasty and can cause damage to the plants. Just make sure that it can hold the containment when moved.

7. Use Some Bricks | Startsat60

7. Use Some Bricks 2
This is a revolutionary idea of making a planter. It’s obviously something you wouldn’t see every day, would you? You may not even realize that bricks could be turned into something useful such as planters before.
They make a wonderful planter for succulents, and you only require to follow one or two steps to get the job done. The challenging part, however, is of course to create holes on them.
7. Use Some Bricks 1
It requires skills and patience because they are easy to break. In the end, you may need to prepare some bricks just in case you might fail on the first attempt. Beyond that, you should definitely give this notion a go!

6. Turn Old Dressers to Planters | Gardenloversclub Turn Old Dressers to Planters 1
It’s definitely a clever way of taking advantage of old dressers. They may already be thrown out or end up as firewood to make a campfire if you don’t know how to utilize them. Turn Old Dressers to Planters 2
But look how creativity surely turns them into such stunning planters. Color also plays a big role as it can bring a new and fun atmosphere here. It can be matched with the walls or door so that it coordinates well.

5. Old-Paint-Can Planters Project idea | HGTV Old Paint Can Planters
By recycling some unused stuff, it means you make some changes to the environment as trash becomes a daily problem every house, region or country is dealing with. Saving some money is also another benefit you’ll get by doing that.
This idea is really straightforward. You just need some paint cans, give them potting soil and put them somewhere in your house. Drainage will always a crucial part you should include when incomes to planting. Old Paint Can Planters
Don’t forget to give each of the cans some holes then before you show them in the balcony or yard.

4. Chandelier Planter Project idea | DIYshowoff Chandelier Planter
Hanging planters would make the ceiling around your house look nicer. One chandelier can hold at least four planters, and you can fill them with a variety of flowers. It will allow you to create contrast to the surrounding areas as flowers have dissimilar colors.
How many planters you’re going to install can be matched with how wide the space is. Picking the right plants would be your next task. Here is a guide to install them, along with the materials and tools needed.

Materials Required:

• Chandelier
• Terracotta pot and saucers or plastic pots
• Outdoor-rated spray paint
• Waterproof glue Elmer’s Probond
• Plumber epoxy potty
• Flowers plants
• Moisture Control Potting Mix
• S hooks


• Wire Cutters
• Garden Towel

How to craft it:

1. Use the cutters and get rid of the plastic candle holders along with the electrical wires.
2. Install terra cotta saucers with epoxy putty and glue, and let it dry. Spray the chandelier with any colors you like.
3. After dry, you can now start planting and hanging them on an ideal spot.

3. Rustic Toy Truck Project idea | Icreativeideas Rustic Toy Truck 4
Children cherish their toys so much that they wouldn’t let anybody throw them into the bin. You should seduce them first if you want to play or use their toys for sure. This truck should be okay to be employed as a planter. Rustic Toy Truck 3
Let your children know what you’re doing with their treasure would be key. Although they may no longer play with them, children can get mad if you steal or use them without their consent. Rustic Toy Truck 2
The truck has enough space to grow a plant on its back. You would need a bigger one if you feel like planting huge plants. Rustic Toy Truck 1

2. Pallet garden Project idea | Homedit Pallet garden 2
Using palette as a planter is not new anymore due to its sheer benefits that make it become a popular choice for gardening. It can also hold various plants or flowers at once, yet it won’t likely take up so much space. Pallet garden 1
It makes a perfect planter for a limited space as it vertical, cheap, and you can paint it too if you want. Palette can be an option when baskets or cans feel a bit mundane as they are found almost in every yard. Its appearance should give a big impact on your balcony.

Lastly number 1. Plants in Boots | HGTV Plants in Boots
It’s really a light-hearted way of decorating your garden, isn’t it? These wearable boots and shoes are pretty unique to be displayed as planters. I’m not sure whether people would get attracted by your plants or the planters instead.
It’s because of the unusual idea that the gardener came up with. It’s an indigenous idea to tackle things in your house that confuse you whether to destroy or sell them away.

Recycling some stuff can be a great hobby you can do when you have some leisure time or to blow off your steam. Follow one or some of these 10 recycled planter for garden ideas and I hope one day you could proudly share them with your social media fans and followers.
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