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10+ DIY Potted Herb Garden Ideas

Gardening typically requires an extensive land to grow plants. It would allow any gardener to have various plants, herbs, and flowers in their gardens. These days, however, you can have a garden even you have only small space.
A potted garden is the solution. This clever hack list completes a small, indoor garden that fits people who are tight in space. Next, here are 10 DIY potted herb garden ideas for people with limited space.
This idea can be a good start for you to love gardening.
Follow dozen backyard and garden ideas in this post, this compilation is crafted for you by 10 DIY potted herb garden ideas Featured Image
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10. An Artistic Vertical Herb Garden idea | DIY-enthusiasts Artistic Vertical Herb Garden
This potted herb idea looks so cute. It’s a simple way to bring a garden into your house with such a clever notion in a small package in such a brief moment. The materials and steps used here won’t likely to sweat you either.
Here you can utilize four pots, one of which is bigger as the base of the tower. Put a cane in the middle of the biggest pot and glue it. Stack other pots after you drill them in the bottom first and arrange them.

9. Pegboard Herb Garden | Homedit Pegboard Herb Garden 1
Pegboards are such a versatile material when it comes to decorating or gardening. In vertical gardening, for example, pegboards can be very helpful in providing such a spacious and practical platform.
Those holes and flat surfaces are a clear explanation for that. You can simply attach a pegboard on walls or boards using nails or screws. Pegboard Herb Garden 2
Hooks and mugs or any similar objects can be applied for this idea. If you feel like planting a variety of herbs on it, giving a name or tag to each mug is recommended. It will help you distinguish which is which.

8. An Upside-Down Planter idea | Homedit | Apartmenttherapy Upside Down Planters
Another space-saving gardening idea you can try is hanging garden plants. What makes this idea even more interesting is that it’s upside down. This idea will maximize and decorate your space at once.
This planter idea comes in a set. You’ll find a ceramic pot, interlocking ring, reservoir, and ceiling hook. You need to improvise some tools yourself as there are parts sold separately.
Firstly, decide which spot you’re going to use. Then, put parts of the set on the ceiling. Install the ceramic reservoir and pot some soil into it along with an herb. Next, compact the soil and insert the interlocking ring. Lastly, flip the pot upside down.

7. Hanging Gutter Planter | Hertoolbelt Hanging Gutter Planter

Outdoor herb gardens don’t always come in large sizes. This hanging gutter planter, for instance, is quite small and lightweight. It means you can relocate it to a new place when you think the weather isn’t very nice at the moment.
The idea is to make good use of gutters. You can paint them first to give a nice look. Hang them with hooks and ropes. Gutters have a long space, which makes them great for hanging planters.

6. A Hanging White Indoor Potted Herb Garden project idea | Thebirdandhersong Hanging White Indoor Potted Herb Garden
In winter, you have to be extra careful about your herbs as the weather can be unmerciful to them. Moving them inside would be the only way to keep them survive. A suitable place for an indoor garden would be near the window.
Plants are in need of sufficient sunlight in order to grow. Potted herb garden ideas will give you some benefits to your house. They can beautify your house and you also need them when cooking to serve a delicious meal.

5. Upcycle Your Old Baking Tin | Grillo-designs Upcycle Your Old Baking Tin
Who would have thought that you could create something out of ordinary from a baking tin for a potted garden? If you have no idea what to do with your old baking tin, reuse it would be a great idea.
It’s such a shame if you just let it unused and takes up some space in kitchen storage. This idea is really simple. In fact, it’s a 10-minute DIY project that should be a fun activity to do with your kids. You can also let them choose what herbs to plant in it.

4. A Clothespin Herb Planter project idea | 7thhouseontheleft Clothespin Herb Planter
You might be wondering where on earth this idea is coming from? It’s an exceptional idea that’s made out of clothespins. What a brilliant idea it is! The materials used in this project are easy to find as well.
You’ll need:
• One 5 oz Tuna Can
• 21 Clothespins
• Dark Walnut Stain Marker
• Oil-Rubbed Bronze Spray Pain

This planter proves that you can be as creative as possible and will result in something anybody wouldn’t even think about in in the first place.

3. A Hanging Mason Jar Herb Garden project idea | Domestically-speaking Hanging Mason Jar Herb Garden
Hanging herb garden doesn’t only simple and pretty in the kitchen, but it’s also easy to maintain. You may only need to water it 2-3 times a week depending on the temperature.
Mason jars are cheap and ubiquitous, but they come in handy for a potted garden idea. It becomes an alternative way to embellish your house besides flowers, plans or greenery.
The walls on your house would appear better than merely a plain, empty platform. The herbs would give you benefits when it comes for preparing the dish. It will increase your appetite when the dish is served.

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2. A Rustic Herb Garden project idea | Notjustahousewife Rustic Herb Garden
A shelf is such a practical installation literally almost for everything. It can become storage, or a base for hanging objects. A potted garden will definitely need that in this case.
This mason jar planter idea is fairly straightforward. It requires boards, clamps, nails, screws, and a hammer. Get a board and attach to the clamp, then screw it. Screw the board to the wall.
Insert rocks to the jar, and some potting soil. Next, insert your favourite herb. You may want to add some more soil around the herb if necessary. Lastly, secure the clamp to make them stay put.

Lastly number 1. A Fun Herb Garden project idea | Anifablog Fun Herb Garden
Gardening can hone your skill and creativity. It can also be an effective means to bond with your family members by teaching them how to garden. Your kids would get excited if you can show them in a fun way how to do the things.
Potted garden can be actually created with whatever means necessary from a bucket, jar, or a tin can. They come from various sizes, shapes, and methods. By recycling unused items in your house, you can declutter some space in the kitchen too, right?
So it was 10 DIY potted herb garden ideas are simple and practical. You wouldn’t even realize that you’re now moved to adopt one of these ideas into your house.

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