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Growing various kinds of herbs, vegetables, and beautiful flowers in the backyard is pleasing. You can enjoy the backyard landscaping while relaxing in your patio. Unfortunately, you are an apartment dweller so you don’t have any backyard. What a bummer!

But, don’t worry! You can still grow some plants indoor with these 10 clever and cheap indoor garden ideas. Not only do they add visual appeal to your home but also better the airflow. Here for 20 Creative and Clever Indoor Garden Ideas

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10. Bottle Gardens
10 Bottle Gardens via simphomeDon’t have much time to water your plants? These bottle gardens will be a perfect solution for your problem. You can still enjoy the herbs that you plant indoor without worrying about watering them.
The first thing you need to do is cutting a glass bottle. It may be a bit tricky so you can just have it cut. Or, you can use plastic bottles, instead. Then, sand the cut so it won’t be hazardous when touched.

After that, get a 2”x2” screen and cut a small hole in the center. Pass a string through the hole and tie a knot. Place the screen and string in the bottle. Make sure the rest of the string is longer than the bottle neck. Place the bottle that has been filled with dirt and herb in a glass filled with water. The string will transfer the water from the glass to the herbs.

9. Skinny Planter Stand.9 Skinny Planter Stand via simphomeOne of the most common ways of indoor gardening is growing plants in a window box and place them by the window. But you can opt for a more stylish idea just like this skinny planter stand.
It is actually a window box that is supported with four square-aluminium tubes screwed on it. The succulent in the window box provides a timeless charm with the minimum of fuss. And the gold finish of the tubes will complement your mid-century modern home well.

8. Baking Tin Planter

8 Baking Tin Planter via simphomeWho would have guessed a baking tin can make a superb planter? And the best thing of it is that it is affordable and can be made within 10 minutes. But the look will always sweeten your home décor.
You only need to get a round baking tin, flip it on a polymer plastic sheet, and draw an outline until you get a semi-circle shape. Then, cut the shape out. Apply gorilla glue around the edges of the baking tin, and attach the plastic. Press down the plastic hard and make sure it is attached to the baking tin perfectly, otherwise the water will leak out.
Then, you can begin to insert the drainage by adding stones and gravel to the tin, and a layer of potting soil on top of it. Finally, plant any herb you like.

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7. Mason Jar Hanging Planter

7 Mason Jar Hanging Planter via simphomeHarness the versatility of some mason jars to grow some herbs in your kitchen. It is an easy project for any novice. You only need to get some mason jars and fill them with pebbles or seashells as the drainage. Then, add a layer of potting soil and the herbs.
Wrap around the jar neck with a wire and hang the jar anywhere you like using a hook. But hanging the jars near the window in your kitchen would be the best as they can get sufficient light. Besides, you can grab them in a jiffy if you need them when cooking.

6. Tray Pot for Succulent

6 Tray Pot for Succulent via simphomeThis tray would be a cool wall art for your living room, or a beautiful adornment for your kitchen. However, this is not the common tray that you usually use to set down snacks and drinks. It is a special tray that you can get in a nursery or on Amazon.
The tray features 72 cells that you can use to grow plants with shallow root systems like succulent. Each cell has drainage hole that prevents your plants from over-watering.
To make the tray look more epic, frame it with boards and hang it on the wall.

5. DIY Vertical Clay pots

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5 DIY Vertical Clay pots via simphomeAn apartment dweller has to put up with limited space. If you don’t have enough space to grow your favorite flowers, why don’t you just hang them and go vertical?
Vertical gardening is the best solution for limited space. And these vertical clay pots will allow you to grow some plants while saving more space because you will have to thread 2 to 3 clay pots using rods and washers and hang them on the ceiling using concrete anchor and threaded eye-bolt.

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4. Glass Hanging Herb Garden

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4 Glass Hanging Herb Garden via simphomeIndoor gardening is not just about growing either decorative or edible plants. It is also about improving the appearance of your house, just like these simple yet beautiful glasses.
To make this hanging herb garden, you’re gonna need to get IKEA Vurm, 4 herb plants, and 4 pint glasses. You can opt for dipping the bottom of each glass into latex paint so you can label them using white chalk.
Hanging the glasses is very simple. You just need to mount IKEA Vurm on the wall. Fill each glass with pebbles as the drainage, and transfer your herbs to the glass. Finally, put each glass into the open space in the Vurm. You’d better label each glass so you won’t mistake a certain herb for another.

3. Wood Trellis Plant Wall

3 Wood Trellis Plant Wall via simphomeIncorporating living things as your home décor is such a great idea. And this wood trellis plant wall will make a pretty good focal point for your vintage or contemporary living room. You only need to attach some boards on the wall, and arrange them to form several diamond shapes.
Then, make some holders from leather or any leftover you have at home to save more bucks. Make sure they are sturdy enough to hold your planters. Place the pockets and planters on every center of diamond points, and you’re good to go.

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2. Strawberry Jar Lamp

2 Strawberry Jar Lamp via simphomeThis is not an ordinary table lamp. This table lamp will definitely draw the eyes and steal everyone’s focus. You don’t need to worry about the trouble caused by the electricity and water as long as you separate the lamp’s works from jar base. Since plants love sun a lot, place this lamp near the window so the plants can grow better.

1. Clothespin Herb Planter

1 Clothespin Herb Planter via simphomeThese clothespin herb planters will add the touch of rustic look to the room where they stay. It is such and easy and cheap project. You will only need to get a lot of clothespins, take each of them apart, stain them thoroughly, and put them all back together.
Then, get some tuna cans, clean them fastidiously, and paint them black. After that, just clip the clothespins around the cans. And, finally, transfer the herbs into the cans.

Don’t let the absence of backyard hinder you from growing some plants. In fact, this can be a blessing in disguise because you can have a more creative, cleverer, and cheaper indoor garden.

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